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Coast’s all-new Model 1 solar electric trailer is a luxe, off-grid-ready stunner

Sleek and luxurious, with a solar power system designed to run almost indefinitely off-grid.

Coast Model 1 solar electric travel trailer/RV parked near a pond.
Aero Build

The last decade has seen an explosion in tech innovation in the RV and travel trailer industry. With batteries and mobile solar setups getting cheaper, better, and more ubiquitous, many of today’s recreational vehicles are finally capable of keeping up with the demands of today’s tech-obsessed travelers. Case in point: Coast’s all-new Model 1. It’s a solar-powered travel trailer designed to take you just about anywhere without having to leave your gadgets behind.

Get the details on Coast’s Model 1 solar electric trailer

Closeup of the awning on Coast's Model 1 solar electric RV/travel trailer.
Aero Build

From afar, the exterior of the Model 1 has the same recognizable silhouette as many of today’s premium travel trailers. But, decked in jet black or two-tone black-on-white (it’s also available in all white), it feels sleeker, more modern, more … premium. The glossy shell appears vaguely futuristic, a hint of the solar-heavy tech that lies beneath. The genuine composite structure is made by, in Coast’s words, “combining differing fully recyclable, re-purposable, and environmentally friendly natural components [that are] virtually waterproof.”

Premium kitchen and dining area inside Coast's Model 1 solar electric trailer/RV.
Aero Build

Stepping inside, the interior feels more spacious than the Model 1’s 21-foot length should allow, with room for a galley kitchen, a full wet bath, a two-person dinette, and a fixed bedroom. There’s a sense of warm luxury akin to what you might expect in a high-end European studio apartment. There are SMEG, built-in Italian appliances, ambient LED lighting, sleek cabinetry with tons of storage space, and integrated smart home technology, including all-season comfort at the touch of a button. Premium touches, including a Sunbrella Fabric banquette, a memory foam mattress, a Kohler shower head, and even electric floor heaters, are all standard. The entire space is wrapped in panoramic, double-paned insulated windows, so you’ll always have “a room with a view.”

Bedroom inside Coast's Model 1 solar electric trailer.
Aero Build

What truly sets the Model 1 electric trailer apart from the many also-rans on today’s market is the beefy power system. Two 3,000-watt inverters are mated to a 22 kWh LiFePO4 lithium battery system capable of charging all your favorite gadgets on the go while powering every appliance, including the rig’s climate control system. Under ideal weather conditions, the eight roof-mounted monocrystalline solar panels can generate up to 1,600 watts, allowing Model 1 owners to stay comfortably off-grid almost indefinitely. When you finally do make it back to civilization, a 50-amp service smart plug allows you to power everything up from the grid.

Build and spec your own Coast Model 1 solar electric trailer

Luxurious interior of the Coast Model 1 solar electric trailer/RV.
Aero Build

Coast confirms the Model 1 is available to order right now. The starting price is $129,900, but you can expect the bottom line to balloon quickly when you start ticking all of the available option boxes. It’s pricier than many of the best lightweight travel trailers on the market, for sure. But, given the ultra-modern, high-end interior, specs, and amenities, it’s priced right in line with most comparably equipped Airstreams.

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