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11 Solid Cycling Gifts for Adventurous Dads

For those who celebrate, Father’s Day is less than a month away, which means you still have plenty of time to secure just the right gift. While choosing the perfect item to show your appreciation for all Dad does can be tough, those father figures who enjoy rolling along on two wheels will undoubtedly love any of these cycling-related gifts we’ve gathered. From a book of dream cycling destinations for him to add to his bucket list to the best coffee cup for his handlebars, these gift ideas are well worth exploring ahead of June 20.

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A Book of the World’s Best Rides

Epic Bike Rides of the World by Lonely Planet
Barnes and Noble

Cyclists who also love to travel and ride all around the world should absolutely have a copy of Epic Bike Rides of the World by Lonely Planet sitting on their shelves. This book features 200 destinations that are some of the absolute best and most stunning bike rides in the world. From bikepacking in Ecuador to cycling through Bhutan, those who are serious about biking wherever they are will love this read. The continental organization also makes planning and dreaming a breeze.

A Waterproof, Reflective Backpack Cover

Respect My Lane reflective backpack cover

There are few things worse than cycling with a backpack or bag of your valuables such as your phone, wallet, or laptop and getting caught in a heavy downpour. Even though phones are more waterproof than ever, it’s always a better feeling to have the proper gear on hand to ensure your belongings are protected. That’s why he’ll love this waterproof, reflective backpack cover. It’ll keep things dry when slipped over the pack, but it also easily packs down so small it can be stored in the backpack long-term without a second thought. A major bonus is that it will add another layer of reflective accents making the cyclist even more visible despite the poor conditions.

A Smartphone Bike Mount and Bag

Blackburn bike bag and phone mount

If a cyclist uses an app like Strava to track their rides, chances are they already have some kind of basic smartphone mount for their bike. But even if this is a gift that will replace a piece of current gear, it’s well worth it. The Blackburn Local Plus Top Tube Bag mounts onto the bike frame between the handlebars and the saddle, making it perfect for fast and easy access to items you might need during your ride. But the best part is the clear pocket on the top of the bag which holds your phone in place. That way, you can see the phone for route updates while keeping it securely mounted and safe from the elements as opposed to an open smartphone handlebar mount. It’s even touchscreen-friendly so you can use your phone as needed without removing it from the bag all the time.

A Sturdy Helmet Mirror

Efficient Velo Helmet Mirror

It’s no secret that cycling can be a dangerous sport when riders come into contact with cars. That’s why a sturdy helmet mirror is a great gift for those who need an update or do not have a rear-view mirror while cycling. The Efficient Velo Tools Safe Zone Helmet Mirror is perfect for those who have bar-end brake levers and cannot install a mirror at the end of their handlebars. Instead, it attached to the helmet and absorbs shock so it will stay firmly in place and resist movement during road vibrations. A mirror such as this will allow riders to see cars behind them more easily so they can stay safe while on the road.

Leather Bike Frame Handle

Tourbon leather bike frame handle

Anyone who lives with at least one flight of stairs that they have to carry a bike up will really love this gift. It’s a simple but beautifully designed and made leather bike frame handle. It just snaps on around the tubes of the frame so you can easily lift and carry your bike up or down a few stairs or even several flights. No more having to toss it over your shoulder or lug it up with a hand on the handlebars and the saddle. The leather handle is striking enough to add as an attractive feature to your bike, and its functionality cannot be beaten.

A Stylish and Compact Multitool

Wood Bike Multitool

By the time most any cyclist collects all of the gear they really need to do their sport well, they’ve usually become something of a major gear nerd. Even if they have a handy multitool already, they’ll love this really stylish yet compact one. It has a clean and easy-to-use design, and the wooden handle is sleek and a nice weight in the hand. It’s a tool your cyclist will always look forward to pulling out to use.

A Portable, Rechargeable Espresso Maker

Conqueco Espresso Maker

Any cyclist who loves a high-quality caffeine jolt in the mornings will adore this gift. Whether they are avid bikepackers or simply enjoy a good cup on the go, this portable and rechargeable Conqueco espresso maker is a must-have addition to anyone’s kit. Those who indulge in the growing trend of a cycling coffee hour where everyone meets at a set place with their coffee apparatus in tow will also be proud to show off this new espresso maker. It’s even small enough that it can be packed up and taken along on cycling trips abroad.

Drink Holder for Handlebars

Ecity cup holder

Once he’s reached their destination and made that excellent cup of coffee in his portable espresso maker, he likely won’t want to give it up if it’s time to head out before he’s seen the bottom of the cup. But with this drink holder that mounts onto the handlebars, he can keep their cup of coffee or any other beverage in an accessible place until the last drop. The cup holder attaches to the handlebars and can hold most sizes of cups.

CO2 Inflator Kit

CO2 Inflator Kit

Though many cyclists have a miniature tire pump that can easily fit onto their bike frame, sometimes it’s better to lighten the load or free up packing space on the frame. That’s why these CO2 inflator kits are amazing and total lifesavers. When a tire pops and you need to inflate a new tube or the old tire after a patch is put in place, the CO2 cartridges have just enough carbon dioxide to inflate your tire. The Genuine Innovations Deluxe CO2 Repair Kit even includes patches. All you have to do is place the reusable valve onto the cartridge and fit it over the tube’s valve. Then use the trigger to dispense carbon dioxide and let the gas do its thing to quickly and effortlessly pump up the tire.

Waterproof Bike Bag with Lock Hole

Puroma bike cover

Even if you do not have to store your bike outside, having a waterproof bike bag with a hole for a lock to fit through is a wonderful little luxury to have. Whether it’s something that ends up being kept in a backpack until it is needed out on a ride or is packed and used while on a bike tour abroad, a bike bag can be very handy. The Puroma bike cover will keep everything dry so it is ready for you to hit the saddle anytime. The additional hole for a tire lock is another feature that the cyclist will be thankful to have should the situation arise where they need to lock their bike up outside, exposed to the elements.

Garmin GPS Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 530 Bike Computer

While a phone with a cycling app will work fine, there’s nothing better than having a stellar bike computer mounted and integrated into a bike’s setup. The Garmin Edge 530 GPS bike computer is an awesome splurge gift to give dads who really deserve a top-notch gift this year. It will allow him to track his routes and distance as well as other metrics like time and speed. These numbers can keep him up to date on the progress he makes as he trains outside or embarks on a new route that’s unfamiliar. So those who always seem to be getting lost should definitely look into this bike computer and start planning their first mappable route with the new bike tech.

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