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Alpha’s Nightwolf is an all-electric, blacked-out overlanding camper that feels straight out of Mad Max

You'll be all set for the apocalypse with this rig

Alpha Motor Corporation Nightwolf Electric Truck on a plain studio background.
Alpha Motor Corporation

For serious go-anywhere overlanding potential, it’s hard to beat a well-built truck camper on a reliable pickup chassis. But they tend to be bulky, top-heavy, and guzzle gas like nobody’s business. Alpha Motor Corporation set out to remedy all three problems with the new Nightwolf. It’s a custom-built, electric overlander truck that bests traditional fossil-fuel-powered truck campers in every way. It’s streamlined, ultra-customizable, and oh-so-badass in this Mad Max-inspired murdered-out black colorway.

The all-new Nightwolf is the latest iteration in Alpha’s Wolf lineup of bespoke electric overlander trucks. AMC confirms it’s “purpose-built to conquer rugged terrains and tackle challenging off-road conditions.” It’s slightly smaller than the Wolf and Wolf+ but features the same old-school good looks clearly inspired by the workhorse pickups of the 80s and 90s. Performance-wise, it’s available with either a single or dual-motor powertrain with a projected 0-60 time of just over six seconds. It’s not the fastest EV on the block, but that’s not why you’re buying a truck like this. It’s also capable of towing a respectable 3,000 pounds — more than enough to hitch up a lightweight travel trailer for your hardcore overlanding expeditions.

Rooftop solar panel setup on the Alpha Motor Corporation Nightwolf Electric Truck
Alpha Motor Corporation

Plus, we can’t overlook the projected 275-mile range. AMC knows “range anxiety” is a very real concern for EV owners, which is why one of the truck’s stand-out features is the hefty rooftop-mounted solar cap. It’s a folding array that’s surprisingly large for a truck this size, with enough capacity to provide up to 20 additional miles of range under ideal, sunny skies. It’s not a ton of extra juice, but every mile counts when you’re out venturing far from civilization. Every watt stored in the onboard battery bank can be used to power everything from mobile camp kitchen accessories to portable refrigerators to outdoor camping lights.

Jet-black interior of the Alpha Motor Corporation Nightwolf Electric Truck.
Alpha Motor Corporation

Make the Nightwolf your personalized overlander

What truly sets the Nightwolf apart, though, is the ridiculous level of customization. AMC worked with some of the best names in the overlanding gear business to provide this rig a wide range of accessories and options. There’s a standard KC lighting package with seven-inch Gravity LED headlamps and auxiliary lighting. The roof rack can accommodate two massive gear cases from Roam Adventure Co. The chunky BFGoodrich all-terrain tires are outfitted with Black Rhino Atlas wheels to complete the aggressive, murdered-out look. Plus, the sleep-in camper shell adds endless versatility to make this a true overlander camper truck. The company also confirms that the Nightwolf is readily compatible with tons of aftermarket overlanding gear, parts, and accessories, so buyers can make it their own.

This hyper-dramatic video tour (complete with a soaring, ready-to-conquer-the-world music bed) shows the Nightwolf from every angle in all its badass post-apocalyptic glory:


Alpha Motors hasn’t announced pricing for the all-new Nightwolf yet. Its closest brethren — the Wolf and Wolf+ — start at $36,000 and $46,000, respectively. So, we expect this flagship model in the Wolf lineup to easily run north of $50,000, and that’s before you start ticking all those option boxes. The company is now accepting reservations, and we imagine those pre-order slots are filling fast.

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