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Beauer 3X trailer

Beauer 3X Camping Trailer Expands From Pod to Palace in Just 20 Seconds

Meet the Beauer 3X camping trailer, a compact, towable camping pod that expands to three times its size. Towing the Beauer 3X on cross-country adventures means no more cramping (cramped camping) in small trailers and no maneuvering massive gas-guzzling RVs.
snow peak way 2018

Camp, Fish, and Actually Talk to Humans at Snow Peak Way 2022

How long has it been since you last got the recommended dose of nature bathing and happy hour around the campfire? Probably too long. Snow Peak can help.
kammok mantis hammock

Kammok Says This Is the Ultimate Ultralight Backpacking Hammock

In their endless striving for lighter and lighter setups, some ounce-counting backpackers (without sore backs) have picked up hammocks as lightweights shelters that pack down small. Kammok's new Mantis is an all-in-one hammock system that could replace your backpacking tent.
somewear global hotspot

You Can Literally Text from the North Pole with Somewear Global Hotspot

No matter how far you choose to explore — the Rocky Mountains, the middle of the ocean, even the North Pole — Somewear Global Hotspot has you covered. It's the perfect lifeline for off-grid connectivity, promising text messaging, location sharing, weather updates, and access to emergency services.
camping beer accessories with getty images

Backcountry Brews: Essential Beer Accessories for Your Next Camping Trip

Take wilderness exploration to the next level with these beer accessories ready-made for your camping adventures, from growlers to chillers.

This Tent Is Part Treehouse, Part SUP Board, and All Awesome

The latest creation from Tenstile, an innovative outdoor brand best-known for tents that can be suspended from trees, is a tent capable for use in the air, on the ground, and on water. The new Tentsile Universe is now available for pre-order.
pugvan camper van module plugvan exterior

PlugVan Converts Most Vans Into Full-Fledged Campers in 5 Minutes

Traditional campers and travel trailers can be prohibitively expensive both to buy and to maintain. PlugVan is a unique plug-and-play module designed to literally “plug” into a variety of stock work vans, converting them into full-fledged campervans in less than 10 minutes.
bm the north face futurelight camper trailer concept bmw and collab 1

The North Face and BMW Team Up for Revolutionary Futurelight Camper Concept

At CES 2019, BMW Group’s subsidiary, Designworks, debuted the state-of-the-art Futurelight Camper that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. The concept features new fabric technology from The North Face, dubbed Futurelight.
flask cocktails cocktail hiking camping couple

Your Guide to Perfectly Portable Flask Cocktails

Flask cocktails are a great way to up your game when hiking, camping, or just going to a place where you'll need a little nip.
nestbox turns your suv into an off grid camper in minutes nest gal7 1200x800 q75

Nestbox Turns Your SUV Into an Off-Grid Camper in Minutes

Sleeping in your car is never quite as cushy as overnighting in a decked-out RV or travel trailer. Egoé is looking to deliver that same experience to SUV owners with Nestbox, a clever camping kit “insert” that transforms a wide variety of automobiles into full-featured travel trailers in minutes.

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Helle Knives and Their Uses

Whether you need a blade for fishing, whittling, or camping, Helle has it. The Norwegian brand helps us make an educated decision on the best knife for different activities.
snow peak fire resistant collection clothes hero image

Snow Peak’s New Fire Resistant Outerwear Will Save You From Sparks

Enjoy winter campfires without getting burned with Snow Peak's new collection that is fire resistant, meaning you'll never lose a jacket to a stray spark again.
rent camping backpacking gear with campcrate outdoors

New to Nature? Start Backpacking and Camping with Rental Gear from CampCrate

How do you plan for a backpacking trip in Yosemite when you have no gear? Simply rent what you need from CampCrate and ship it back when you're done. Founders Chad Lawver and Mason Gravley want to make it as easy as possible for beginners to go backpacking.
going off the grid checklist essentials gear man living in wild

Going off the Grid? You’ll Need These Essentials

Whether you're saying goodbye to society for a month-long campout or an indefinite plunge into the wild, going off the grid requires careful planning and preparation. If you're going off the grid, you'll need the gear on this list to make your new life safe, sustainable, and maybe even pleasurable.
Lodge Cook It All 2

Lodge Wants You to Cook It All In Cast Iron on Your Next Camping Trip

The Lodge Cook-It-All is the latest cast iron cookware made for your outdoor culinary pursuits. It boasts five different campfire-ready configurations.
nanopresso portable espresso machine 3

Nanopresso is the Go-Anywhere Personal Espresso Machine You Need Now

Sometimes you just need a shot of espresso. Whether you're on an epic road trip miles from the nearest Starbucks or trekking the backcountry miles from anything, the Nanopresso personal, portable espresso machine is the answer to your espresso addict prayers.
autocamp yosemite

Camp Yosemite Like a Gentleman at AutoCamp’s Newest Airstream-centric Outpost

AutoCamp combines all the amenities of an upscale boutique hotel with the joys of a traditional camping experience. We’ve long been fans of their first two California locations in Santa Barbara and Russian River. Now, they’re slated to debut a third — their largest, most remote, and most beautiful yet.
ark shelter into the wild tiny cabin 3

