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Take your booze, seltzer, or homemade kombucha anywhere with the best wheeled coolers

Ditch that cheap, bulky cooler you bought in college for one of these easy-rolling wheeled alternatives

Best Wheeled Coolers

It’s still technically summer, so warm weather activities, camping, and barbecue season remain with us. And we all know what that means. Cold beer for backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, and outdoor excursions. Whether you’re into camping, surfing, kayaking, or tailgating with the crew, the common thread linking them all is the need for refreshing beverages packed inside your best well-chilled cooler. However, most coolers lack portability. The best, most insulated models are bulky even when empty and considerably more so when laden with ice and beer. If you want to level up your cooler game in 2023, you need a cooler with wheels.

Rolling coolers let you transport your favorite drinks from one point to another without breaking your back or shoulders. What’s noteworthy about wheeled coolers is their versatility, serving either as a makeshift dinner table or as extra storage space for your gear. Are you ready to keep your beverages cool? Below are our picks of the best wheeled coolers to shop for right now, all recommended and praised by adventurers.

Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler (in blue) on a plain white studio background.

Yeti Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler

As one of the world’s premier cooler brands, Yeti’s entire lineup is innovative, over-engineered, and damn near bulletproof. The Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler is the company’s latest midsize wheeled cooler. It promises the same legendary toughness of Yeti’s Tundra line. Rotomolded construction will keep more than 50 pounds of ice only (or your favorite new summer beer) ice-cold for days. Plus, the ergonomic telescoping arm and smooth-rolling, never-flat wheels allow the Roadie to follow effortlessly behind you.

BruMate BruTank 55-Quart Rolling Cooler (in Denim blue) on a plain white background.

BruMate BruTank 55-Quart Rolling Cooler

Like many of the best wheeled coolers, the BruTank features puncture-resistant, all-terrain tires, a built-in bottle opener, a generous capacity (55 quarts, to be exact), and long ice retention of up to a week. But what truly sets it apart is the removable 2.8-gallon drink tank with a built-in tap — something we haven’t seen on any other cooler. It allows for quick access to ice-cold beverages without having to open the cooler lid. It’s not only way more convenient, but it helps prolong the life of your ice stash, too. Plus, BruMate offers a long list of compatible cooler accessories, like umbrella/fishing rod holders, cup holders, water filtration systems, and more.

A blue Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler on white background.

Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

Coleman coolers have been a staple of beach outings and fishing trips for about as long as there has been sand and fish. The brand keeps its products dead simple without overthinking things. The Xtreme Wheeled Cooler is the simple Coleman cooler we all remember from outdoor trips as a kid. But the addition of a telescoping handle and durable plastic wheels make it much more usable and versatile. The 50-quart capacity is enough to stash more than 80 cans, and it’ll keep ice frozen for up to five days, even when the outdoor temps hit 90 degrees. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Igloo 70 Qt Premium Trailmate Wheeled Rolling Cooler (in Spruce green) on a plain white background.

Igloo 70-Qt Premium Trailmate Wheeled Rolling Cooler

Most of us know Igloo as another ubiquitous plastic cooler company like Coleman. However, the brand has seriously upped its game in recent years with coolers (including rolling coolers) that boast legitimately useful features like internal dry baskets, cup holders, storage pockets, and slide-out tray tables. Oh, and it holds more than 100 cans, too.

A white Pelican 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler.

Pelican 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler

Pelican has earned a lot of well-deserved respect for its nearly indestructible, military-grade coolers. That’s no surprise when considering that the brand’s Elite line is certified bear-resistant. The 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler slots neatly into the middle of that lineup, and it’s the perfect fit for most casual cooler users. The 2-inch-thick polyurethane insulation and freezer-grade gasket provide up to 10 days of ice retention. Thoughtful features include an integrated fish scale, wide latches (for gloved use), a built-in bottle opener, and molded-in tie-downs to ensure it stays put in or on your vehicle. Large, heavy-duty wheels and a trolley handle make it a snap to tote anywhere you need it.

Rovr RollR 60 Wheeled Cooler on a plain white studio background.

