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Molly Harris

Molly Harris

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Molly Harris is a freelance journalist, cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. Her work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet, and BBC Travel among other publications. Molly has cycled across Switzerland, swam with wild whale sharks in Baja California Sur, and hiked through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. She loves backpacking and skiing almost as much as she loves finding well-designed gear. Molly also writes food news and interviews notable people in the culinary world such as Wolfgang Puck and Samin Nosrat for Mashed. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Molly’s work.


Panoramic view of mountains and valleys along the John Muir Trail.

A complete guide to hiking the John Muir Trail in California

The John Muir Trail requires patience and planning. The Manual's guide explains how long it takes to hike the John Muir Trail and what you need to do it.
Hiking Denali National Park in Alaska

7 real locations from outdoor movies to explore

No matter what outdoor hobbies you enjoy, chances are you've seen these cinematic portrayals. Now you can visit the real landscapes and filming locations.
Person riding a bike fast

How to improve your cycling speed and ride like the wind

Many cyclists want to ride faster. Whether you want to cover more miles or set a new goal for yourself, riding smarter can help you get there.
Fire pit burning wood on a patio

Get ready for outdoor season and learn how to build a fire pit in your backyard

The type of fire pit you should build depends on the style you wish to have, but the amount of time and money you can dedicate are worth considering.
Sole cyclist on an open road

How to train for your first century bike ride (tips to help you get you through all the miles)

Once new cyclists start gaining miles, a century ride, or a 100-mile bike ride, usually becomes a goal. With these training tips, anyone can succeed.
Two men with a Yeti cooler and a dog

How to pack a cooler for camping (or any outdoor trip away from home)

Packing a cooler for camping comes down to keeping the food as cold as possible. Use ice packs, additional insulation, and freeze the food before packing.
Man cycling on paved path

From California to Wisconsin, these 8 picturesque rail trails in America are worth cycling through

Rails to trails are railroad tracks repurposed as bike paths. There are hundreds of miles of trails that are easy access to local landscapes. Here are the best.
man backcountry skiing on a mountainside.

How to Avoid Muscle Cramps While Hiking in Cold Weather

It's easy to get muscle cramps during the winter months. But following a few simple tips can help prevent cramps and stiffness during the coldest of months.
Man cycling in snowy conditions.

How to Layer for Cold-Weather Cycling

Layering properly can make winter cycling an easy possibility. With the right clothing, you can keep riding no matter the conditions.
Endurance trainings: anonymous fit man working out on an exercise bicycle.

The 7 Best Peloton Alternatives for 2022

Whether you are new to indoor cycling or you need an at-home version of your favorite studio rides, these are the best Peloton alternatives for 2022.
man with surf board walking on the beach.

The 7 Best Places to Surf in the U.S.

Experienced surfers and novices alike can enjoy these top destinations across the United States. From Florida to Hawaii, these places should make your list.
Halloween decor including a witch hat and candles.

Best Halloween Destinations To Visit This Fall

Whether you're looking for a party or a spookily quiet town to explore, these destinations could be a regional road trip or a chilling domestic Halloween trip.
Anthony Bourdain sitting on a motorcycle looking off into the distance.

Anthony Bourdain Producer, Tom Vitale, on Processing His Writing and Grieving

Anthony Bourdain's long-time producer and director, Tom Vitale, gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at working with Tony in his new book, In the Weeds.
Man standing in an upright stretch.

Guide to Pilates for Men: Improving Overall Health

Pilates is a valuable training exercise for men hoping to improve their overall fitness. It can improve flexibility, endurance, relieve muscle pain, and more.
Service rangers at a national park.

U.S. National Parks Are Being Overrun. This Is How Rangers Are Facing It

Park rangers are facing many challenges in U.S. national parks in response to the massive influx of visitors the parks are receiving. Plan ahead and be patient.
best commuter bikes state bicycles

5 Best Commuter Bikes for Living City Life on Two Wheels

Even the best commuter bike should simply get you to your destination. These bikes offer much more, thanks to the little luxuries incorporated into the build.
river flowing through the woods

Estuary Ecosystems: How Rivers Impact Downstream Bays

Watershed areas have a huge impact on the wetlands and bays they encounter before reaching the ocean. That's why clean water and enough of it are vital.
Shot of a man meditating in the lotus position at home.

Guide to Meditation for Men: Mindfulness for Athletics

Meditation is an essential tool for clearing and calming the mind, and it can also be beneficial in improving athletic performance.
man standing beside rocky river

Wash Out: How the 2022 Hurricane Season Is Destroying Mountain Trails

The hurricane season of 2022 shaped up to be one of the worst for hiking trails in some time. Though some trails are washed out, volunteers can restore them.
home renovation guide directv partners with scripps networks interactive on special veterans project

HGTV’s Matt Blashaw Shows Us How To Update Our Homes and Yards

The Manual sat down with HGTV star Matt Blashaw to discuss all things related to home renovation and lawn improvement.
A man sitting in the fields wearing a jacket.