Into the Wild is a Tiny Cabin that Let’s You Edit Your Views of the Forest

Into the Wild is a unique concept that turns the simple shelter into an immersive experience through sliding panels, allowing you to choose your view of the landscape.
conestoga wagon

You Can ‘Glamp’ Like a Pioneer in an Oregon Trail-Style Covered Wagon

The iconic Oregon Trail video game opened many a child’s eye to the wonders of the pioneering days. Now, California's Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodging is recapturing that same spirit of exploration with a unique glamping experience complete with Conestoga wagons.
outdoor jackets hanging dry

How to Winterize Your Camping Gear: Tips for Cleaning and Storing Equipment

There’s nothing worse than getting stoked for a trip and pulling out rotten tents, sleeping bags, or hiking boots. Here's how to clean and store camping gear so you can actually use it when the warmer seasons comes.
opinel nomad kit knife set peeler 1

Opinel Nomad Kit Offers the World’s First Fold-Out Vegetable Peeler

Opinel, the venerable French knife manufacturer, has just released its latest innovation in the everyday carry world as part of the brand's recent Nomad Kit: a fold-out vegetable peeler. Yes, gentleman, this may, in fact, be a world first.
gauley river rafting 5 edited

White Water Rafting the Rapids of the Gauley River in West Virginia

Every fall the Summersville Dam in West Virginia opens up and churns out some of the best whitewater rapids. It's officially Gauley River rafting season.
honest camper

Honest Camper Keeps Van Life Real with Simple Overlanding Rentals

The charm of roughing it makes Honest Camper one of the more awesome overland tour services. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, this company does one thing and does it supremely right: camper vans, ready for a weekend adventure or a cross-country road trip.
tepui rooftop tents

Tepui’s Latest Rooftop Tents and Gear Are Raising the Bar on Outdoor Adventuring

From rooftop tents to portable kitchens, Tepui's latest outdoor gear makes spontaneous camping easier than ever. Here's a sneak peek at the new additions coming to the lineup in fall 2018 and spring 2019.
biolite firepit

The BioLite FirePit is a Portable Fire Pit That Doubles As a Grill

BioLite's latest camp-friendly creation, the BioLite FirePit, is finally available after months of waiting. With the ability to charge up your electronics and keep wood burning near smoke-free for 24 hours, this little FirePit is the camping stove of your dreams.
ESCAPE Tiny House

Travel All Over Without Ever Leaving Home in an ESCAPE Tiny House

The view from your windows can get a bit boring, but the comforts of home are always welcome — so why not keep the home but change the scenery? ESCAPE crafts luxurious, eco-friendly homes you can take anywhere and a new option comes with a porch.
Harvest Hosts

Camp for (Almost) Free at Breweries, Vineyards, and Farms with Harvest Hosts

Travel is all about the sharing economy. Airbnb popularized the idea of crashing at a stranger’s house and numerous spin-offs have taken the concept even further. Harvest Hosts is reinventing it again by inviting travelers to stay at vineyards, breweries, and farms around the country for almost free.
outdoor retailer summer market 2018 winter awards feature

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2018: The Best Gear of the Year

Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2018 descended upon Denver, Colorado in July, providing brands the opportunity to showcase the best new gear, tech, and clothes for the upcoming sports seasons. We found five brands and products that truly stood out and awarded each "Best in Show."
otterbox yampa dry bag duffel

Otterbox’s New Dry Bag Duffels Keep All Your Gear Safe and Dry

As with its other products, Otterbox has built the Yampa Dry Bag Duffel line to protect your bag's contents not only from water with its waterproof sealed seams and zipper, along with waterproof TPU-coated nylon and textured base, but the Yampa duffel also protects your gear from drops and blows.
Snow Peak 60

Snow Peak Celebrates 60 Years of Making Products that Last a Lifetime

Venerable Japanese outdoor outfitter Snow Peak celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Take some time to learn more about a company that will make the only camping mug you'll ever need (among other outdoor essentials).
snow peak iron grill table slim 102517 wc alvord desert001

Snow Peak Launched a Slim Iron Grill Table and We Can’t Wait to Get One

This month, Snow Peak added to their repertoire of outdoor cooking gear, apparel, tents, and famously easy-to-use and convenient iron grill tables, a thinner, lighter (but just as durable and good-looking) Iron Grill Table Slim.
airstream basecamp feature

Let In Just the Right Amount of Nature with the Airstream Basecamp

Using a travel trailer is certainly a different way to camp, and for some, it will always be an artificial experience. For others, light campers like the new Airstream Basecamp are a way to socialize and stay comfortable, so you can indulge in nature for longer. Here's our review.
Copper Spur HV UL 2 mtnGLO Tent Rick Stella

The Best Deals on Big Agnes Tents During the REI Anniversary Sale

Each year beloved outdoor retailer REI offers an anniversary sale to rival all deals. For 2018, there are over 16,000 items discounted by up to 30%. We offer our picks for the best Big Agnes tents for sale this year.

