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The 6 Best Luxury Coolers to Elevate Your Beverage Game

When you’ve prepped summer cocktails in a flask and made the perfect charcuterie board and fancy sandwiches, a styrofoam cooler is, to be completely honest, an insult to your cooler-carrying needs. (Plus, you’ll look like a scrub.) To avoid putting you in that kind of situation, we’ve put together a list of our favorite luxury coolers with all the bells, whistles, tech, wheels, and style to ensure you keep looking hot while your drinks stay ice cold during the summer. Pick the right cooler for you, whether you need a festive do-it-all, urban pack, or want the Bugatti of coolers.

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Best Overall: Sovaro Luxury Cooler

Sovaro 45 qt

Sovaro’s line of coolers has to include some of the most handsome on the market, but they’re much more than a pretty face. Each is insulated with cork, which repels mold and mildew and acts as a natural barrier between the structural walls and the interior. The streamlined design coupled with strong rubber gaskets mean an airtight seal and long temperature retention. This 30-quart model holds up to eight wine bottles upright and comes at an ideal size for nighttime concerts and dinner picnics. The cooler also comes in 45 and 70-quart sizes.

Best Speaker Cooler: Tunes2Go KoolMax Cooler

Tunes2Go builds their coolers like its name, with tunes to go. This Bluetooth-enabled cooler is great for wireless music streaming. Ideal for extended trips in a truck or beach, you’re looking at superior multi-day ice retention, even under hot and demanding conditions. If you were, for instance, to need one cooler for a 12-month journey across America, this is it. The money you’ll save in ice alone is worth the investment. It comes in three different colors (orange, gray, and blue) and has versatile connecting options to jam out with your drinks.

Best Wheeled Cooler: RovR RollR 80

RovR RollR 80

Need a wheeled cooler for a festival or special outing? You can rely on this all-terrain cooler that is easy to transport and doesn’t make all the walking, lines, and hustle of a festival difficult. RovR’s 80-quart RollR is certified grizzly bear-resistant and has space for an attachable prep station, cup holders, dry bin, stash bag, wagon bin, and more (all sold separately but SO worth it). Ten days of ice retention and high-performance 9-inch rubber wheels make this cooler nearly invincible. It comes in colors Desert, Moss, and Powder — depending on where your festival takes place.

Best Electric Cooler: Furrion eRove Electric Cooler

Yacht-maker Furrion has jumped ship from luxury seafaring vessels to an electric cooler they’re calling the eRove. This techy beauty keeps your stash ice-cold for seven to 10 days and can be powered by either the Furrion ePod battery, a wall outlet, or a DC outlet. The eRove compressor pushes cold air into the main cooler space that is pressure-injected with Cyclopentane foam for a faster drop in temperature — which you can control on the smart console and dip as low as -8 degrees Fahrenheit. Solid tires and a retractable handle that works as an accessories rack round out a few of the luxury features. Consider the eRove your cooler Bugatti.

Best Portable: Icemule Classic Cooler

When Icemule named its ultimate cooler backpack the “Boss” they weren’t messing around. Premium, multi-day ice retention from 3cm closed-cell PolarLayer XT insulation foam sits on a sturdy suspension system so you can go far and long knowing your cans and ice will stay frosty (and without wrecking your shoulders from the weight). Similar to a luxury backpacking pack, the Boss includes ventilation air mesh back pads, a cushioned hip belt, and a sternum strap. The pack is rugged yet modern and we can easily imagine The Rock wearing one. Weighing 7.5 pounds empty, the Boss holds 30L or 24 cans plus ice. Pockets, bungee cords, and other outdoor additions make this pack highly technical and multi-functional.

Best Backpack: Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler

This Pelican cooler is a premium backpack cooler for the outdoors especially if you’re glamping. Murdered out with 100% leak-proof TZIP Zippers, the Made in the USA Pelican Soft Cooler is our urban day-pack cooler for rooftop parties in the summer. The cooler doubles as a sexy lunch box during the workweek — no-frills, bright colors, or any of that fluff. Pelican boasts their Soft Coolers are 55% lighter than hard-shell coolers but keep construction tough with 840 durable double-coated fabric. The food-grade liner is FDA approved and a stainless steel tie-down doubles as a bottle opener.

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