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The golf courses beginners should definitely check out

These are the best golf courses for beginners to learn the ropes and not feel bad about making a divot

An aerial view of a golf course.
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Just because we love the game of golf doesn’t mean we are any good at playing it ourselves. It is easy to scream at the TV about how bad that flop shot was from the comfort of your couch, even if you have never swung a club. Once you get a bit of practice in, so you don’t leave a trail of divots in your wake, you won’t be so nervous walking on the green. There’s no need to have performance anxiety when playing on one of the best golf courses for beginners, so see which one you want to take a swing at.

Take a swing in Scottsdale

People walking along a golf course.
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There’s something in the water in Arizona. There’s at least something in the grass, as Scottsdale, Arizona, has multiple courses for the beginner and beyond. See if you could hit all of these courses to bring your game up to par.

The Talking Stick Golf Club

The Talking Stick Golf Club has two gorgeous courses to pick from, both designed by Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore. For those who want a straightforward game without a lot of hassle, the Piipaash Course is the kind of smooth sailing that doesn’t require a lot of experience. If you want to test your aim on a more challenging green, the O’odham Course offers stunning architecture along difficult holes.

The Blue Course at Wigwam Resort

If you want easier terrain, the Blue Course at the Wigwam Resort will tee up 18 holes of beauty for your eyes to feast on. Known as The Patriot Course, when players took their first swings there in 1965, golfers at any level will appreciate the 6,000 yards of play in the white sandy desert and fairways lined with trees.

The We-Ko-Pa Saguaro Course

If you want true mountain views with your putt, the We-Ko-Pa Saguaro Course, located in the Sonoran Desertwon’t disappoint. Another Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore partnership in 2006, the course uses the full range of the landscape to get the most out of your 18-hole round.

The best golf courses for beginners elsewhere in the U.S.

A person about to take a swing at golf.
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There are countless, endless golf courses in the U.S., but we found a few that don’t mind a newbie figuring out how to hook the ball just right.

The Retreat Course at the Sea Island Resort in St. Simons Island, Georgia

Yes, PGA tours happen on the same holes on the Retreat Course at the Sea Island Resort in Georgia, but don’t let that freak you out. Old charm and modern conveniences blend beautifully on the green, which boasts Georgia pine trees and naturally uneven grounds that beginners and pros alike will enjoy. Opening in the 1920s, the course went through renovations in the 1950s, 1970s, and once again in the 1990s, making sure there was something for every skill level.

Bandon Dunes (Bandon Preserve) in Bandon, Oregon

There are multiple courses at Brandon Dunes, with a few 18-hole options to pick from, like Old Macdonald. But one we want to highlight as a friendlier course for newer golfers is the Brandon Preserve. The course opened in 2012, with architects Crenshaw and Coore back as the brains behind the bunkers. They turned 22 acres into a creative executive course, which allows players to get through a faster and easier 13-hole round.

Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina

The Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina, should be on your list for no other reason than it’s been on the Top 25 Best in State courses list since 2019. It must be that Southern charm. Or maybe a part of the lure is the 2013 renovations Kyle Franz made to the original 1921 course, which have kept the landscape the same but given the greens an elevated elegance.

The best courses abroad

A gorgeous view of an empty golf course.
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We had to throw in a few courses out of the area in case you were feeling more adventurous than learning how to play golf.

Cabot Links Golf Course in Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada

Canada’s first links course, Cabot Links in Nova Scotia, made Golf Digest World Top 100 and Golf Digest World 100 Greatest Golf Courses for 2016 lists. With all 18 holes at Cabot Links giving an ocean view and six of the holes played at the water’s edge, it won’t even matter how well or poorly you swing a club

The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland

It’s called the Old Course for a reason. Officially established in 1552, making it the oldest course in the world, Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, also known as the Old Lady, has been home to 30 British Opens. The course is a little harder for a first-timer, but you couldn’t deny how breathtaking it would be to putt over 7,000 yards of pure history. Open to the public, the Old Course is the reason we play 18 holes as the standard in the game. Even if you are horrible at golf, you should have a life goal to play one round at Old Course.

Learning a new skill is daunting, but adding a public element to things is downright scary. Remember, the pros like Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus weren’t born a legend. They had to walk on a green for the first time just like the rest of us, so you might as well start now. Work on your backswing at any of the best golf courses for beginners to turn those shanks into something Scottie Scheffler would be proud of.

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