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Best Heated Clothing for Your Cold-Weather Adventures

man standing next to a snowmobile on a snow covered hill.

Whether you’re a cross-country skier, a cold-weather hiker, or a die-hard kayaker, keeping warm while winter adventuring can be challenging. The proper layering technique is a good skill to cultivate, of course. But, if you tend to “run cold” or often venture out into the extreme cold, you might need a little something more. Like all things these days, technology has the answer. Today’s heated clothing provides ultra-portable heating — usually battery-powered — for constant, all-day warmth, no matter how far off-trail you’re planning to venture. These are our picks for the best heated clothing for your cold-weather adventures in 2022.

eWool Pro+ Heated Vest

man wearing the eWool Pro+ Heated Vest.

A good vest is a must-have in any active man’s gear closet. Designed to insulate your body’s core, it’s the perfect mid-layer garment. eWool takes it to the next level with the eWool Pro+ Heated Vest. The thin, streamlined design fits snugly against the body under any jacket without adding unnecessary bulk. On its highest setting, heated fibers woven tightly throughout the vest provide 42 watts of power — five times more than any other vest on the market. The battery removes easily for fast-charging, or the vest can be hooked directly to the 12V outlet on a motorcycle or snowmobile while riding.

Gobi Vertex Heated Gloves

image of Gobi's Vertex Heated Gloves.

Using your hands in frigid winter weather can be challenging, even downright painful. Gobi’s Vertex Heated Gloves aim to tackle that problem by combining a beefy weather-resistant ski glove with a battery-powered heating element. Steel fibers are woven throughout the gloves, right down to the fingertips, ensuring your digits are always toasty and ready to work. An oversized rubber button allows you to dial in the exact level of heat you need. On low, the batteries provide up to six hours of heat — plenty for most day hikes or midday adventures.

ActionHeat Wool 3.7V Rechargeable Heated Socks 2.0

image of two ActionHeat Wool 3.7V Rechargeable Heated Socks 2.0.

Toes and feet aren’t much good in the winter if you can’t feel them. ActionHeat’s Wool Rechargeable Heated Socks 2.0 is the company’s next-generation battery-powered socks. Electric panels on the tops of the toes deliver up to seven hours of heat on a single charge. The built-in batteries slot neatly into a pouch at the top of each sock, ensuring they don’t get in the way. Plus, the included remote allows for dialing in your preferred heat setting with the press of a button.

Proof Volt Heated Jacket

Proof's Volt Heated Jacket displayed in green.

Proof’s Volt Jacket is an amazing winter jacket in its own right. The soft-down insulation and stretch nylon shell with a DWR coating makes it an ideal choice for most outdoor adventures. But, built-in battery-powered heating elements ratchet up the cool factor. Just connect your own battery pack (up to 10,000mAh), and it’ll provide warm, even heat through three panels — two in the chest and one in the back — for up to eight hours in freezing temperatures.

Sunwill Heated Balaclava

picture of Sunwill's Heated Balaclava showing how it heats your head.

No piece of clothing is more essential for keeping warm than a good head covering. Sunwill’s Heated Balaclava blankets your head, neck, and face with a soft, weather-resistant mask. Battery-powered heating panels on either side of the head provide constant warmth for up to six hours on high or eight hours on low. It’s the perfect accompaniment to riding, snowshoeing, or hiking in the winter. Plus, the ninja aesthetic looks pretty badass to boot.

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

image of Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles with charging cords and battery pack.

Keeping the soles of your feet toasty can make all the difference when you’re adventuring outdoors in the winter. Thermrup’s Electric Heated Insoles slide easily into most winter and hiking boots to fill your footwear with toasty infrared heat. Four heat levels are selectable with a lithium-ion battery that’s designed to keep your feet warm for up to six hours. The built-in wiring is strategically placed to allow for easy cutting, so you can dial in your exact shoe size.

HotHands Heated Fleece Neck Gaiter

man wearing HotHands Heated Fleece Neck Gaiter.

Of course, you can’t always rely on technology. Batteries don’t last forever, and electronics have a funny way of failing in foul weather. HotHands keeps things simple with its Heated Fleece Neck Gaiter. It’s an ultra-soft, fleece neck gaiter that’s versatile enough to cover your nose and most of your face when the weather gets seriously chilly. Built-in ear pockets hold dual HotHands Warmers for all-day heat for up to 10 hours.

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