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Airstream’s Most Popular Travel Trailers Are Looking a Lot Sexier for 2022

Airstream builds some of the most sought-after travel trailers in the world. The brand’s iconic “silver bullet” design has been a part of the Great American Road Trip since “road tripping” was first popularized in the middle of the 20th century. Next year, Airstream is upping its game with top-down refreshes of its two most popular models. We have to admit that they’ve never looked better.

For almost a century, the Flying Cloud has been Airstream’s most popular travel trailer. It’s versatile and family-friendly thanks to 14 available floor plans, making it easy to choose a layout that fits your particular mode of travel. For 2022, the model is receiving a complete interior overhaul. The new Sunlit Maple decor is light, airy, and thoroughly modern. Virtually every aspect of the fit and finish, including the fabrics, upholstery, countertops, fixtures, and flooring, is getting an upgrade. Airstream pulled heavily from residential design for inspiration. The sinks, for example, feature a square design and premium Delta pull-down faucets in the bathroom and kitchen. Many of the fabrics have also been swapped for Ultraleather options, which are more durable and handsome. Other functional updates include blackout curtains, soft-close cabinet hinges, and better overhead storage design.

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Airstream is continuing the wave of updates throughout every version of its International as well. As the most design-forward travel trailer in the lineup, it’s long been associated with no-compromises aesthetics. For 2022, the refreshed Coastal Cove decor is influenced by beach-house and farmhouse-inspired homes. The whitewashed cabinetry and walls, herringbone-patterned flooring, and muted color palette exude an understated sophistication. Many of the model’s other fit and finish updates mirror those of the Flying Cloud. Across the board, the International is getting Ultraleather fabric, updated Corian countertops, Moen faucets, and better vinyl flooring and laminate options.

To be sure, none of these updates extends beyond the interior of either model. Airstream is thankfully keeping the same sleek aluminum shell for both the Flying Cloud and International. For that, we’re grateful. Because, frankly, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Of course, great design rarely comes cheap. That includes anything that bears the Airstream moniker. The 2022 Airstream Flying Cloud bases at US $78,000, while the 2022 Airstream International starts at $91,900. Sure, you could probably score two — even three — ordinary travel trailers for the same price. But, you’re better than an “ordinary” road trip, aren’t you?

For an affordable Airstream-branded alternative, check out the all-fiberglass Nest, which bases with a more reasonable price tag close to $46,000.

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