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This van life camper van sleeps 8, goes everywhere, and you can rent it for less than a hotel would cost

Explore the best of the U.S. in these custom-built, four-wheel-drive, go-anywhere rigs

Moterra Campervan rental parked in a Utah National Park campsite.
Moterra Campervans

The quintessential image of modern van life is one of unbridled freedom, of taking to the open road, of living on your terms and going whichever the wind takes you. While that can be pretty accurate, actually living the van life can also be expensive. There’s buying the van, the time and investment required for building it out, and, of course, the looming cost of repairs, which can seriously add up. But what if you could have all the fun of van living without the expense and hassle of actually owning a campervan? That’s where comes in.

Family on a ski vacation sitting in a Moterra Campervan rental van.

Here’s the low-down on Moterra Campervans

Moterra Campervans is a rental agency offering short-term campervan rentals in the United States. These aren’t your old-school Westfalias (no disrespect intended) but high-end, late-model, four-wheel-drive, van life-worthy rigs ready to take you just about anywhere. Picture your next vacation: Trading in your typical hotel room and boring rental sedan for a go-anywhere van life rig purpose-built for exploration.

It’s the perfect way to drive to, around, and stay in some of the best destinations in the United States. Think Yellowstone National Park, the Pacific Northwest, Utah’s “Mighty 5,” California wine country, the Atlantic coast in Maine and Eastern Canada. You get the gist. The best part? It’s almost definitely cheaper than having to pay for that hotel and rental car combined. Plus, you’ll never pay for pesky things like oil changes and costly vehicle repairs.

Side view of a High Roof rental van from Moterra Campervans.
Moterra Campervans

What types of campervans can I rent through Moterra?

Moterra keeps it simple with . The Pop Top Classic is Moterra’s entry-level van life van that seats five adults but sleeps four. It’s the option for those who want only the essentials with maximum storage and floor space. The Pop Top Plus is a step up perfect for larger families or groups with enough room to sit eight but sleep four. Moterra’s flagship rig is The High Roof: A high-top campervan that seats six but sleeps two. It’s ideal for couples looking for more room to stretch their legs and a bit more luxury (like a shower).

All are built on the legendary Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform with a boatload of comfort features and tech conveniences, like Bluetooth audio, cruise control, and touchscreen navigation. Backup cameras, blind spot sensors, and lane-assist technology are standard, too. Plus, they’re ultra-compact at just 19 feet long, making navigating even the tightest National Park roads a breeze. That’s even small enough to park in a standard campsite, including tent sites!

Interior of a Moterra Campervans pop-top rental van.
Moterra Campervans

Every Moterra van comes well-equipped before you even start ticking the available add-on boxes. First and foremost, let’s be honest, the most important is a custom solar system with a separate auxiliary battery to keep all your gadgets humming along while on the road. Sleep essentials like cozy sleeping bags, comforters, deluxe pillows, and even fuzzy campfire-friendly blankets are all included. Moterra also throws in cookware — everything from pots and dishes to a French press and insulated coffee mugs — and cleaning products, like paper towels, dish soap, and RV-friendly toilet paper.

But they truly think of everything by adding on nice-to-haves, including camp chairs, inflatable solar lights, and marshmallow roasting sticks, too. It’s all more than enough for a week or longer on the road. And, if it isn’t, Moterra has a , so you can dial in your perfect camping trip with ski equipment, GoPro cameras (with a professional post-trip video editing package), bike racks, Yeti coolers, portable awnings, and—well, you get the gist.

Bed and rear sleeping quarters of a Moterra Campervans rental van.
Moterra Campervans

Where can I rent a Moterra campervan?

Like many of the best campervan rental agencies, in the western United States. That includes San Francisco and Las Vegas, plus a Pacific Northwest outpost in Seattle. Salt Lake City, Whitefish, Montana, and Jackson, Wyoming, are three other great options that put renters just a short drive from some of the best U.S. National Parks. Somewhat surprisingly, there’s even a location in Portland, Maine, for those looking to explore New England and Eastern Canada. Whichever destination you choose, Moterra has tons of itinerary recommendations of where to go and what to see. So, there’s zero chance you’ll get bored.

Woman hanging out of a Moterra Campervans rental van at a Utah National Park.
Moterra Campervans

How much does a Moterra campervan rental cost?

Rental costs vary by location, time of year, and the particular model you choose. The most affordable off-season rates we found were around $250 per night for a pop-top, 4×4 campervan that sleeps four. For something a little better outfitted, Moterra offers high-roof 4×4 campervans with off-season rates closer to $300. Plan on an extra $100 per night for most rentals during peak season (usually late spring through early fall), plus insurance. The real fun starts with the long list of available options, so you can fully kit out your rental with Starlink internet, a complete mobile GoPro studio, ski packages, and more. Done right, there’s a good chance you’ll be living better in your Moterra rental than you do back home!

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