From Rugged to Portable, Here are the Best Coolers

What’s cooler than being cool? A good cooler.

We grew up on classic, plastic coolers that weighed a ton, sweat after a few hours, and had terrible ice retention. Before letting your family pass down that dinky cooler you took on road trips and beach days, familiarize yourself with this new breed of coolers from brands like YETI, Coleman, and OtterBox that turn simple portable iceboxes into off-roading, 100-plus can parties.

Whether you’re a die-hard summer camper, poolside chiller, off-the-grid escapist, or just need a quality cooler to use a few times a year, we got the right one for you. The coolest coolers are…

Best Price

Coleman 62 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler $80
best coolers coleman extreme

Perhaps the most iconic cooler brand in the USA, Coleman has been a family staple since you were a yungun’. Odds are, you inherited that same dented cooler your parents once took to baseball games and road trips, and it’s time for a revamp. Coleman’s new Xtreme cooler is super light for a 62-quart capacity that holds 95 cans, costs only $80, and has wheels. Aka, the holy trinity of summer cooler-ing. Extra insulation in the walls should keep your items cold for up to five days, and again, we really can’t overstate how stellar the heavy-duty wheels are, which are suited for the outdoors as much as the pavement. Now to buy 95 cans of beer… anyone up to try the new Def Leppard brew?

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Take Everywhere

YETI Roadie 20 $200
best coolers yeti cooler

BYOB? Yes, please. The YETI Roadie 20, as its name indicates, is built to be taken on the road, to the mountains, the backyard, everywhere. With a 16-can capacity, we dig this cooler because we don’t always need a big, bad, (heavy) hefter cooler for our summer adventures. Its ColdLock Gasket is built just like the massive $1,300 YETI Tundra, so ice stays colder longer. Bonus: the No Sweat Design means you’ll never be mopping up a mess. So, whether you’ve got a day of tailgating or kicking back at the beach planned, (try this beach-side cooler workout), let Roadie 20 be your man-purse of 2018. Trust us, you’ll get plenty of compliments.

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Party Starter

Coolest Classic with Blender $400
best coolers coolest classic

The cooler that broke Kickstarter, Coolest surpassed the most funded project (the Pebble watch) back in 2014 with over $13 million in funding… which should tell you how many dudes are seeking a cooler that does more than, well, chill. This cooler earned its popularity because it was made to party, with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, attachable blender, cutting board divider, and USB charging port… to name the hottest features. Let’s just say, this cooler is for the guy that wants to live at the pool or campsite, blending margaritas and piña coladas all summer. With 4-5 day ice retention and a 55-quart capacity, lean on this slick Rick for a good time. Something to note: Coolest got some heat last summer when a chunk of pre-orders still hadn’t been shipped. However, OG backers that did receive their Classic Coolest say it’s cooler than Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, and Lebron James combined. (Which is pretty cool.)

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Long Haul

OtterBox Venture 65 $350
best coolers otterboxcooler

Drop-off from civilization for a week with plenty of brews and brats to sustain your solitude. Once you do, you’ll need a big, cool OtterBox Venture, the brand’s premium large capacity cooler that was built explicitly for spending a week in the woods. The bells and whistles are minimal and reserved for essentials only: bottle opener and dry storage tray. Made in the USA, the Venture 65 keeps ice for 16 days and includes tough-as-steel lock latches so no critters get in.

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Igloo Trailmate Liddup $270
best coolers iglootrailmatecooler

Have you ever carried a regular cooler up a mountain to your camping spot? Heck, even from your car to the park? Coolers are heavy, especially if they’re packed with enough food and drink to sustain a day of boozin’ and grub. We are some of the suckers that have carried our coolers on the trail and we’ll never do it again. Igloo did us a solid and made the ultimate all-terrain cooler that stands up to grassy fields, sand dunes, wooded trails, and rocky roads. The Trailmate Liddup has a huge 70-quart capacity that holds 112 cans and a nifty Liddup LED light system that illuminates when darkness falls. At camp, you’ll find the bottle openers, butler tray, mobile device stand, storage pocket, food basket, and cup holders all useful. Igloo really thought of everything. We’ve found our cooler soulmate.

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Corkcicle Ivanhoe Duffle $200
best coolers corkcicleivanhoeduffel

The traditional boxy, hard-sided cooler got itself an update… and it looks just like a travel duffel. Corkcicle, makers of some of our favorite cocktail glassware, just released this Ivanhoe Duffel, which comes with removable and padded shoulder straps. The reinforced vegan leather base keeps your cans sturdy while being food safe, and the space-grade insulation… you heard me right, space-grade… is cooler than a cucumber. This duffel holds 48 cans or 24 cans + 4 wine bottles. Super versatile, we dig the updated body of this cooler because we can also use it for short travel trips. Your pop’s cooler would look ridiculous in an airport. Currently out of stock, shoot Corkcicle your email and they’ll let you know when the Ivanhoe is ready for its next shipment.

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Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler $200
best coolers grays ryobi chest p3370 64 1000

Drinking an ice cold, carbonated beverage on a hot day will only refresh you so much. We need some cool air! The Ryobi creation is the ultimate job site/game day/hot summer day companion, acting as either an air conditioner or a 50-quart cooler. Not only does this cooler function as a normal cooler would — simply by adding ice — you now have the option to turn on the Cooling Cooler Kit and regulate the temperature around you. Yeah, that’s right. It’s a cooler, but also an air cooler. It also features a lengthy handle and set of wheels for easy transport.

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