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The Best Tailgating Gear for 2022: Grills, Games, Gear, and More

The best tailgating gear can seriously up your game day celebrations.
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Fall is well underway and that means it’s officially tailgating season (well, as far as we’re concerned, it’s always tailgating season). Depending on game time, tailgating can be an all-day affair. To some, it’s as much a profession as it is a pastime. Wearing the best tailgating gear can make or break your game day rally. Whether you are cheering for your favorite collegiate team or following the pros, here are the best items to take you from pre-game festivities to post-game celebrations.

Grills, Ovens, and Smokers

BioLite FirePit+

BioLite's FirePit is a portable grill, camp stove, and firepit all in one.
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BioLite’s FirePit is a portable grill, camp stove, and fire pit all in one. The design is so cool, it’s worth gathering the camp chairs around as the centerpiece of your next tailgating event.

PKGO Grill & Smoker

PKGO Charcoal Grill & Smoker is compact and versatile enough for any tailgating outing.
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We are huge fans of the Portable Kitchen (PK) Grills. This latest PKGO Grill & Smoker is ideal for tailgating with the same features as the larger options but is the brand’s most portable and lightweight grill.

Primus Kinjia Camping Stove

The Primus ultra-portable Kinjia Stove is perfect for camping or tailgating.
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Grab and go with this portable, outdoor gas grill. The same features that make this camping stove ideal for car camping also make it perfect for tailgating. The legs fold underneath and the lid clamps tightly to make packing and unpacking a breeze.

Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven cooks artisan crust pizza in as little as 60 seconds.

Nothing says “baller” like showing up to the tailgate party with a legit portable pizza oven. At under 44 pounds, this beefy pizza oven reaches temperatures over 930 degrees Fahrenheit, is safe on any surface, and can cook an artisan crust pizza in as little as 60 seconds. Plus, the dual-fuel version can run on gas or wood, so you’ll never run out of fuel.


Alps Mountaineering Dining Table

The Alps Mountaineering Dining Table is versatile, lightweight, and essential for tailgating.
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This lightweight, powder-coated aluminum table quickly deploys to provide a stable option for tailgating guests or a sturdy option for food prep and tabletop grilling. When the party’s over, it breaks down and fits inside a compact shoulder bag.


GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is among our favorite tailgate-friendly outdoor rocking chairs.
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Your guests will be fighting over this collapsible rocking chair. It will be just at home at your tailgate as on your front porch or favorite campsite.

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Camp Chair

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is the most comfortable tailgating chair on the market.
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Nemo’s Stargaze Recliner may well be the most comfortable folding camp chair on the market. While camp chairs are rarely touted as “luxurious,” this chair reclines, rocks, and folds up neatly into a compact carry bag.


Slumberjack SJK Roadhouse Tarp

Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp
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Slumberjack’s unique Roadhouse Tarps utilizes the rear of your car (you are “tailgating,” after all) to provide plenty of shade and sun protection for you and your guests.

Big Agnes Three Forks Shelter

Big AgnesThree Forks Shelter is an ultra-light sun and shade shelter that's perfect for tailgating.
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This freestanding shelter is the perfect addition to any gear closet. It can serve as a food tent on game day, a sunshade for other day activities (think beach trips or soccer tournaments, and as a refuge from the elements while camping.


RTIC 52 Qt Ultra-Light Cooler

RTIC's 52 Qt Ultra-Light Cooler is the perfect size for camping, partying, and tailgating.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

RTIC’s 52 Qt Ultra-Light Cooler has fast become our go-to cooler with a 52-quart capacity that’s ideal for camping, backyard BBQs, and tailgating. We especially love the newly debuted Trailblazer and Patriot colorways that add a bit of flair to any pre-game get-together.

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Cooler 30 Pack

Herschel Supply Co's Pop Quiz Cooler 30 Pack helps keep your tailgating party mobile.
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When the menu calls for BYOB, show up in style with cold beverages and keep the party mobile as you navigate the minefield of game day parties. This model is also available in a smaller 12-pack.

Dometic CFX3 45 Powered Cooler

Dometic's premium CFX3 45 Powered Car Cooler might be the most versatile on the market.
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Available in a variety of sizes, Dometic’s premium portable fridge/freezers are ideal for boats, campers, and tailgating extravaganzas. The CFX3 45 model, in particular, keeps food cold (even frozen) until it’s ready for grilling or keeps condiments chilled and beverages readily accessible. The temperature is also adjustable via the touchscreen display or smartphone app.

Bluetooth Speakers

Sony SRS-XG500 X-Series Wireless Portable-Bluetooth Party-Speaker

Sony SRS-XG500's Bluetooth speaker is portable, powerful, and designed to play all day.
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Sony’s X-Series Wireless Portable Bluetooth speakers are damn near-perfect for tailgating. The SRS-XG500 is powerful, portable, and durable with IPX66 water and dust resistance. Plus, it runs for 30 hours on a single charge.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 is a perfect mid-range Bluetooth speaker for tailgating and more.
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This compact, mid-range Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and portable. One charge can provide 20 hours of non-stop party tunes with connectivity maintained up to 100 feet.

Amazon Basics Portable Outdoor Speaker

Amazon Basics Portable Outdoor is an affordable solution for casual outdoor listening.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For casual outdoor listening, the Amazon Basics Portable Outdoor Speaker is a more affordable option. It’s compact, loud, and waterproof, so you can take it camping, tailgating, or down to the beach.


GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables

Take your drinking games anywhere with GoPong's Portable Beer Pong / Tailgating Table.

This portable table folds up and packs away to fit into most trunks and SUV hatches. Bring your own cups and beverage of choice (you can call it Beverage Pong for family events), then use the six included balls for non-stop excitement that is sure to attract additional participants (and spectators).


RampShot is a unique, cornhole-style game to keep adults and children entertained all day.
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This family-friendly game is described as “cornhole on steroids.” The two boards contain grooves that make the ball bounce in various directions. RampShot is played two-on-two and will keep kids and adults occupied all day.


weBoost Drive Reach

weBoost Drive Reach Cell Phone Signal Booster
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Make sure you and your tailgating guests can post all their photos from the day’s shenanigans to social. WeBoost’s Drive Reach helps boost the signal from nearby cell towers so you and your guests never have to worry about cell network “dead zones.”


Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Core Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Core is an all-in-one power solution for hardcore tailgating.
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The biggest and best tailgating parties demand a ton of power. But, traditional gas-powered generators are loud. Goal Zero’s all-new Yeti 1000 Core is designed for silent, on-the-go battery power anywhere you need it. A variety of outlets make it easy to recharge smartphones and portable speakers, and it’s beefy enough to power portable fridges and even smokers.

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