The Best Backpacks for Men, from Daypacks to Commuter Bags

Whether you’re on the prowl for a great hiking pack or looking for something sleek to carry to work, we’ve got you covered with the absolute best backpacks on the market right now. They’re functional yet stylish, contemporary, and outfitted with all the traditional features you’ve come to expect (and love) from this classic accessory.

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The Best Backpacks for Men

Hex Wet/Dry Surf Backpack
Wet/Dry Surf Backpack from Hex Terra

If you’re looking for a super versatile pack, look no further than the Wet/Dry Surf Backpack from Hex Terra. As the name implies, this baby is completely waterproof, which means it’s the ideal partner for a day at the beach. Plus, its insulated side pockets don’t only offer extra storage, but also function as mini-coolers.

Michael Kors Aiden Leather Backpack
Aiden Leather Backpack from Michael Kors

For something a little more stylish, consider this contemporary satchel from Michael Kors. Outfitted with contrasting panels of premium leather, this is where the everyday meets high fashion and could be a fantastic option for those trend-setters in the bunch. Multiple pockets and a convenient roll-up top also make this an incredibly functional piece.

Topo Designs Core Pack
Topo Designs Core Pack

The Core Pack from Topo Designs is a great everyday work bag, as it combines a sleek aesthetic with a bevy of pragmatic features, such as a padded laptop pocket and a roomy main compartment. Available in a fun array of colors, this could be an awesome go-to for the guy in search of the perfect commuter companion.

Peak Designs Travel Backpack
Peak Designs Travel Backpack

In need of a new carry-on backpack? Then the Travel Backpack from Peak Designs might just be the product for you. Featuring top, side, front, and rear access points, a recycled weatherproof canvas exterior, and a 45L storage capacity, this bad boy was built for heavy-duty adventuring.

Mack Weldon Convertible Backpack
Convertible Backpack from Mack Weldon

For those fellas who like the idea of a backpack, but want to roll into the office with a messenger bag around their shoulder, this convertible option from Mack Weldon could be a real winner. With the aid of easy-to-attach smart straps, this pack can transform seamlessly from a backpack to a briefcase to a messenger bag and back again. It also happens to have a huge interior compartment and tons of pockets.

Osprey Aether AG 70 Pack
Aether Pack from Osprey

No backpack round-up would be complete without an awesome hiking pack, and this one from Osprey takes the cake. Built with the brand’s anti-gravity technology (basically a suspended panel of mesh across the back for optimized comfort), the Aether AG 70 is lightweight yet can handle up to 60 lbs of cargo.

Mystery Ranch In & Out Pack
Mystery Ranch In & Out Pack

This self-stuffing daypack is the ideal companion for day hikes and other low-impact outdoor activities. Designed with breathability in mind, this 19 L bag is super sleek and won’t put too much strain on your shoulders or back while you’re trekking.

WP Standard Roll Top Backpack
Roll Top Backpack from WP Standard

If you’re on the prowl for something slightly more sophisticated, take a peek at the Roll Top Backpack from WP Standard. While it’s as practical as any other bag on this list, there’s no denying its exterior of warm chocolate leather combined with elegant strap detailing make this pack a knockout in the aesthetics department.

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