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talus venturepack camper pickup truck 3v2

The VenturePack Camper Turns Most Any Pickup Truck Into a Full-Featured RV

Talus' VenturePack Camper proves that, with ingenuity and the right tech, it’s possible to pack an RV’s worth of convenience into a standard pickup truck bed.
mobi x off road teardrop travel trailer 1

Journey Farther with the Mobi X Compact, Off-Road-Ready Teardrop Trailer

Getting off-grid requires a properly equipped vehicle or a rugged, off-road-ready travel trailer -- a travel trailer like the new Mobi X.
fire lookout rentals

8 Breathtaking Fire Lookouts You’ll Want to Rent Right Now

Fire lookout towers were first used to spot wildfires. Now, these unique off-grid destinations can be booked as bucket-list-worthy rentals.
Red Toyota Tacoma towing an Airstream Basecamp throw a grassy field.

Airstream’s Adventure-Ready Trailer Gets Bigger and Better for 2021

Airstream's Basecamp gets better this 2021 as it continues to redefine modern off-grid camping with a solid mix of rugged good looks, off-road-readiness, and creature comforts.
skoolie hip diy nomadic lifestyle 1

Move Over, Van Life: Skoolies Are The New Hip, DIY Answer To Nomadic Living

Build your own home on wheels and see what the fuss is all about.
unexpected twists on smores with recipes s morenicolejones

8 Unexpected Twists On the Classic S’More

According to the professional chefs we consulted, there are at least eight excellent and not-too-difficult ways to upcycle this campfire classic.
airstream flying cloud international updates 2022 2021 27fb exterior bug eye web

Airstream’s Most Popular Travel Trailers Are Looking a Lot Sexier for 2022

Next year, Airstream is upping its game with top-down refreshes of its two most popular travel trailers. Frankly, they've never looked better.
Scout Olympic

Turn Your Pickup Into a Go-Anywhere RV with Scout’s Olympic Truck Camper

If you’ve toyed with RV travel and happen to own a pickup, this versatile, state-of-the-art truck camper just might give you the final push.
Ready Set Van

Trek Far, Far Off-Grid in Ready Set Van’s Electric Campervans

If you’re considering the switch to vanlife, you could do worse than Ready Set Van’s lineup of high-tech, built-to-order campervans.
zeltini z triton house boat tricycle 0  20200516162919 1

The One-of-a-Kind Z-Triton Is Equal Parts Tricycle, Camper, and Tiny Houseboat

For car campers and adventure travelers who like to keep their options open, the bizarre new Z-Triton can take you just about anywhere. 
VSSL First Aid Kit

The VSSL First Aid Kit Packs Dozens of Survival Tools Into a 9-Inch Tube

These brilliantly curated kits pack dozens of first aid essentials into a military-grade aluminum tube that's waterproof and practically indestructible.
camping tent hammock chair furniture

Camping Is Poised for a Post-Quarantine Comeback: Here’s What to Know

Camping is poised to be more popular than ever. We spoke with Dan Yates of Pitchup to get some tips for navigating the changes.
roofnest sparrow xl rooftop tent

Roofnest’s Sparrow XL Rooftop Tent Is a Go-Anywhere, Jumbo-Sized Camp Bed

With the Sparrow XL hard-shell tent, Roofnest is proving rooftop camping can be every bit as comfortable as sleeping in your plush, queen-sized bed at home.
car camping

The Best Car Camping Gear for Any Season

Long nights, coolers full of beer, and comfortable beds are a good recipe for year-round car camping adventures. Here's what you need to bring.
ERV Electric Camper

Get Far, Far Off-Grid With the Solar-Powered ERV Electric Camper

Few things clear a man’s head like disappearing into nature for a weekend (or a few months). Now, in a year where social distancing is essential, there’s never been a better time to find a legit escape. If you’re looking to get far, far off-grid, the ERV Electric Camper might be the perfect RV.
Yakima CBX Solar

Yakima’s CBX Solar Rooftop Cargo Box Features Integrated Solar Charging

Yakima is upping the ante with the CBX Solar, an off-grid-friendly cargo box with the ability to power a campsite almost indefinitely.
Outdoor Retailer

8 Coolest Things We Saw at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2021

The best gear showcased at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2021 includes a tiny home, fire-starting kit, flexible ski boot, chemical-free waterproof jacket, and more.
leyland titan double decker bus wales glamping ceridwen centre

This Vintage Double-Decker Bus Is a Modern Glamping Escape in the Heart of Wales

Airbnb has proven that just about anything from oversized potatoes to the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile can serve as an extraordinary overnight guest room. Add to that list one more unique glamping getaway: A vintage double-decker bus in the heart of the Welsh countryside.
supertramped co conversion van ernie facebook 1

