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Chase McPeak

Chase McPeak

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Chase McPeak is the former Lifestyle Editor. Chase regularly appeared on Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Manual Podcast where he offered advice on style and grooming. He has also appeared on Oregon Public Radio's The Four Top. An avid hiker, outdoorsman, and traveler, Chase has been to 47 of the 50 United States and 11 countries and counting. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Chase’s work.

Man swatting a fly

Check out these 7 bug killers to kick out unwanted insect guests

You shouldn't have to suffer through fly swatting and spider smashing, you should enjoy it. Here are the best bug killers to buy.
dublin ireland river

All the reasons to visit Dublin (that have nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day)

There are a thousand reasons to visit Dublin, but here are the top 9 that have nothing to do with St. Patrick's day, shamrocks, or leprechauns.
Finex Lean Pan Grill, stove top grill

9 Stove Top Grills For Superb Indoor Grilling

Whether the weather is not permitting for some outdoor grilling, or you don't own a grill, these stove top grills will let you get your grilling fix indoors.
Timber Sports Milwaukee, timbersports competition

Is This Modern-Day Lumberjack Competition the Coolest Sport in the World?

The Stihl Timbersports Competition pits modern-day lumberjacks against one another in a variety of events that involve axes, chainsaws, handsaws, and a whole lot of wood. Is this the coolest sport ever invented? See for yourself.
outerknown woolaroo wool swim trunks 1

Outerknown is Throwing it Way Back with the Woolaroo Wool Swim Trunk

While the world is no stranger to wool swimwear, we haven't seen men's swim trunks made from that material in decades. Learn more about how Outerknown and The Woolmark Company teamed up to create the world's newest wool swim trunks, the Woolaroo.
chilipad sleep system review cube 2

Sleep Cool with Chilipad, a Personal Bed Chiller and Heater

The Chilipad Sleep System is a mattress pad (either with one temperature zones for singles or two temperature zones for couples) that uses embedded micro-tubing filled with water to either heat or cool the pad from anywhere between 55-110°F, creating the perfect microclimate under your covers.
a frame cabin plans ayfraym everywhere travel co 5

Get the Plans to this Awesome A-Frame Cabin for Under $2,000

Everywhere Travel Co. unveiled its plan to sell the architectural plans to its new Ayfraym A-frame cabin so you can take building your cabin in the woods (or on the mountain, or by a lake) into your own hands.
review curtain london hotel club the featured image

The Curtain London is Shoreditch and the East End’s Hottest Hotel

When planning a trip to London, don't overlook Shoreditch's hottest hotel, The Curtain London. With plenty of places to eat and drink, a rooftop pool, and a great location, this hotel should top your wish list of places to stay.
flamin hot cheetos x forever 21 flaming black graphic t shirt

Rep Your Flamin’ Hot Love for Cheetos with this Cheeky Fashion Collab

Though Forever 21 is traditionally thought of as a young women's brand, it has added menswear to its racks of fast fashion over the past few years. The store's latest collection with Cheetos takes the cake and kills it in the modern-day camp-style department.
masc beard straightener demo 2 poster for 6039974092001

Beard Straighteners Are a Thing. Here’s Why You Might Want One

Sometimes your beard is so unruly there's only one thing that can be done with it: take a straightener to it. Yes, there are such things as beard straighteners. Here's why you might need one.
pad and quill leather briefcase giveaway 1

Giveaway: A Sophisticated $500 Briefcase to Make Your Coworkers Jealous

Every man needs a sophisticated leather briefcase or work bag for those days when being organized and put-together can mean the difference between nailing a presentation and flubbing it. Enter now for your chance to win this Pad & Quill leather briefcase, a $500 value.
bearaby the napper weighted blanket bearby 2

This Crazy Weighted Blanket Will Have You Sleeping Like the Dead

Weighted blankets are claimed to be able to help you sleep deeper and longer, all while reducing anxiety and providing comfort. We put one brand, Bearaby, and its "The Napper" blanket to the test. Read on to learn more about its effectiveness and utility.
memorial day sales featured image getty

