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The 9 Best Wine Coolers and Fridges to Buy in 2021

Your wine deserves to be nurtured. It is, after all, a living creature which means it needs to be given the proper climate treatment to keep it in its best form going forward.

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For wine, that means a good chilling vessel like a wine cooler or fridge. Granted, an underground cellar is ideal, preferably with furniture made of old barrels and lamps to provide just the right amount of light. But we can’t all have the Old World chateau setup. Sometimes you just need a kitchen appliance to do the work of an age-old cave for you.

A proper wine storage device isn’t just for the best wines out there. Even your table wines and entry-level Chardonnays benefit from hanging out in ideal conditions. The best beverage coolers aren’t just for beer and soda, they’re very much for wine, too. Check out the following to pamper your collection and make you enjoy wine even more than you already do now.

Best of Both Worlds: Lanbo Dual Zone

Lanbo Wine Cooler
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you like an even split of wine and beer in your fridge — or, canned wine, as it’s increasingly popular and delicious — this is your appliance. It wears a neat stainless trim and stores a case and a half of wine as well as 55 cans. The fridge is the ideal call-up if space is at a premium. You could even fit some boxed wines in here if you wanted.

Best for Display: Whirlpool 54-Bottle Wine Cellar

Whirlpool Wine Cooler
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Clean and symmetrical, this good-looking cooler deserves a prominent spot in your bar or living room space. It has the capacity for well over four cases of wine and touts LED interior lighting, a reversible door, wood rack fronts, and a high temperature alarm, among other compelling features. It’s a great place to store your white wines and rosé for a perfect chill.

Best for Aspiring Collector: Kalamera 73-Bottle Wine Fridge

Kalamera 73 Bottle Cooler
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This freestanding tower of a fridge houses 73 bottles and hums along quietly and efficiently as your bottles rest peacefully. It has adjustable racks, dual climate zones, and a sleek and slender build that can wedge into most spaces, while still offering plenty of real estate inside for your beloved bottles.

Best for Showing Off: EuroCave Inspiration M Wine Cellar

EuroCave Inspiration M Wine Cellar
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This elegant cellar stores bottles in uber-presentable fashion and a host of various configurations depending on how you want the layout. It’s stylish, functional, and full of clever design aspects, like invisible handles and vents, backlighting, and minimal energy consumption.

Best Starter: Evolution Series Wine & Beverage Center

Evolution Series Wine Fridge

If you’re looking to give the wine fridge thing a try, start here. This one is petite, but packs all the functionality you need, whether you’re focused on wine or a combination of vino and a few other beverages. Think of it as a much, much classier and more adult version of your college dorm fridge.

Best Modern Style: Smith & Hanks 166-Bottle Cooler

Smith & Hanks Wine Fridge

This tall glass of water is wonderfully modern in its design and utility. Its geometric rows are easy on the eye and it looks like something you might find at your favorite restaurant. Even better, it’s the perfect shape to plug in as a built-in and the digital temperature control is a breeze to use.

Best Small: Nutrichef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

Nutrichef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Size often doesn’t matter. This handy appliance houses a full case of wine and takes up very little room, a double advantage if you don’t have that much wine and space in the first place. But it’s the little engine that could, preserving your best 12 bottles in the style of a good-looking hotel mini fridge.

Best Accents: NewAir Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge

NewAir Wine Cooler
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This fridge does everything right and at a nice efficient scale. It holds 27 bottles but, more importantly, it sports easy-to-adjust stainless steel racks, a rear digital thermostat, and a clean steel-framed door.

Most Rustic: Mesa Barn Door Cellar

Mesa Sliding Door Wine Fridge
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re going for rustic, it’s tough to top this option (unless you’re savvy enough to build your own). It features a sliding door that reveals a refrigerated section that can hold up to 28 bottles. Even better, it has drawers and functions like a credenza, meaning it can be your new living room centerpiece.

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