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This popular truck camper shell maker is debuting its first fully furnished overlander camper

With room for four, a full kitchen, and four-season usability, it's everything you need and nothing you don't.

Rear corner view of the Tufport Overlander truck camper concept.

Compact campervans are getting all the love right now as the go-anywhere adventure vehicles. But, when you’re looking to get seriously off the beaten path, a high-clearance, four-wheel-drive truck is the only way to go. For overlanding pickup owners, slide-in truck bed campers are the easiest all-in-one solution. Thankfully, Tufport just announced their first entry into the Overlander camper space, and it’s a stunner.

Side view of Tufport's Overlander truck camper concept.

Get the low-down on Tufport’s Overlander truck camper

The all-new Overlander is built to be a rugged, off-road-ready home away from home for ultra-minimalist overland travelers. The Sea to Sky model—the first model in the Overlander truck camper series—features everything you need and nothing you don’t. Stepping inside through the large rear access door reveals a wall-mounted couch that transforms into a twin bed for maximum live/work/sleep flexibility. Immediately across is a wide galley kitchen with spacious countertops, a vertical pantry cabinet, and plenty of extra storage throughout. An over-cab sleeping area serves as the main “bedroom.” Screened, tinted windows and a roof vent bring plenty of natural light into the space and allow it to feel more airy. It also feels surprisingly roomy at 72 inches wide with 65 inches of interior headroom.

Floorplan of Tufport's Overlander truck camper concept.

Like most Tufport models, the Overlander camper is intentionally sold as a “blank slate” shell, allowing for maximum customizability. To streamline the build-out process, Tufport will, however, sell OEM add-ons, including sinks, refrigerators, induction cooktops, heaters, and more, allowing this to be a true four-season rig. Customers with an eye toward serious off-road exploration can also opt for a roof rack (for adventure gear, like kayaks, skis, or stand-up paddleboards), an extendable awning, and a solar panel array allowing for extended trips.

Concept rendering of the interior of Tufport's Overlander truck camper.

Like all of Tufport’s truck slide-ins, the  is a turn-key overlander camper designed to slot neatly into the bed of most standard pickup trucks (with a six- or 6.5-foot bed). The one-piece composite fiberglass construction is extremely lightweight, so it won’t weigh down even mid-sized pickup trucks. It’s built to the brand’s legendary industrial-strength standards, meaning it’s designed to be extremely watertight. Tufport famously flipped one of its camper shells upside-down and floated it down a river with an outboard motor attached to demonstrate just how weatherproof it really is. Unlike traditional stick-built campers and travel trailers, this thing will not leak.

Rear view of Tufport's Overlander truck camper concept.

Price and buy your own Tufport Overlander camper

The all-new Overlander has yet to be released, and Tufport hasn’t announced official pricing yet, either. The brand’s Adventure slide-in “shell” model is priced at $9,495 CAD (approximately $7,000 USD at the time of this writing). With its much more well-outfitted interior, we expect the Overlander to run close to double that before you start ticking all of the available option boxes (and you know you will). Interested buyers can contact Tufport directly, and a $1,000 deposit secures your spot on the waitlist. It’ll also be on display this August at Overland Expo Mountain West 2024.

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