All the Best Online Memorial Day Sales to Shop in 2019

From furniture to footwear to clothes - there's a sale in almost every category this weekend. If you're looking to save a buck on everything from skincare to shoes, check out all the best memorial day sales to shop for 2019.
lawn mower 2 trimmer manscaping review meridian

The Lawn Mower 2.0 is the Below-the-Belt Trimmer for All Your Manscaping Needs

There's no shame in having a well-maintained and well-groomed undercarriage. To help you in your efforts, Manscaped has released the second iteration of its electric trimmer, The Lawn Mower 2.0. We tested it out on ourselves. Here's what we thought about it.
the bell taco hotel and resort news image

A Taco Bell Hotel? Yes, the Fast Food Chain is Opening a Resort. No, This is Not a Joke

Fast food chain and all-around excellent social media player, Taco Bell, is joining the hotel game — if only for a little while. No, this isn't a joke. Yes, they will be serving tacos and Baja Blasts.
floyd sofa minimalist couch review 3

A Review of the Floyd Sofa, a Minimalist’s Perfect Perch

The Manual received a sample of the Floyd Couch and we tested it by putting it together and binging Netflix for nearly two weeks. The results are in. To buy or not to buy? Read on to find out.
jaxjox smart kettlebellconnect review 2

JaxJox KettlebellConnect is the One Kettlebell to Rule Them All

If you've been on the hunt for a way to streamline your at-home gym equipment, look to JaxJox's smart KettlebellConnect, which can do the work of six kettlebells in one.
looloo toilet sprayer nightlight 1

The LooLoo is a Bathroom Stink Preventer and Night Light in One

Stuff happens. Specifically stinky, wake-the-dead-only-to-re-kill-them-with-the-horrendous-stench stuff. LooLoo is the combination toilet spray and nightlight that every man needs in his bathroom.
parks project x jungmaven support our national yosemite tee 2

Support Our National Parks By Stunting a Parks Project X Jungmaven Hemp Tee

You can help support different National Parks-focused charities and conservancies by purchasing one of three hemp T-shirts from the Parks Project X Jungmaven debut collaboration.
facegym charcoal detoxify workout face gym training sticks 01

You Go to the Gym for Your Body, Why Not for Your … Face?

We’re all about the Face Gym, which is not a series of tiny weights, but a roll-on facial treatment intended to be used during your daily or weekly workouts.
public rec leisurewear picks featured image 2019

Our Top Gear and Apparel Picks from Public Rec’s Leisurewear Lineup

Public Rec combines the soft, comfortable, performance fabrics of athleisure wear with the classic shape and styling of regular clothing. From polos to go-to tees, Public Rec has a piece to elevate anyone's style.
lumipod prefabricated bedroom suite 6

LumiPod is the Pre-Fab Circular Bedroom Suite You Can Put Almost Anywhere

The LumiPod is a spacious, but compact bedroom suite perfect for dispersed hotels, estate follies, or modern backyard guests accommodations, but really, the uses are as varied as your imaginings.
dsptch descente colletion packable clothing paa 01 3185

The DSPTCH X Descente Collection is Packable Clothing Done Right

Luxury Japanese performance brand Descente has teamed up with San Francisco design studio DSPTCH for a practical, versatile collection of packable clothing.
g shock skeleton series clear translucent watch skelton featured image

Relive the ’90s with the Translucent G-Shock Skeleton Series

Take your timepiece way back to the 1990s, when neon colors, wide legs, and clear technology were all the rage. The G-Shock Skeleton Series is just the thing you want on your wrist for some non-vintage throwback style.
popchart game of thrones print artwork got from co

Calling All Game of Thrones Fans: This Print is the Ultimate GoT Artwork for Your Walls

Now you can stop trying to remember what the Tyrell sigil is or what Rickon's direwolf's name was and instead simply look above your couch for the answer with PopChart's The World of Ice and Fire informative print.
best dressed athletes 2019 nfl draft d k metcalf pg 600

