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5 Best Commuter Bikes for Living City Life on Two Wheels

A parked commuter bike.
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At first glance, commuter bikes are all about getting you from point A to point B. But choosing to commute by bike has so many benefits in addition to getting to your destination on your own two wheels. From getting healthier and saving money on public transit or gas to spending time outside and seeing your home town from a different angle, commuting by bike can brighten your day. Of course, you’ll need to choose the perfect bike and the best cycling gear for commuting before you can hit the road. The Manual has gathered a selection of bikes ranging in style and price that are all great options for commuters. New cyclists and pros alike will feel comfortable on the best commuter bikes of 2021.

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Priority 600

Priority 600 Bike on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Priority 600 bike is a top-notch commuter bike with a price tag to prove it. This bike is built to be simple and easy without forgoing any of the best components or features of a commuter bike. Designed to take on all four seasons and a number of terrains spanning from the road to packed trails and gravel, this is a bike you can take anywhere any time of the year. With hydraulic brakes, integrated front and rear lights and a 12-speed gearbox, this bike is incredibly smooth and balanced making it a pleasure to ride. The fact that is also low-maintenance is also very appealing in a commuter bike.

Schwinn Discover

Schwinn Discover Adult Hybrid Bike for Commuters.
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Schwinn remains a classic and good option for a reason — be it a commuter bike, e-bike, or road bike. The Discover bike is a hybrid with a flat handlebar that places riders in an upright position.  With 21 speeds, an easy twist shifter, and quick-stopping linear brakes, this budget bike is a wonderful pick for an entry-level commuter. The included rear rack is a great bonus too so cyclists can get straight to riding without leaving anything behind rather than spend time outfitting the bike.

Acme Spot Bike

Acme Spot Bike on a gray background.
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Acme by Spot Bike is another exceptional commuter bike, though it also has a higher price tag. Apart from its sleek lines and eye-catching design, this bike is made incredibly well. It rides smoothly thanks to its balanced build. It’s light enough to move quickly through traffic yet still feels solid and can stand up to road vibration. The drive train and all the other components consist of great brands, so you know this is a quality bike even if it isn’t a bargain. The Acme is certainly well worth springing for, especially if you commute regularly or are looking to upgrade your current ride.


Cannondale Bad Boy 2

Cannondale Bad Boy 2 Bike on a white background.
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Those looking for a great bike with a mid-range price point that does not forgo a good build and the little luxuries will adore the Bad Boy 2 by Cannondale. This bike is light and nimble on the road yet durable. The sleek and clean lines of the bike are complimented by integrated lights in both the front and back of the bike. The 18-speed drive train and hydraulic brakes give you total control to power up hills and come to a gentle stop at the bottom of them.

$1,350 FROM KOZY

Marin Presidio 1

Marin Presidio 1 on a white background.
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The Presidio 1 by Marin Bikes is a cost-effective bike with a low profile. The bike has hydraulic brakes, a 38T crankset and flat handlebars so you can ride strong no matter where the road takes you. This bike also has a more relaxed, upright position which is perfect for those who are not confident or comfortable riding in a more aggressive position. The aluminum frame is quite light and another great advantage is the bike’s corrosion-resistant chains to ward off rust and make this a low-maintenance bike. It can certainly get you to and from the office, school or your friend’s place.


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