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Which Massage Gun Should You Buy on Amazon Prime Day?

Massage guns have quickly become the latest and greatest in recovery methods. Those who exercise frequently and experience sore muscles and fatigue after a long and challenging workout often turn to some kind of tool to help speed up recovery times, such as foam rollers or massage guns. These tools help relax sore and tired muscles or tissues as well as stimulate more blood flow to the area. They can even help increase flexibility.

Anyone who has been hesitant to give the trend a try will undoubtedly want to pick up one of these massage guns on Amazon’s Prime Day when the price will be at its best. From ergonomically designed handles to massage guns with deep tissue and heat options, these picks are the best massage guns to look for among Prime Day deals when the deep-discount day rolls around.

Sonic LX Massage Gun

Sonic LX massage gun

The Sonic LX Massage Gun is one of the very best deals out there. This highly rated massage gun includes seven interchangeable heads and nine speeds to choose from. Made to last, the recovery tool comes with a carry case so you can keep everything organized and together whether you are at home or at the gym. With a sturdy yet quiet motor, the Sonic LX massage gun is made to run for up to four hours on a single charge so you don’t have to worry about the battery running down. Though the massage gun is already at the lowest price it’s been at in a month, some 25% cheaper than usual, the price might drop slightly more on Prime Day.

Theragun Prime

Theragun Prime with heads

Theragun remains one of the top-performing brands of massage guns with good reason. The newest fourth-generation edition, the Theragun Prime, offers everything there is to love about the original but with improved design, finesse, and stamina. Though the Theragun Prime is not the cheapest on the market, it will certainly last and continue to be a reliable tool thanks to its durable design. The new model has a quiet motor and a battery lifespan of two hours which is twice as long as previous models. The five speeds offer versatility in massage options and the classic Theragun handle keeps you comfortable as you work out soreness. The massage gun also comes with four interchangeable heads so you can fine-tune how you want to soothe knots and handle tenderness. Don’t forget to download the integrated app too so you can track your progress.

Cryotex Massage Gun

Cryotex massage gun with six heads

The Cryotex massage gun comes with six heads to fit each type of muscle category. The gun can fire away at 20 different speeds for the perfect level of tension against sore and knotted muscles. Despite the many options for personalized treatment, the display of the massage gun is incredibly simple and easy to use. Keep everything packed away in the included case so you don’t lose anything during transit to or from the gym. The tool can run for up to six hours on a full charge, but you can always keep an eye on the LED battery indicator to ensure you know when it is time to recharge the battery.

Mayyo 30-Speed Massage Gun

Mayyo Massage Gun

Anyone who is sensitive to massages or the pressure they often entail should try the Mayyo massage gun. Apart from it being one of the least expensive options to give the alternative recovery method a try, it also features one of the highest ranges of massage pressure levels with 30 different speeds to choose from. The quiet percussion massager also features 10 interchangeable heads so you can really find what works best for you without investing too much in a high-end product. It can run for an impressive six hours on a single charge at a low speed. However, it only takes about an hour and a half to two hours to fully recharge again if you find you like a higher-speed massage. This is the perfect introductory massage gun to try for skeptical newcomers.

Theragun Mini

Theragun mini massage gun

If portability is high on your list of priorities while shopping for a massage gun, then the Theragun Mini is your best pick. It includes many of the same high-quality characteristics you’ve likely come to expect from the brand such as a quiet motor and a comfortable grip, but it boasts many of its own incredible qualities as well. The mini massage gun features three speeds and can run for up to two and a half hours on a single charge. The small size makes it very easy to pack in your gym bag or to stow away at home so you can easily take it on the go or use it when you need it without it taking up too much room. It’s also great for those who find other models a bit too unwieldy. Not to mention, the design is quite striking as well. Though the price doesn’t change often, this massage gun is well worth the price tag if you know it is exactly what you need and will work well for your lifestyle.

OYeet NEX Gen Mini

OYeet Nex Gen Mini

A more affordable and versatile option with high portability is the OYeet Nex Gen Mini. This sleek deep tissue massage gun is designed to penetrate muscles 30% deeper and can operate at four different speeds. The massager includes four head types for various muscle groups and can run for up to four hours on a single charge. A carry case keeps everything neatly placed no matter where you take the recovery tool which can be charged by USB cable. The lightweight model is perfect for on-the-go relaxation as well as makes it comfortable to grip as you work out tight muscles. Though the price rarely drops much further, it is still about 35% less than the Theragun Mini.

Blackleaf Heat Massage Gun

Blackleaf massage gun

While many massage guns simply offer a difference in price point, speed options, and the number of available interchangeable heads, the Blackleaf massage gun sets itself apart by offering a heat option as well. In addition to five speeds and five interchangeable heads, one of the heads enables gentle warming as you massage your muscles. This will help encourage particularly difficult knots to relax and loosen up. Though the massage gun takes three hours to charge, once it has a full battery, it can run for three to five hours depending on the speed at which you use it. The lightweight gun has an ergonomic handle so you can easily grip it as you melt away tension. This mid-range price point makes this wide-ranging massage gun a great option for those with truly tough tension and soreness.

Sunpro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Sunpro massage gun

The Sunpro massage gun is an optimal mid-range option for those looking for deep tissue massage. The massage gun is quiet and offers four heads to choose from as well as six speeds. The battery life could be better with a two-and-a-half-hour charge time and two hours’ use per charge. However, the massage gun will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of use to ensure safety and protect the battery from needlessly wearing down. Pick up this massage gun if you want to really work on deep tissue stiffness.

JMADENQ 4-Speed Massage Gun

JMADENQ massage gun

Another low-tech option that will get the job done comes from JMADENQ. This massage gun includes four heads and six speeds to choose from for a very low price. The motor is quiet and the recovery tool charges very quickly. The light-up panel shows you just which vibration level you’ve selected for very easy use. Try this massage gun if you’re not sure percussion recovery is for you before scaling up to another model if you are unsure of the method and technology.

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