4 Best Four-Person Tents for Camping with Your Friends

camping tent
You know what’s better than camping? Camping with friends.

And instead of bringing four individual tents, why not just invest in one big enough for everyone to sleep in — without being cramped for space? We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the four best four-person tents that are great for camping, backpacking, and car camping. Start making those campsite reservations now.

Camping: Mountain Hardwear Shifter 4, $299

Mountain Hardwear Shifter 4 best four-person tents

This tent earns our nod for flexibility because of its ability to change based on the weather conditions. If the skies turn dark and grey, simply turn the fly for more shelter coverage. At just over 8 lbs, it’s light enough for a backpacking trip, but also practical for car camping. Fifty-five square feet of livable space hits that nice sweet spot between just enough and too much.

Backpacking: Kelty Gunnison 4, $280

Backpacking: Kelty Gunnison 4 best four-person tents

Three seasons of purposeful camping come with 58 square feet of floor area in this setup. The Gunnison has plenty of head and shoulder space, with an open vestibule design for good movement inside the tent. It also cuts down on extra gear with an awning that can be held up by separate trekking poles. For short-term trips, you won’t find a much better all-around shelter solution.

Car Camping: Eureka Suite Dream 4, $350

Eureka Suite Dream 4 best four-person tents

For a weekend at a music festival or drive-in campsite, the Suite Dream 4 creates 76.4 square feet of usable space — big enough for two queen-size air mattresses— inside a durable, well-built shelter. Since it clocks in over 12 lbs, we wouldn’t take it backpacking, but to throw in the back of the hatch on the way out the door? Absolutely. (Pro tip: Check out Gonzo Grill from Eureka! for an elevated cooking experience at the campground.)

Camping on Top of a Car: Tepui Kukenam XL Ruggedized Sky, $2,250

Tepui Kukenam XL Ruggedized Sky best four-person tents

Of course we had to include one extravagant option. Tepui Tents are solid shelters attached by a frame to the roof of your truck. The tent pops up and out for a 72-inch by 96-inch sleeping footprint when set up. While Tepuis are always built to last, this edition is made with an even hardier rip-stop fabric, a heavier density mattress, and a bevy of other additions to earn its “Ruggedized” name. The Kukenam is your high-flying home in the wilderness with plenty of available add-ons to make it feel that much closer to your regular home.


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