Supertramped Co.’s Conversion Camper Van Is Part Tiny Home, Part Surf Shack

There’s something so appealing about flippantly abandoning our worldly belongings, tossing our iPhones into the ocean, and living the simple life on a beach in Costa Rica. One U.K.-based company distilled that daydream down into a single, one-of-a-kind camper van unlike any we’ve ever seen.
Spot X Bluetooth

S.O.S.! The Best Personal Locator Beacons and Satellite Messengers

The illusion of an always-on connection to society and the internet can easily land the less prepared among us in trouble. For adventurous travelers, packing a lightweight personal locator beacon or two-way satellite messenger could mean the difference between life and death.
north face seven summits

Tackle the World’s Most Famous Peaks With The North Face 7 Summits Collection

Climbing the world’s highest peaks is a worthy goal, but, for some, it's not enough. Ski-mountaineer Kit DesLauriers became the first person ever to summit and ski all Seven Summits. Now, The North Face is honoring her epic feat with a line of premium outdoor apparel that’s set to redefine outerwear.
gerber explore collection s

The New Gerber Explore Collection Offers Up Great Holiday (or Anytime) Gift Ideas

The new Gerber Explore collection offers up gear that you can take just about anywhere and not have to worry about it breaking or going dull when you need it the most. From utensils to hatchets, it's got a little something for everyone.
goal zero yeti 200x  1

Amp Up Your Vanlife With the New Goal Zero Yeti 200X Power Bank

For many, road-tripping is about getting away from it all. But, more and more of us are looking to escape while enjoying the conveniences of home. Most of those conveniences, however, require electricity. The latest release from Goal Zero will keep your gadgets charged no matter where life takes you.
St Hazards Waterfront Resort and Brewery

The Best Campgrounds Near Major U.S. Cities

Want to get away for the weekend but don't want to go too far from the comforts of urban living? Check out some of the best campgrounds located outside major U.S. cities. With a host of different amenities, you'll barely be roughing it while still relaxing.
best backpacking chairs helinox chair

The Best Backpacking Chairs for Your Next Adventure

There’s nothing like putting your feet up in a comfortable chair around the fire at the end of a long day. Here are our picks for your next adventure, which include the best backpacking chairs that are above the ground and on the ground, and stools.
best cast iron camping cookware skillet

The Best Cast Iron Camping Cookware

Cooking over an open flame in the woods isn’t everyone’s specialty. Aside from fire and beer, the next crucial thing you’ll need is a proper pan. For that, there’s nothing better than good old cast iron. Here are five of the best cast iron pans for campfire cooking and beyond.
taxa outdoor mantis outdoors  rugged

Taxa Outdoors’ Rugged Mantis Travel Trailer Just Got Even Better

The 21st century welcomed a slew of ingenious, new manufacturers all building capable, lightweight travel trailers ready to go anywhere. New for 2019, TAXA Outdoors -- one of our favorite towable brands -- returns with a redesigned flagship model.
hoh rainforest caravan cabins unique for glamping getaway near the in kaloch  washington hub 1

Escape to the Pacific Northwest at Hoh Rainforest Caravan Cabins

Until space travel is a thing, we’ll have to settle for escaping society in a treehouse or a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. Few regions of the U.S. guarantee a proper, off-grid digital detox like the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Enter: The Hoh Rainforest Caravan Cabins.
Uncharted Supply Rapid Raft

This 3-Pound Rapid Raft Is the World’s Lightest, Most Packable Raft

Whether you like your outdoor adventures extreme or just prefer to be prepared with a bug-out bag to survive the apocalypse, having an ultra-portable emergency raft in your arsenal is never a bad idea.
Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket is Made Entirely Out of Recycled Material

The Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket is made from recycled plastic bottles, pioneering sustainability and maintaining the brand's devotion to crafting high-quality, comfortable down blankets that can withstand any condition.
best camp chairs on amazon

The Best Camp Chairs You Can Buy on Amazon

If you’re a new camper looking to build up your adventure kit or just need to replace some old seats that are running ragged, read on: These are the best camp chairs available on Amazon right now, from budget-friendly folding chairs to two-seaters and just about everything in between.
hammock camping

Book a Last-Minute Summer Camping Trip Just About Anywhere With Pitchup

For summer campers, finding a last-minute campsite can seem almost impossible. With Pitchup, campers can shop cheap, peak season sites near some of the most iconic national parks in the U.S.
rei rentals gear tent

REI’s Gear Rental Program Will Change How You Experience the Outdoors

Don't have the money or space to invest in great gear? Never fear! REI has expanded their outdoor gear rental program from coast to coast.
backcountry spring summer 2019 climb

A Closer Look at the Inspiration Behind Backcountry’s In-House Apparel

Clicking through online retailer Backcountry's catalog of your favorite outdoor recreation brands, you may have not have noticed a new development: a collection of athletic apparel made by Backcountry itself. We got the low-down from Andy Fletcher, Head of Owned Brands.
hipcamp app camping booking at night

