Recyclable Cups, Bowls, and Plates to Make Your Next Camping Trip Easier

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Any good outdoorsman knows and lives by the “leave no trace” ethos, wherein it is the solemn duty of those who venture out into nature to leave the wilderness as clean (or cleaner) than it was before the visit. That means establishing a campsite that has minimal impact on the area (don’t chop down a tree to clear space for your tent, e.g.), following safe fire practices, cleaning up your trash, and packing out everything you brought into the forest, field, or mountains.

But having spent more than my fair share of time scraping old crusty oatmeal, mac and cheese, and other leftovers off of my camping dishware after returning to civilization, sometimes I yearn for an easier way to do things. With recyclable camping dishes, you can stick with the “leave no trace” mantra but avoid cleaning day-old food gunk off of reusable plates.

These are some of the best recyclable cups, bowls, and plates I’ve used while out in the field.


Earth’s Natural Alternative Sugarcane Fiber Plates

Now, mind you, we’re all about the “leave no trace” approach, but if you did happen to accidentally leave an Earth’s Natural Alternative Sugarcane Fiber plate behind at your campsite, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Not only are these plant-fiber dishes recyclable, they are compostable. These affordable 10-inch plates are made from the stalks of sugarcane plants, a material that would usually be discarded, and are unbleached, dye-free, and made without any tree fibers.

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Naturally Chic Palm Leaf Bowls
naturally chic bowls

These handsome and completely recyclable bowls from Naturally Chic are just about the most convenient piece of camping dishware I know of for one simple reason: you can burn them. Made entirely from Areca palm leaves, they are about as all-natural as a product can get and they are quite effective as kindling or as a bit of fuel for your fire. They work well as bowls, too, holding cold liquids for several hours and staying reliably intact even with soups, oatmeal, or other hot foods for at least an hour. So chow down, then pack ’em out or burn ’em up.

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Wood Trove Wooden Disposable Cutlery
Wood Trove

Leave the spork behind, sir, and instead pack in setups using lightweight but durable utensils from Wood Trove. The brand’s Wooden Disposable Cutlery, made from all-natural birch wood, looks great and works well. The knife actually has some cutting ability, the fork stabs handily, and the spoon is. .. a spoon. You can wipe this cutlery clean and get a few uses out of it, or you can recycle it or even compost the stuff (though it will take a good deal longer to break down than your table scraps, mind you). While great for camping, Wood Trove utensils are also a fine choice for use at a party or event.

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Govino Go Anywhere Beer Glasses

Camping without beer is simply anathema unless your campout involves a long overland trek, in which case camping without whiskey is anathema. And who says you can’t sip those suds in style while roughing it? The 16-ounce Govino Go Anywhere Beer Glasses let you and the boys (and girls) enjoy a proper pint even when far afield. Upon your return to society, you can wash them out for reuse or toss the glasses into the recycling bin and move on with your life. The Govinos have a classic pilsner glass shape with a handy thumb notch recessed into the side to give you a firmer grip. Having spilled beer at a campsite before, I can say that’s a fine feature; it’s a long trip to the store for a resupply after such a tragedy, see?

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Tossware Wine Glasses
tossware wine glasses

There’s a lot to love about Tossware glasses., the fact that they are made from 100 percent recyclable — in fact, 100 percent recycled PET polymer —being at the top of that list. Despite the readily disposable nature of a Tossware glass as posited by the brand name, these cups can actually be reused multiple times provided you hand wash them. The 14-ounce wine glasses are sturdy and shatterproof, and they have a curved rim that’s comfortable against the lips. The company also offers lids that can secure to the top of the glasses, keeping your beverage protected against bugs and bumps alike. And if your campsite is one for sipping whiskey instead of wine, Tossware also makes a tumbler that’s perfect for spirits.

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