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11 of the Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen They’ll Love

Best Camping Gear and Accessories
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Gift shopping for an outdoor enthusiast is no easy task, especially if you’re looking for something they’ll actually use, but even more so if you yourself don’t happen to know much about the topic. Never fear, for we’ve got a slew of suggestions for the best gifts for outdoorsmen.

These recommendations run the gamut in terms of function and cost, so there’s something to suit everyone. Each piece of gear has been personally tested in the great outdoors, so you can buy and gift with confidence knowing that these are truly outstanding products.

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Kershaw Camp 10

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Maybe it’s a bowie knife, and maybe it’s a machete, but whatever you call it, this big blade from Kershaw makes for an awesome gift. Heavy enough to do everything from hacking through the jungle to chopping kindling, the Camp 10 is not only a great tool for the outdoors, but its ultra-durable construction means that it will most definitely last a lifetime.

Garrett Wade Professional Splitting Maul

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When it comes to getting the fire started, there’s no time to mess around with axes that don’t get the job done. This splitting maul from Garrett Wade is not only heavy enough to get the job done right, its elegant craftsmanship makes it a more than gift-worthy tool.

High Camp Firelight 750 Flask

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For the outdoorsman who enjoys a drink while in the elements, this huge flask from High Camp is an outstanding gift. Not only is it large enough to hold a full fifth of liquor, but it can double as a cocktail shaker and includes two detachable tumblers.

Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoes

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If your gift recipient enjoys fusing fitness with their outdoor experience, these trail running shoes from Nike are fantastic. They’re not only super comfortable but have been carefully designed to deliver a safe, slip-proof running experience, and they’re durable enough to last for years of trail trotting. They also look great to boot.

Yeti Crossroads 22L Commuter

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Yeti has become renowned for making some of the best outdoor gear money can buy, and this compact backpack is the perfect representation of why. Ultra-tough and uber-comfortable, it’s the perfect pack for a day hike. It also features smart elements like a reversed flip top and carabiner clips to up its functionality.

Deuter Futura Air Trek 60+10

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If the intended outdoor adventurer requires a larger backpack, it’s hard to do better than the Futura Air Trek. Deuter is known for making light, comfortable, highly functional packs that deliver a truly superior backpacking experience. Thanks to its adjustable lid, the Futura Air can be cinched down to become more compact for shorter trips, or expanded to provide the carrying capacity needed for long treks.

Cotopaxi Fuego Down Hooded Jacket

man wearing a fuego jacket.
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This is a great jacket, period. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s super comfortable, warm enough to kill the chill, yet light enough to be warm when the chill is only moderate. As an added bonus, it packs down to a tiny size making it easy to bring along.

Sylvansport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag

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In a world where most sleeping bags tend to be more or less the same, the Cloud Layer stands out thanks to its soft, warm, multilayer design. With several removable layers, it will keep a sleeper cozy while camping in the cold of winter or can be stripped down to provide comfort in warmer summer weather.

The Get Out Lite Bell Tent

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If your favorite outdoorsman could use a new base camp, this expansive bell tent from the Get Out is perfect. At thirteen feet in diameter and eight feet tall, it’s plenty spacious. It also features a lantern ring on the central pole and comes in an array of unique colors.

UCO Rechargeable Arc Lighter and LED Flashlight

A black UCO Rechargeable Arc Lighter and LED Flashlight on white background.
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For a more compact, affordable gift, this nifty tool from UCO is ideal. Not only is it a powerful flashlight, but it doubles in function as an electric-powered arc lighter. And there’s no need for batteries, as it charges quickly via USB.

Eureka! Gonzo Grill Cook System

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This is an outstanding gift for any outdoor chef. Capable of functioning as either a grill, griddle, or stove, it can deliver on virtually any outdoor cooking needs. It also has a JetLink Output Port that makes it easy to connect to multiple stoves and grills, allowing them to all be powered by the same fuel source.

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