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Check Out This Pop-Up Camper Top for Tesla’s Cybertruck

A mockup of the Tesla Cybertruck with CyberLandr extended.
Stream It, Inc.

It’s been two years since Tesla announced its Cybertruck, and while it hasn’t yet gone into production (current estimates place it in 2022), that hasn’t prevented at least one company from announcing its own pop-up camper top for the truck’s bed. Stream It, Inc.’s CyberLandr should be taken with a grain of salt, as it’s not exactly like designing an iPhone cover, but it’s still enticing, showing a picture of what 21st-century Van Life might look like.

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The CyberLandr, which is taking pre-orders now for $44,995 (a $5,000 discount from its MSRP), compresses to become flush with the top of the Cybertruck bed when not in use. But once in park, it extends up like a granola Batmobile, providing a combination kitchen, living room, bedroom with queen bed, bathroom, and corner office. To be clear, this functionality is scaled; at the time of announcement, these compatibilities are standard on the CyberLandr baseline model. If true, after purchasing an $80,000 truck and adding in a $45,000 topper, you’ve got a complete living and working situation that allows the ultimate in both function and portability.

CyberLandr and Forest with Chair
Stream It, Inc.

Start in the kitchen, with its tri-level sink that includes a colander, wash bin, drying rack, and cutting board, with a motion-activated faucet that can be controlled via your voice. A porcelain countertop disguises at least one induction burner for cooking. Further in, the space is wired with speakers throughout (again, controllable via voice), and seating can be reconfigured depending on preference, including taking it outside. The most underwhelming feature of the camper top is its 32-inch, 4k UHD Smart TV and monitor combo, which can be utilized for both recreation and work.

When it’s time for bed, the camper’s seats transform into a queen-size bed, while the windows feature electrochromic dimming, providing both privacy and shade for late sleepers. While you and your partner slumber above, there’s room for another adult or two children below. An alarm and surveillance system with exterior lighting ensures peace of mind.

When it comes to morning ablutions, that’s where the CyberLandr really shines. Gone are the days of truck-stop sink baths or sneaking into a YMCA; a porcelain tile floor with radiant heat would be a godsend after a long day of skiing, while a five-flow-patterned shower head washes away the gunk. The system also features a four-stage filter, allowing the water to recirculate for greater efficiency and more minutes contemplating your next moves.

CyberLandr Forest with Chair
Stream It, Inc.

Finally, when it’s time to grind, its office setup will be the envy of any work-from-home guy. A StarLink satellite dish provides access to the internet, and it’s distributed through Wi-Fi with speeds fast enough to Zoom, check email, or even write humble articles like this one.

With a surge in housing prices, a rental pinch, and the desire for freedom that most men feel, the CyberLandr, paired with Tesla’s Cybertruck, seems like a viable option for the man who’s not tied to a physical office or one specific place. The Endless Summer may be a battery charge away.

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