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What to Wear Hiking: Menswear That Works On and Off the Trail

What to wear camping

Hitting the trail is no laughing matter, and if you’re not prepared properly, you might be in a world of trouble. As dramatic as that might seem, you really do need the best hiking gear from head to toe, and it helps if those hiking gear picks are a little bit stylish, too. Think of it as the ultimate blend of form and function, from your favorite hiking socks (comfortable and designed to keep you moving) to the best hiking boots.

What we really mean to say is that you shouldn’t cut corners in matters of form or function, be it on a solo hike or a group outing. Winding trails, rocky paths, and more are no match when you’ve equipped yourself with gear that goes the distance and looks great in the process. Picks that you might have viewed as an afterthought before (like your socks) are going to prove critical in keeping you on your feet comfortably and stylishly. These are some of our top picks for what to wear hiking.

Best Lightweight Hiking Shirt: Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt

Filson’s shirts are as well-made as the brand’s famed, rugged bags, and we really mean that. The Feather Cloth they’ve used here is light and airy, all the better to shield you from the sun and keep you cool. Plus, it helps that this shirt won’t look out of place off the trail, back in town as you grab a cold beer after a long day in the great outdoors.

Best Hiking Pants: Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Slim Pants

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants
Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer’s history certainly precedes itself. The brand, after all, was put to the test after its founding by real-life explorers in extreme conditions. They’ve translated that knowledge and know-how into a pair of effective, mobile, and lightweight hiking pants designed for plenty of trail time.

Best Base Layer: Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Shirt

Patagonia Capilene Daily Cool Shirt

Patagonia’s ultra-lightweight, jersey blend T-shirt is designed to dry quickly and provide sun protection while also blocking odors. It’s also made with a special, natural fabric softener that’ll feel great against your skin. Wear it on its own or layer it under your Filson shirt when it gets breezy on the trail.

Best Hiking Boots: Danner Mountain Pass Boots

Danner Mountain Pass Boots

The best hiking boots on the market stand out in a crowded field, literally and figuratively. Danner has gone the extra mile with the legendary and downright tough Mountain Pass Boots, which could be the last pair of hiking boots you’ll buy for years and years.

Best Hiking Socks to Wear All Day Long: Arvin Goods Crew Socks

Arvin Goods Crew Socks

Socks that you’re going to be wearing for hours on end have to check off more than a few boxes, and it helps if comfort and a durable build are a top priority. The Arvin Goods Crew Socks meet those crucial criteria handily, and it also helps that these are as sustainably made as any socks or gear on the market.

Best Boxer Briefs to Keep You Cool on the Trail: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Coolzone Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom Men's Coolzone Boxer Briefs

Listen, under the sun, you’re bound to get hot. But you can minimize the potential for overheating with some seriously breathable boxer briefs designed for ease of movement in hot weather.

Best Hiking Sunglasses: Smith Basecamp ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses

Basecamp ChromaPop Sunglasses

With a bold, squared-off design and sporty, polarized lenses, these hard-wearing sunglasses will provide plenty of visibility and color contrast for hours on the trail. Plus, you can wear them back in town no matter the season, too.

Best Backpack for Hiking: Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack
Peak Design

The jam-packed Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a fan favorite for a reason, daring to go where backpacks haven’t gone before. In this case, that means it’s made with durable MagLatch hardware, weatherproof zippers, and FlexFold dividers to customize your packing setup. If it seems like they’ve thought of everything, believe us, they really have.

Best Hat for Hiking: REI Co-Op Out the Door Hat 

REI Co-Op Out The Door Hat

Grab and go with this simple, subtly stylish hat, made by a brand that knows a thing or two about outfitting people for the great outdoors. You’ll shield your face from the sun, and you’ll have successfully purchased a hat you can wear with anything, even when not hiking.

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