Far Off the Beaten Path: 3 Most Remote National Parks in the United States

Big-name destinations like Grand Canyon and Yosemite may be the most popular, but the the most remote national parks in the United States are lesscrowded and just as awe-inspiring.
combar heavy duty multi tool saw

The Combar Heavy Duty Multi-Tool Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Pocket Knife

A full-size adventure, survival, and safety tool built for durability, the Combar has been engineered to pound metal tent stakes, chop trees, and dig fire pits with ease — and it's available for pre-order on Kickstarter right now.
Cinch Tent Rendering

The World’s Smartest Pop-Up Tent Just Got Smarter

The Cinch tent is one of the first smart tents ever developed. The company, which first launched in 2014, recently scored a considerable amount of crowd-funding via Indigogo: over $404,000, to be exact, which means consumers can expect quite a few improvements to the original design.
survival hackers handbook gear

Survival Hacker’s Handbook: An Enjoyable Read That Just Might Stave Off Death

Among the things I'm hoping I never have to deal with are a grizzly bear attack, an avalanche, and being caught in the middle of a flash flood. But, if any of those things happen, I'll be better prepared to face them thanks to Ted Alvarez's enjoyable, informative new book, The Survival Hacker's Handbook. 
tipoon the travel machine ultra light trailer daciatipoonthetravelmachineminicaravane 2500x1274

Tipoon the Travel Machine is an Expandable Tiny-Home Away from Home

A name like Tipoon the Travel Machine conjures images of yellow submarines and magic school buses, so it may come as a surprise that this playful, almost child-like moniker belongs to a totally streamlined, expandable, tow-behind travel trailer.
yeti bear proof cooler lock

Bear-Proof Cooler Testing: Where Brands Send Prototypes to Be Mauled

Randy Gravatt works at The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, which is where brands like Yeti, Otterbox, and Field & Stream send their coolers to be certified bear-proof. We chat with Gravatt to learn more about the proofing process and what these coolers go through.
finn lough bubble domes 2

Bubble Domes Are the Only Way to Camp in Ireland

The Bubble Domes at Finn Lough Resort offer some of Northern Ireland’s most unique accommodations, far from the maddening crowds of tourist hot sports like Belfast.
what to wear a music festival guys v2

What Guys Should Wear to a Music Festival (That Isn’t Cheesy or Cheap)

Make your next music festival your most stylish yet with our guide to the best clothes and accessories for guys that don't look cheap or cheesy. No mesh shirts or bro-ho fringe, please.
festival camping tips cochella 2018 weekend 1 day 3 getty images

How Best to Fest: Music Festival Camping Tips and Gear

Freedom, great music, and good company are a recipe for one helluva weekend, but you want to make it back alive and intact. Here are some tips on how to camp at a music festival while keeping yourself and your belongings safe and clean in the process.
mack weldon ion weekender feature

Get the Gear: Our Favorite Stuff for Staying Organized and Energized While on the Go

The gear we love right now helps us stay energized and organized while on the go. Satisfy the springtime urge to venture outside for camping, biking, and travel with everything from a multi-tool to a rooftop tent.
tepui tents

Tepui Rooftop Tents Wants to Help Fund Your Next Camping Trip

Tepui, a badass company that makes even more badass rooftop tents, wants to give you money. Enter the Endless Adventure content for your chance to win $2,000-$4,000 and some sweet gear to use on the trip of a lifetime.
outdoorsy rv rental

No RV? No Problem: Outdoorsy Will Help You Follow Your Road Trip Dreams

Outdoorsy is throwing its hat into the sharing economy ring as the “Airbnb of RVs.” No need to buy a pricey recreational vehicle — you can simply rent one. Maybe 2018 is the year to finally realize your great American road trip dreams?
camping music

Campfire Songs: Take This Playlist on Your Next Camping Trip

Camp is set up, the fire is glowing, and you're staring into the flames contemplating the meaning of life. To further augment the experience, fire up this playlist on your portable bluetooth speaker and relax.
biolite sunlight solar powered lantern sun light lifestyle

Meet Your Next Camp Lantern: The Solar-Powered, Extremely Portable Biolite SunLight

After bringing outdoor enthusiasts a fire-powered camp kettle, USB charger, and pizza oven, BioLite has fixed its sights upon harnessing the power of the sun with its latest offering: the solar-powered Biolite SunLight.
camping tent sleeping bag

L.L. Bean and PrimaLoft Unveil New Sleeping Bag Made with NASA-Level Fabric

Heimplanet Mavericks

Camping in Extreme Conditions is Easier with this Inflatable Geodesic Tent

The Heimplanet Mavericks tent touts a geodesic dome design with a quick inflation set-up taking and the ability to withstand winds over 111 miles per hour.
yeti hondo base camp chair

YETI Just Released Its Newest Product and It’s a Camp Chair, Not a Cooler

Taking its first steps into the world of outdoor living, YETI, known for its fantastic coolers, has announced its latest: The Hondo Base Camp Chair.