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What to Wear to a New Year’s Eve Party

Is there a holiday more well-suited to looking your best than New Year’s Eve? It’s the close of one year and the first step into the next, complete with fanfare, good company, and perhaps, some responsible imbibing, all rolled into one. And with the return of New Year’s Eve gatherings in (mostly) full swing, we’re of the opinion that it’s never a bad idea to step your game up a notch.

By that, we mean that what you wear to a New Year’s Eve party should reflect the occasion appropriately. While there are any number of ways to customize your experience ringing in the new year, our guide is going to show you how to dress for New Year’s Eve in a suitably tailored style. After all, it seems like most NYE gatherings these days tend to lean more tailored and sharp, so that’s how you should dress, from one of the best men’s blazers to other crisp picks. Find the right pieces with the right fit, and you’ll be all set to close out the new year the right way: In style, dressed your best, and looking forward to the future. We’ll raise a toast to that.

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SuitSupply Dark Grey Havana Suit

Best men's suit for New Year's Eve

Here’s the thing about suiting up for New Year’s Eve, especially at an exclusive party or club: It can be customized to your surroundings based on how you style it. Wear this handsome, refined suit in a winter-friendly shade with a turtleneck for a classic-yet-fresh look, or team it with a crisp shirt and tie for a straightforward style move. SuitSupply’s offerings are nicely tailored and ideal off the rack (or custom).

Mizzen + Main Leeward Dress Shirt

Best men's dress shirt to shop now

We mentioned above that you can customize your suit accordingly, but here’s a pick that’ll work for any situation: A clean and tailored white dress shirt, made with stretch for ease of movement and breathability.

The Tie Bar Knitted Blue Tie

Best knit tie for men to buy now.
The Tie Bar

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to the neckwear you can break out on New Year’s Eve. But for our money’s worth, we think you should pick up a tie you can wear reliably the rest of the year, one that’s timeless and essential: The navy knit tie.

Uppercut Deluxe Hair Pomade

Best men's hair pomade.
Uppercut Deluxe

Now, this is less of a recommendation of what to wear, and more a recommendation on, well, how to wear your hair. A tailored look requires a more tailored appearance if you’ve got hair that’s shorter in length (think of the side parts or crisp cuts favored by Daniel Craig or Leonardo DiCaprio). So, since the rest of your look is on-point, make sure your hair follows with a strong-hold, high-shine pomade.

J. Crew Ludlow Topcoat in Wool-Cashmere

Best men's topcoat for winter.
J. Crew

The right accessories make a world of difference in pulling an outfit together, and this sharply designed topcoat provides a dressy finish to a suitably dressy look. Plus, you can wear it for the rest of winter with ease.

Thursday Boots Legend Chelsea Boots

Best men's Chelsea boots.
Thursday Boot Company

Navigating slippery winter streets can be tricky, especially when dressed to the nines. These durable Chelsea boots provide excellent traction and yet perfectly round out that sharp-as-can-be “suited and booted” look.

Shinola Runwell Automatic Watch

Best men's leather dress watch

Every ensemble that features your best suit, topcoat, and Chelsea boots needs a watch that can hold its own. Luckily, this Shinola watch is at once refined and yet eye-catching enough to team with a timeless New Year’s Eve look.

Dents Leather Gloves

Best leather gloves for men.

For zipping across town while keeping your digits warm, reach for some iconic leather gloves that even Steve McQueen would approve of, and rest easy knowing that they’re dressy enough to work as a key accessory alongside the rest of this ensemble.

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