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Almost Gone: Save $161 on Klymit Maxfield 2 Tent, Because Prime Day

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This is one of those Prime Day deals that will last only as long as Amazon’s supplies do, so you’ll want to jump on it quickly. We’re seeing a whole range of items on Prime Day, from deals on computers and kitchen supplies, all the way to Prime Day camping deals. Like this one, for

$161 off

a 2-person Klymit Maxfield Tent. While supplies last, you can get this tent for $239, down from it’s regular price of $400.

A tent designed for you and another to take backpacking, the Maxfield 2 is built for spring, summer, and fall outdoor activities. It’s designed with a super lightweight structure, but with every kind of seasonal weather in mind. It’s roomy and cozy comfortable inside, but also has innovative packability and super smart storage. The brand has added sizeable vestibules to maximize your equipment storage, giving you way more room to move, sleep, and live in the interior space. And the company put just as much thought into the fabrics. It’s built in sil-nylon and contains premium aluminum hardware so that you’ll have total reliability, without ever having to sacrifice weight. You can take it anywhere.

Our favorite aspects of this tent are how it’s at once tough, breathable, and lightweight. It’s made with a mesh top that allows air in and out but still allows privacy. On the bottom, there’s a ripstop material that you’ll find will stand up to almost anything, while not adding too much cumbersome weight to the tent.

It’s really easy to pack up, and set up, too. The Maxfield 2 does away with a traditional tent sack, which can add extra weight and be frustrating to pack, too. Instead, it uses a revolutionary roll style stuff sack that lets you simply put the tent parts on to the fabric, roll them up, clasp it by connecting the straps and then synch it tighter. When you’re setting up, the reverse gives you an easy-access mat with everything you need to pitch your tent.

Once you get inside, you’ll be blown away by how much room this tent creates. There’s tons of room for storage. The interior is designed with mesh pockets where you can store your supplies, especially those you’ll need for easy access, like a flashlight, snacks, your tech gear, and maps. There’s also a multi-point front vestibule that establishes a large storage area, without blocking the tent’s “front door.” And then there are the three port ventilation openings which can be used to keep you cool and dry by limiting humidity and reducing condensation.

This tent is a dream to hike and camp with; it’s super versatile because its weight is only 4 pounds 3 ounces. We’ve seen laptops heavier than that. Packed up, it measures all of 5.5 inches by 19 inches, but once it’s set up, its peak height is 42 inches and the interior space measures 84 inches by 51 inches; plenty of room for two, and all your stuff.

As travel options are limited, camping, hiking and backpacking have become great escapes that everyone can take. A 2-person tent is an amazing access point to the great outdoors, so check out the Prime Day tent deals. While supplies last, you can get

$161 off

a 2-person Klymit Maxfield 2 Tent. It’s $239, down from its regular price of $400.

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