The Best-Dressed Players from the 2021 NFL Draft (So Far)

Most ahtletes today are pretty damn good dressers. Case in point: Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and James Harden. And the 2021 NFL Draft is no exception when it comes to finely outfitted athletes. Check out all the best looks here.
Salishan Resort

Outdoor Adventure and an Aerial Park Are Just 2 of the Reasons the New Salishan Resort is Our Favorite PNW Lodge

With the Oregon Coast at its back, a pristine golf, local brewery tours, a summer concert series, a bayside spa, and an aerial park, the newly renovated Salishan Resort offers picturesque views and classic Pacific Northwest adventure for singles, couples, and families alike.
theragun g3 liv profile mini 3

The Power of Percussion: Theragun Adds 2 New Devices to Its Manifest of Muscle Massagers

Theragun has just released two new additions to its muscle massager family: The Theragun G3 and the Theragun liv. Both offer more portability than the original, with a few additional features that make them the lightest and quietest Theraguns to date.
slash bed review profile featured image 2

Slash Bed is the Environmentally Friendly, Easy-to-Set-Up Bed of Your Dreams

Simple, elegant, refined -- the Slash bed is a paradigm of streamlined minimalist furniture with the added benefit of being made from sustainably harvested wood from FSC- and LVLK-certified producers in Indonesia.
heir waterpipe best bong featured image

The Heir Waterpipe is the Most Beautiful (and Best) Bong You’ll Ever Hit

No longer are cheap ceramic bowls and plastic, six-foot bongs the only options for those who likes to sit back at the end of the day and take a load off by taking a bong rip or two. Enter the design-forward and totally functional Heir waterpipe.
timex american documents collection made watches sn102657 2

Timex is Bringing Watch-Making Back to the U.S. with Its American Documents Collection

Timex has unveiled its first watch collection made in the U.S.: American Documents. With Minnesota leather straps, Massachusetts-made glass, and New England-forged bronze, these watches are as American as apple pie (and maybe more so).
tushy bidet attachment review man on

Do Your Ass a Favor and Get a Tushy Bidet Attachment. Seriously.

Don't let the fear of a bidet stop you from getting the cleanest ass possible. With heat waves, upset stomachs, and spicy food, it's a lot easier to keep yourself clean and fresh when you use water to wipe instead of paper. Here's our review of the Tushy bidet attachment
kiehls cannabis sativa oil herbal concetrate hero image

Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is Great for Guys with Problem Skin

If you're a guy who battles blemishes, redness, acne, and oiliness on the regular, it might be time to ditch your standard moisturizer and look toward Kiehl's latest blemish-busting product: Kiehl's Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate.
the manual grooming awards podcast

Behind the Scenes: Finding the Best Men’s Grooming Gear of the Year

On this week's episode of The Manual podcast, associate editor of lifestyle Chase McPeak breaks down everything that went into The Manual Grooming Awards 2019.
grooming awards best products for men giveaway tm groomingawards 2019 featuredimagev2

Win $500 Worth of the Best Men’s Grooming Products of 2019

Picture this: All the best men's grooming products wrapped into one $500 package. One lucky winner will receive The Manual's favorites for best aftershave, shaving cream, face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, razors, and more. Enter today for your chance to win the only grooming box you'll ever need.
best mens grooming products

The Best Men’s Grooming Gear of the Year is Coming. Are You Ready?

It's tough these days for men to find great grooming products that both work for them and their skin and don't cost a fortune. That's where The Manual Grooming Awards 2019 come in. From best shampoo to best body lotion, we will cover 18 of the top men's grooming products of the year.
Conrad Dublin

Heading to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day? Book the Irish Heritage Package at the Conrad Dublin

If you're planning a trip to Ireland, do yourself a favor and book a stay at the Conrad Dublin, the best hotel in Emerald Isle's ancient capital. Here's why.
wp standard military duffle bag giveaway black 1

Giveaway: Black Genuine Leather Military Duffle Bag from WP Standard

Inspired by the duck canvas military duffle bags provided to U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War, WP Standard's modern iteration of the bag is built from genuine full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather in a rich, glossy black. Enter our giveaway for your chance to win this beautiful bag.
jfk hawaiian shirt auction sale 1 edited for feature

JFK’s Hawaiian Shirt Sold at Auction for How Much Exactly?

