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Airstream and Pottery Barn’s New Trailer Brings Creature Comforts to Campers

Airstream and Pottery Barn Trailer

We were already hyped with the Pottery Barn collection of bedding, dinnerware, linens, and other apartment essentials the company released in collaboration with legendary American RV-maker Airstream in May. Whereas Airstream is all hard lines and austere, polished metal (its iconic trailer is nicknamed the “silver bullet”), Pottery Barn’s home goods seem to blunt those sharper corners and bring the comforts of home into its heritage campers. What we didn’t know was that the announcement was only the first of two. On Tuesday, July 27, Airstream released the final half: The Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer.

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The 28-foot travel trailer, which sleeps four, contains the same amenities that come standard with all Airstream trailers, including a dedicated onboard kitchen, bathroom with sink and shower, and relaxing areas that convert to sleeping areas. It’s a package that has established the company as an American institution for the last hundred years. But where Pottery Barn asserts itself is in the details, softening and elevating many areas often overlooked or not even acknowledged. Individually, they may seem trivial, but in sum, they raise itinerant living to a level rarely experienced outside of glamping.

It begins with the sofa, which receives an elegant upgrade and is patterned after Pottery Barn’s Big Sur Collection. Unlike Pottery Barn’s in-home original, this one includes a tuck-away table for multipurpose use. The company sourced oatmeal linen for the curtains, and wall sconces dot the camper’s upper regions. In the kitchen, a solid oak dinette table is a classy addition, while matte-black faucets in the kitchen and bathroom replace the standard silver. A stainless steel flat apron sink with cutting board cover provides an exceptional surface for prep work. The bedroom, which includes a queen bed, is outfitted with the company’s trademark storage solutions underneath and linen sheet sets throughout.

Outside is where the collaboration really establishes a departure. For the first time, an outdoor hanging table attaches to the exterior and is shaded by a specially designed pull-out awning. It’s the perfect spot to invite the neighbors in the campsite over for aprés beers or an evening meal. And for that meal’s presentation, Pottery Barn includes a 16-piece stoneware dinnerware set.

“It’s a match that makes sense in many ways,” Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler said in a release. “Pottery Barn has an innate talent to shape a space. You see it in their home interiors, where there’s a comfortable, functional beauty. They understand how your home is this canvas where real life happens, and we love how they applied that to the Airstream lifestyle.”

Airstream’s Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer starts at $145,500 and is available through dealers across the country. Some may prefer the RV maker’s more minimalist aesthetic, and others may have allegiances to other home goods companies to customize its interior. But for those looking at the meeting of two American greats, the Airstream x Pottery Barn collab reaches its apotheosis with the new travel trailer.

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