Find the Most Unique, Undiscovered Campsites in the U.S. With Hipcamp

Without an all-in-one metasearch engine -- think Kayak or Expedia -- for campgrounds, reserving a campsite has always been a painful, time-consuming task. Now, with the release of its new mobile app, Hipcamp has streamlined the process, making it easier than ever to book right from your phone.
Airstream Caravel

Airstream Brings Back 2 of Its Most Popular and Affordable Travel Trailers

Airstream travel trailers are legendary among roadtrippers. Sadly, they’re too expensive for most, with some models starting north of six figures. However, Airstream just announced the return of two of its most popular and affordable models: Bambi and Caravel
grand canyon night sky

Grand Canyon Celebrates 100th Anniversary with New International Dark Sky Park Distinction

As one of the most popular national parks in the United States, Grand Canyon National Park hardly needs any new accolades. However, the iconic park was just awarded official Dark Sky Park status, cementing it as one of the world's best destinations for stargazing.
innovative camping gear basics essentials bisongears rolling grill lifestyle

Upgrade Your Gear with Innovative Camping Essentials that Go Beyond the Basics

Some of our favorite outdoor gear brands have raised the bar on their camping basics. Whether it’s an ingenious design tweak or a barely noticeable addition that takes the experience to a new level, these improved camping essentials are guaranteed to up the ante on your outdoor adventures.
The Backyard Fire Cookbook Foil Pack French Dip

This Foil Packet French Dip Recipe is Great For Camping

Ever wondered how to make a French Dip sandwich? Well here is a French Dip recipe that you can make over open flames. Because fire.
the secret to this featherweight 298 pound teardrop trailer is chicken feathers earth traveler trailers 3

The Secret to this Featherweight 298-Pound Teardrop Trailer Is Chicken Feathers

Even the swankiest teardrop trailers tend to be cramped and still too heavy to be towed by a compact car or electric vehicle. Earth Traveler targets both problems by starting with an expandable, organic-inspired design and a unique construction base of literal chicken feathers.
hitch tent rooftop platform hitchtent rack system setup

Hitch Tent Is a Clever, Non-Rooftop Platform for Your Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tent camping is sublime, but it's not without its shortcomings. Hitch Tent, a clever automotive hitch-mounted tenting platform, is designed to combine all the utility of a rooftop tent with the stability of a traditional tent system.
great sand dunes national park dark sky

Colorado Is Now Home to the Newest International Dark Sky Park

Light pollution makes it harder now than ever to see the night sky as our ancestors did. Thankfully, the International Dark-Sky Association is working to combat the problem. This month, Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park became the latest to receive an official Dark Sky Park designation.
moab utah backpacking camping hiking

Save Money on Your Gear by Renting It First with Coozie Outdoors

If you only head into the backwoods once or twice a year, or if you're pondering your first wilderness expedition, then you probably don't need to own a full set of gear — not when you can rent great outdoor equipment from Coozie Outdoors.
best adult summer camps camp halcyon whiskey tasting

8 Best Adult Summer Camps for Grown-Ass Men

Remember the glory days of summer camp? These adult summer camps recapture all the fun of your misspent youth but with a lot more day drinking and debauchery. Here are eight amazing summer camps for (mostly) grown-up men.
wilderness first aid bleeding

Wilderness First Aid: What to Pack and Know Before You Hit the Trail

before you go for that next hike, mountain bike ride, high alpine climb, or even just a car camping trip in a remote area, bone up on wilderness first aid and make sure you pack accordingly.
hitch hotel seaside

Hitch Hotel Might Be the Most Compact Travel Trailer We’ve Ever Seen

For RV campers who value mobility, versatility, and portability, less is more. That’s where a well-made, ultra-light travel trailer comes in. The new Hitch Hotel, billed as the “world’s first expandable wheel-less trailer," is one of the most impressive.
raptorboats raptor platform

There’s No Place Like (a Floating) Home on the Raptor Platform

Crafted as a floating fishing platform, the Raptor Platform could be an inflatable houseboat, a portable dock, or a zombie apocalypse safe haven.
polydrop trailer

Futuristic Polydrop Travel Trailer Looks Straight Out of Blade Runner

The travel trailer space has become crowded indeed. There are European models with retractable roofs, models designed to serve as “basecamp” for hardcore adventurers, and off-road-ready campers capable of going just about anywhere. The minimalist Polydrop travel trailer lies somewhere in the middle.
sylvansport vast trailer

This Camper Wants to Be Whatever Type of Travel Trailer You Need It to Be

A new breed of travel trailers is targeting hardcore explorers. These adventure trailers forego frilly luxuries like faux granite countertops, big-screen HDTVs, and smartphone-controllable mood lighting. Instead, they’re all about function, versatility, and gear hauling.

Why Camp on Land When You Can Camp on Water with an Inflatable Tent?

SmithFly created the Shoal Tent that allows you to camp on the water. Even crazier? It has no poles. The concept was created by a designer/fisherman and we need it now.