Sheep to Shirt: Duckworth Co. Is Revitalizing American Textiles

For 90 years the Montana-based Halle family have raised sheep. Now they're using the wool to revitalize the American textile industry.
snowy cabin in the woods at night

The Absolute Best Cabin Rentals in America To Book Now

No matter which corner of the United States you'd like to explore, there are some amazing cabins to book. These are just a few of The Manual's favorites.
man fixing a bike tire on trail

How To Fix Common Bike Issues on the Road

Anyone who cycles on the road should know how to do basic bike repairs. With these tips, every cyclist can fix the common issues that they could encounter.
Aerial view of the busy highways of Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas Travel Guide: Where To Stay, What To Eat, and More

Houston, Texas is one of the South's lesser-visited cities. But as one of the largest in the country, Houston has so much to offer.
Will Goodge running with a group

To Overcome Grief, Ultra Running Became Will Goodge’s Therapy

Ultrarunner Will Goodge discusses how he took up the sport and the extreme distances he plans to tackle in the coming years.
Airstream trailer in field

7 Retro-Cool Airstream Resorts in America Worth Road Tripping For

Boasting photo-worthy locations and enticing amenities, a night in one of the best Airstream resorts in America will be a stay to remember.
man in wheelchair by beach

The 7 Best Wheelchair-Accessible Campgrounds in America

The great outdoors is becoming more accessible to everyone who wants to experience all the U.S. has to offer. For a convenient stay, book these campgrounds.

The Best RV Campgrounds in America

Luxury RV resorts tend to include characteristics like pull-thru sites and television among other enticing amenities. But these are the best of the best.
the best bike commuting gear 2021

7 Best Pieces of Cycling Gear For Commuting

Commuting by bike is an excellent way to get some exercise and cut down on carbon emissions. Having the right gear makes that much easier and more fun.
oceanside cliffs

The 5 Best Islands in America to Visit Now

No matter where you live in the United States, there are plenty of islands within reach that don't require a passport to visit.
person standing under night sky

The 5 Best Evening Outdoor Destinations You Need To Visit Now

Extend your vacation days with an outdoor adventure at night. These ultimate destinations offer incredible adventure activities after dark.
urban camping locations tips trees in park during autumn

Close to Home: A Guide to Major City Urban Camping

Escape the city without really leaving with urban camping. Whether you want to pitch a tent or rent a cabin, these campgrounds are perfect for urban camping.
best forest bathing destinations looking glass waterfall

The 5 Best Forest Bathing Destinations To Beat the Heat

When you need a break from the world or are feeling burned out, forest bathing is a great way to reconnect with yourself and nature. Visit these destinations.
Float trip by raft

11 Best Float Trip Packing Essentials for 2021

Those who are setting out on their first float trip shouldn't leave home without these essentials. From clothing to technical gear, these items are key.
man with backpack facing mountains

How To Plan for a Day Hike for a Safe and Enjoyable Adventure

Hiking can help stimulate positive feelings and is good for your overall health. So, if you want to step outside and enjoy nature, here's a helpful guide.
bike on sidewalk at night

10 Best Affordable Bikes Under $100 to Buy from Walmart

No matter what kind of bike you are looking to buy, there are some great yet affordable picks available at Walmart.
how to identify poison ivy  rhus radicans with flowers

How To Identify Poison Ivy Once and for All

Poison ivy is one of the worst plants you can encounter outdoors. Know what to look for to avoid an uncomfortable rash or worse should you touch poison ivy.
which massage gun should you buy on prime day featured image

Which Massage Gun Should You Buy on Amazon Prime Day?

Massage guns have quickly become the latest fad in shortening recovery times post-workout. These wide-ranging options will be the ones to buy on Prime Day.
A ground of men cycling ourdoors.

11 Solid Cycling Gifts for Adventurous Dads

Those thinking about Father's Day should be looking for the perfect gift for the cyclist in their life. These picks will surely make him smile.
brad leone fishing guide youtube chef shares his wild angler adventures  and new cooking book

Brad Leone Takes Us Through His Wild Angler Adventures and New Cooking Book

Beloved Bon Appetit test kitchen manager Brad Leone takes us behind the scenes of his new cookbook and out on the water with him through his angler adventures.
Boat docked in Apalachicola Bay

The Ultimate Guide to Apalachicola, Florida, A Hip Historical Coastal Town

Apalachicola might not be the oyster-laden bay it once was, but it is just the quiet beach getaway you've been looking for.
Peloton home gym

Echelon vs Peloton: Which Connected Workout Equipment is King?

Choosing the right indoor bike for your home gym is an investment that requires some consideration and comparison shopping. Luckily, we've done that for you.
Riding a road bik

What You Need to Know About Road Biking: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking to hit the asphalt? Here's our guide to road biking, including tips and guidance to getting you started safely.
Savannah, Georgia's River Street

Savannah, Georgia City Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

From the beaches of Tybee Island and fishing the waterways of the Low Country to wandering the historic squares, Savannah, Georgia has so much to offer.
campfire with coffee folding table next to it

The 8 Best Folding Tables for Your Next Camping Trip

From lightweight to stable picks, these folding tables are best for camping. Whether you need a game table or kitchen prep space, these tables are just right.
Husk by Sean Brock

Southern Charm: The Ultimate Travel Guide to Charleston

From King Street to Folly Beach, there is no wrong way to spend time in Charleston. But, with our guide, you won't miss a thing while exploring the Holy City.
campfire cooking

How To Cook Over a Campfire for a Fantastic Meal in the Great Outdoors

With the right tools and skills, anyone can cook well over a campfire. Use a grate and a cast-iron skillet to cook larger meals.
Treehouse cabin in Atlanta, Georgia

10 Best Cabin Rentals for Couples this 2022

Whether you are looking for cabin rentals in the United States or abroad, these stays are perfect for weekend escapes or a romantic getaway.
new orleans louisiana travel guide city 2021

New Orleans Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat, and More

New Orleans oozes as much charm as it does bouncing jazz. From museums and nights of amazing live music to golfing and fishing, you can have the perfect visit.

The 10 Best Packable Jackets That Every Serious Outdoorsman Should Own

These puffy, packable jackets are the perfect companions for long hiking and backpacking trips. We've got you covered, from cold weather to rain.