RovR RollR 60 Wheeled Cooler

RovR might be a lesser-known brand than the likes of Yeti or Pelican, but its wheeled coolers are no less capable. The RollR 60 Wheeled Cooler is a hardcore, premium cooler designed for any adventure. Like Pelican’s Elite coolers, the RollR 60 is certified grizzly-bear-proof. Heavily lugged tires, an aluminum handle, and non-skid feet make it easy to take anywhere and ensure it stays put once you arrive. Useful features include an integrated dry basket, dual cup holders, and an optional side-mounted cutting board. Plus, the bright, bold color offerings are a nice departure from the sea of white and beige coolers on the market.

A Koolatron Kargo Wheeler Electric Wheeled Cooler containing assorted food and beverages.

Koolatron Kargo Wheeler Electric Wheeled Cooler

Of course, not every outdoor adventure needs to be off-grid or miles from civilization. If your plans put you a bit closer to modern conveniences, an electric cooler may be the way to go. Canada-based Koolatron’s Kargo Wheeler Electric Wheeled Cooler is a powered alternative to traditional ice-chilled coolers. Plugged into a 12-volt (car) or 110-volt (house) socket, it uses thermoelectric technology and a brushless fan motor to chill its contents to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient air temperature. As a bonus, it can even keep your food warm to 140 degrees Fahrenheit using less power than an average vehicle taillight.

Coleman Chiller Series Insulated Portable Wheeled Soft Cooler in blue against on a white background.

Coleman Chiller Series Insulated Portable Wheeled Soft Cooler

For the ultimate in affordability and portability, you can always count on Coleman. The brand’s 42-can Wheeled Soft Cooler is roomy enough for backyard parties or an afternoon at the lake. At just over two pounds, it’s the lightest wheeled cooler on this list, making it easy to take wherever you’re headed. Durable wheels and a telescoping handle mean it’s effortless to tow, even when fully loaded. A fold-flat design also allows it to stow just about anywhere when you’re done for the day.

A blue Rubbermaid Durachill 5-Day Wheeled Cooler containing assorted food and drinks with a bottled water on top of it.

Rubbermaid Durachill 5-Day Wheeled Cooler

At roughly $60, Rubbermaid’s Durachill Wheeled Coolers provide some of the best bang-for-your-buck value of any coolers on the market. The 75-quart model is spacious enough for even the largest outdoor get-togethers. It’s enough to hold 130 cans plus ice and keep it all chilled for up to five days, even when the outside temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the split lid opens to an anti-bacterial interior treated with Microban to keep out funky odors and germs.

The Clevr Rolling Party Cooler containing bottles and cans of beverages on white background.

Clevr Rolling Party Cooler

The problem with most coolers is that they look like coolers. If your party demands something a little more stylish and fun, Clevr’s 80-Quart Rolling Party Cooler is just the trick. It offers useful features like a built-in bottle opener, drain spout, and removable dual-hinged lids for easier access.

A Speedbox Endurance-40 Military-Grade Wheeled Cooler on white background.

Speedbox Endurance-40 Military-Grade Wheeled Cooler

If money is no object, or you’re an elite paratrooper, or you routinely transport fragile, high-value goods that need chilling like human organs or COVID-19 vaccines, look no further than Speedbox. The Missouri-based company makes some of the world’s toughest storage boxes — tough enough to be relied on by the world’s best military forces. The Endurance-40 is a near-bombproof, mil-spec wheeled tote with a 300-pound load capacity that all rolls on no-flat, off-road tires. Technically, it wasn’t designed as a cooler, but the rotomolded construction, built-in drain, and industry-leading reliability and portability make it perfect for just that purpose.

A brown Fatboy 70-Quart Wheeled Cooler.

Fatboy 70-Quart Wheeled Cooler

For bigger parties or thirstier friends, size matters. Fatboy’s 70-Quart Wheeled Cooler is nearly three feet long and 18 inches across. That’s enough for 75 pounds of cubed ice or more than 80 cans — your call. It’ll keep ice frozen for up to nine days, thanks to proprietary Cryo-Foam polyurethane insulation. Plus, it boasts handy bottle openers, a 27-inch fish scale, and a freezer-grade gasket. Thankfully, twin rubber tires make it easy to tote the nearly 40-pound design around.

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