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This luxe, high-roof camper van is like a Parisian micro-apartment on wheels

With a high roof line and clever convertible bed setup, this camper van sleeps four adults comfortably

Man stepping out of a Noovo Plus camper van parked near the beach.

Another week, another new camper van model to seduce you into trading all your earthly belongings for a free-wheelin’ life on the open road. There are so many new van life-worthy camper vans on the market these days that it’s damn hard to tell them apart. But the all-new Noovo Plus has one trick up its sleeve—er, roof—that truly sets it apart.

Get the full details on the new Noovo Plus camper van

Interior of the Noovo Plus high-roof camper van.

The Noovo Plus joins two other camper vans—the Noovo Lite and Noovo Pop—as the flagship model in Noovo’s lineup. What sets it apart from its more affordable brethren is its ultra-high roof profile. Built on the Super High Roof Platform, the Plus is purpose-built to offer a full seven feet of headroom. This provides for a more open and comfy interior (especially for taller travelers) and, more importantly, makes room for an electric lift bed mounted above the rear living quarters. At night, the queen bed lowers from the ceiling at the press of a button; by day, it rises out of the way just as easily. Along with the convertible sofa bed underneath, this camper van can sleep and transport four adults comfortably.

High roofline and fancy bed setup aside, the Noovo Plus boasts a swanky, Euro-inspired design that feels like a miniature Parisian apartment. The aesthetic leans heavily on pale wood and curved lines and corners throughout the cabin, lending to a high-end “boho chic” look and feel. It’s a clear step above the thousands of “me-too” DIY campers found in the van life social media sphere today. Mood lighting, tastefully integrated tech features, and premium finishes all add to the upscale vibe.

The utility system was built from the ground up to be off-grid-ready. A 660Ah lithium battery bank (expandable up to a whopping 1320Ah) pairs with a 400-watt solar panel array for virtually unlimited power anytime, anywhere. It’s capable of running the coach’s 12V refrigerator, induction cooktop, onboard water heater, and all of its power ports to keep your favorite gadgets topped up. The water system pairs a 40-gallon freshwater tank with a 40-gallon grey water holding tank. The combination allows for days of potable water, cooking, dishwashing, and even showering in the full indoor bathroom. Plus, a full climate control setup complete with air conditioning and heat makes the Noovo Plus a true year-round camper van.

Build your own Noovo Plus high-roof camper van

Convertible dinette sofa inside the Noovo Plus camper van.

The Noovo Plus camper van starts at $178,000, but ticking all of the available option boxes (and, believe us, you’ll want to) pushes the all-in price significantly higher. The company expects its first deliveries in Q3 of 2024 with a very limited production run. That leaves you plenty of time to sell off most of your belongings and trade in your studio apartment for the van life you’ve been daydreaming about for the last five years.

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