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Solo Stove is the Only Backyard Fire Pit You’ll Ever Need

As all residents of the Northern Hemisphere know, fall is the best time of year to have a backyard fire. The temperature is perfect–just cold enough to require a little extra heat from a fire, but warm enough that you won’t be shivering when you walk away. And a fire always draws a crowd. Like moths to the flame, humans love nothing more than to gather around a blazing fire to tell stories, bond, and be one with the night. Then there’s whiskey–fire’s ultimate drinking companion. Also s’mores.

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In the past we’ve put together guides on how to efficiently build yourself a long-lasting backyard bonfire and even how to pick out the perfect fire pit for your needs. But, judging from Solo Stove’s recent innovative effort, we might have to put those posts to rest in favor of the simple (and aesthetically pleasing) Solo Stove Bonfire. Created as the ‘bigger brother’ to Solo Stove’s amazing backpacking stove, the Bonfire is packed with the same design and engineering features that made the backpacking stove such a success on Kickstarter and beyond. Only this time, Solo Stove has pumped up the size to give you the ultimate in efficient, easy-to-use backyard fire pits.

Made from the highest-grade stainless steel, Solo Stove Bonfire is engineered with double wall to maximize airflow, which, in turn increases combustion and makes for a cleaner, more complete, and long-lasting burn. This means no more half-burnt logs or huge piles of ashes leftover at the end of the evening. It also means there will be less smoke, so you and your guests won’t be playing musical chairs all night to avoid it.

how the bonfire works

The Bonfire is sized to fit standard firewood and comes with a stainless steel fire-ring that fits snugly onto the lip of the pit, which centers the fire, maintaining a steady, long-lasting burn. Aside from that, there is literally no set-up for the Bonfire. To top it all off, the Bonfire comes with a double-walled, insulated ash-pan bottom, eliminating the danger of the pit scorching your lawn, patio, or deck. And, in keeping with its minimalist features, the Bonfire is lightweight (20 lbs), compact (14 inches tall by 19.5 inches in diameter), and comes with its own weather-resistant, nylon carrying bag, making it infinitely portable. Take it to the beach for a late-night clambake or move it around your patio when testing your outdoor design skills. It can go anywhere there’s space, oxygen, fuel, and a desire for fun.

The Solo Stove Bonfire ($250) is available for backing now on Kickstarter, with the first shipments expected to begin in December, just in time for the holidays.

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