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Cabana Camper Vans Teams Up with Eddie Bauer for the Ultimate Adventure

Cabana Vans and Eddie Bauer.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Looking for adventure made simple? Cabana is the solution. Cabana offers a new experience for travelers: luxury comfort and the freedom of mobility. The company has designed and built a fleet of upscale custom-made mobile hotel rooms to give travelers the freedom to travel and sleep where they want and when they want. Cabana’s tech-enabled lodging combined with personalized trip planning provides flexible, convenient travel so that guests can focus on the journey and the people they are with.

Cabana Camper Vans x Eddie Bauer

Inside Cabana camper van.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Cabana camper van rental company and iconic outdoor brand, Eddie Bauer, have partnered to provide a unique experience to explore the Pacific Northwest. The collaboration features an Eddie Bauer takeover of five Cabanas, outfitted with Eddie Bauer bedding, gear and accessories. Through the partnership, Cabana guests can also rent gear from Eddie Bauer, to make sure they have the technical apparel and gear for their adventures. Cabana’s efficient design allows for three to five days off-grid without maintenance and via Eddie Bauer’s Rental program, customers will have access to technical apparel and gear at affordable prices.

Every Eddie Bauer Cabana is decked out with:

• Eddie Bauer Bedding (including Eddie Bauer’s softest Oversized Down Throw)
• Linens
• Cozy Blankets
Camping Lantern
• Stanley French Press
• Adventure Mugs
• Portable Cornhole
• Ringtoss
• Camp Table
• Tote

Eddie Bauer and cabana accessories.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

What always comes in your Cabana

• Queen sized bed
• Toilet
• Shower
• Slide-out kitchen
• Indoor sink
• Heater and ceiling fan
• Wi-Fi

What’s it Like?

Cabana pull out grill.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Cabana’s fleet of mobile hotels has a consistent design, so you know exactly what you’re getting. The Cabana seats and sleeps two. It has two seats with seat belts (the driver’s seat and one passenger), and a queen size bed. When parked, four people can fit in the van comfortably. Only two people are permitted when driving the vehicle.

With Cabana, you can stay in tent or RV campsites that fit a 20-foot vehicle. In certain areas like national forests, Bureau of Land Management land, and even some city streets, you are able to pull off the road and spend the night where you would like. With necessities like the shower and toilet included, traditional campground amenities are not needed.

Cabana camper van showers.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

All vans are equipped with a kitchen, which includes a two-burner stove, an outdoor sink, one pot, one pan, one spatula, one cooking spoon, two bamboo cutlery sets, two palm leaf plates, and two bowls. Cooking oil and seasoning packets for about two meals are included to get you started.

The Cabana has a backup camera and fits in a regular parking spot for your ease. Cabanas get 19 miles per gallon on the highway and do not need to be plugged into shore power to charge. PS – They also offer unlimited miles for free!

Want to bring your furry best friend along? There is a $100 pet fee to cover the additional cleaning required after four-legged passengers travel. To make travel even more comfortable for your furry friend, guests have the option of adding the Dog Kit to your booking at checkout.

Plan Your Adventure

Book, plan, and start your trip from your phone. Take their travel quiz and let Cabana customize your route, complete with campsites and can’t-miss views. Cabana Concierge, a trip planning service, provides personalized itineraries complete with campsite bookings, route planning, and activity recommendations.

Cabana camper van view.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Eddie Bauer Cabanas can only be rented from Cabana’s Seattle location and is $50 more per night than the standard Cabana rental. All Cabana pricing is dynamic, so please reference the booking page for exact prices for the dates you’re traveling.

The Eddie Bauer Cabanas are now available for rent at Simply select Eddie Bauer Cabanas in the Booking drop-down menu, enter the dates you want to travel, and complete the standard check-out process. When it’s time to take your trip, use the Cabana App to unlock your Eddie Bauer Cabana and hit the road.

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