One of President John F. Kennedy's Hawaiian shirts went on the auction block at LiveAuctioneers, with the expectation that the highest bids would be somewhere in the $20,000 range. Here's how much it actually sold for.
palms casino las vegas high roller suites suite kingpin 3

The Palms Casino’s Newest High-Roller Suites Have a Bowling Alley and Whiskey Room

The Palms Casino's newly renovated high-roller suites, The Hardwood and the Kingpin feature a half size basketball court and a two-lane bowling alley, respectively. And the luxury doesn't stop there.

Ditch the Store-Bought Box of V-Day Chocolates and Go for Alma Chocolate

Rather than disappoint your significant other with a weak Whitman's sampler, go for one of the many offerings from Portland, Oregon's Alma Chocolate this Valentine's Day.
theragun g3pro percussive therapy theargun pro man holding in front of chest

Never Suffer from Post-Workout Soreness Again with the Theragun G3Pro

Using advanced percussive therapy technology, Theragun's latest the Theragun G3PRO was designed to help alleviate sore muscles and promote faster recover in everyone from professional athletes to your grandma after her PT appointment. It does not disappoint.
westin hapuna beach resort hawaii img 2429

Heading to Hawaii? Make Reservations at Manta Restaurant to Eat Big Island Beef

For beef lovers out there, eating a big, rare slab of Kobe or Wagyu almost certainly take the top two spots on their bucket lists. But, after having a Big Island Beef steak from Manta Restaurant on Hawaii Island, we'd like to offer this particular style of beef as the final head of the holy beef trinity.
westin hapuna beach resort hawaii koawi exterior 8493 hor wide

Leave Winter for Warmth and Wellness at Hawaii’s Westin Hapuna Beach Resort

Hawaii Island's premier health and wellness resort is the perfect place to forget winter and worship the warmth. With everything from a state of the art gym, to an adults-only pool, to a stunning crescent beach, the Westin Hapuna Beach features everything Hawaii has to offer.
pappy van winkle barrel fermented cigar release cigars robusto box of ten

Treat Yourself to a Glass of Bourbon and a Pappy Van Winkle Barrel-Fermented Cigar

What's better than having a glass of one of the rarest bourbons you can buy? Having a glass of it with a cigar that's been barrel-fermented, bringing out all the spicy, peppery notes of both the drink and the smoke.
tag heuer aquaracer watch black on white hero image

Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer Nightdiver Watch Is Laid-Back Luxury at Its Finest

While many high-end timepiece brands offer watches in the $5,000-plus range, it's rare to find one for half the cost, let alone one that offers everything the higher-priced watches feature. That's where Tag Heuer's Aquaracer Nightdiver watch comes in.
993466 autosave v1 4 casa de campo 18 brand photo beachside villas

Casa de Campo Resort and Villas is the Perfect Place for a Guys’ Getaway

beards booze bacon manual podcast 2019 design trends kelsey machado episode the interior

The New Design Trends of 2019 and How They Fit in Your Home

For the latest episode of Beards, Booze, and Bacon, The Manual podcast, we are joined by our very own design and architecture writer (and actual interior designer), Kelsey Machado, who gives us tips and tricks to declutter our home and what to look out for design-wise in 2019.
how to enjoy a cigar

Top 10 Cigars of 2018 According to ‘Cigar Aficionado’

'Cigar Aficionado,' the final word in cigars, has released its list of the best cigars of 2018. Ring in the new year with the best stogies from the last.
how to wrap a present the manual gift  traditional style

How to Wrap a Present in 2 Easy Methods (Video)

It's the holiday season and that means you have to wrap some — or maybe a sleighful — of presents. In case you've forgotten (or never learned how), we've put together a fun video to teach you the basics of how to wrap a present.