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Gear up for the slopes this winter with the best ski and snowboard pants

Your ski runs demand the right outerwear, including a solid pair of snow pants

Mike Richard
Mike Richard has traveled the world since 2008. He's kayaked in Antarctica, tracked endangered African wild dogs in South…
Step into comfort with the best ski boots of 2023
Ski boots are your first big purchase as a skier, so make sure you get it right
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The 5 best all-around snowboards you can buy in 2023
Your guide to the best one-stop-shop in the snowboarding world
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Most snowboarders dream of having a whole fleet of snowboards — a slew of choices to choose from daily. You would flick through them like a vinyl enthusiast trying to find their vintage Hendrix, choosing the right choice to absolutely shred whether it's a powder day, a day for cruising the resort, or if you've decided you're going to try your hand at being a park rat.

But what happens when you turn up to the resort and find that conditions aren't what was forecast? There's powder when there shouldn't be, or that groomer has the perfect corduroy, and your carving machine is at home? What you need is a quiver killer. These snowboards eschew categorization and cross boundaries so you can ride any terrain. Unlike the best all-mountain snowboards, which are your daily drivers, these quiver killers are your best snowboards for the one-board man this winter.

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Get the best snowboard boots for comfortable connection
These snowboard boots will keep you in control on the mountain all day long
Person snowboarding down a mountain with a wake of snow behind them

Your snowboard boots are a vital link in the chain that connects your body to your snowboard. But more than that, they're where your feet will be for hours at a time when you're on the slopes. If you've moved on from rental boots already, you will know that having your own boots not only keeps you more comfortable throughout a day of snowboarding but also keeps your feet warmer and drier and gives you much greater control over your snowboard.

But when picking your perfect snowboarding boots, there's more to it than just finding a pair that looks great and fits your feet. Different boots suit different snowboarders. If you're a hard-charging carver, you'll need a pair of boots to match. Likewise, if you love sending spins and tricks, you need a softer and more playful pair of snowboard boots. We've picked out the best boots for various snowboarders this winter, so you can spend more time on the mountain and less time finding the perfect snowboard gear.

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