On the Keto Diet? You Can Get These Keto Snacks Delivered to Your Door

Since the keto diet hit the scene, men everywhere have cut carbs to nearly zero and eliminated sugar from their diets an effort to transform their bodies into fat-burning furnaces. Since the ketogenic diet’s focus is on high-fat, moderate protein, and low-low-low carb and sugar intake, finding appropriate snacks that aren’t just nuts, seeds, fat bombs, and vegetable sticks is easier said than done — especially if you’re not much of a home cook, or are too busy, and require these snacks to be pre-packaged. To aid you in your efforts to slim-down and tighten up, we found the best best keto snacks subscription boxes options (in no particular order). We’ve noted subscription cost, delivery frequency, and specific snack examples for each.

Powerful Keto Snack Box
best keto snacks subscription boxes powerfulketosnackbox

Cost: $40 (If pre-ordering in three-month, six-month, or 12-month increments, you can save up to 3 percent off the total cost.)
Frequency: Monthly; cancel anytime.
Snack selection: Six to 10 keto-friendly snacks in each box, with options such as Epic Chicken Sriracha protein bars, Unreal cripsy dark chocolate peanut butter cups, Bone Broth Protein from Ancient Nutrition, a giant cinnamon cookie from KnowFoods.com, a couple of power bars, and an 85 percent cacao dark chocolate from Simple Truth Organic. Six percent of Powerful Keto’s profits go toward supporting men’s health research, meaning you’re not only getting food to keep and maintain your health, but you’re also helping out other dudes too.

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My Keto Snack Box
best keto snacks subscription boxes myketosnackbox

Cost: $38 (Pre-pay for six-months and receive a 2.5 percent discount; pre-pay for a full year and receive a 5 percent discount.)
Monthly; ships the 7th of each month; cancel anytime.
Snack Selection: 
My Keto offers up six to eight low-carb, keto-appropriate snacks each month. Some examples: People’s Choice small batch beef sticks, Protes protein chips, Front Porch pecans, Just the Cheese crispy baked jalapeno cheese bites, Legendary Foods seasoned almonds, and a Further Food’s shot of collagen peptides.

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Keto Crate Snack Box
best keto snacks subscription boxes ketokrate

Cost: $35
Frequency: Monthly; ships between the 4th or 5th of every month; cancel anytime.
Snack Selection: All Keto Crate snacks are less than 5 grams of net carbs. You can expect things like  Foods Alive snack crackers, ProTings protein chips, King Made Jerky, Wild Friends Almond Butter, Skout pumpkin seeds, and Nutilight Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (aka keto-friendly Nutella).

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The Keto Box Snack Box
best keto snacks subscription boxes ketobox

Cost: $40 (If pre-paying, save $2 each month with a three-month subscription $4 each month for a six-month subscription, and $6 each month for a pre-paid yearly subscription.)
Frequency: Monthly; ships on the 15th of each month; cancel anytime
Snack Selection: The Keto Box offers up seven to 10 low-carb, keto-friendly snacks such as Simply Delish peach dessert, Skout Backcountry organic, roasted pumpkin seeds, 2Go coconut oil, Role iced tea, and cauliflower rice.

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Keep in mind not all of these snacks are going to be the “perfect” snack for the keto diet. Some are going to have a few more carbs than you might like, or a few ingredients that might not be your first-choice for inclusion in a snack option. However, all of these are extremely low in sugar, moderate in protein, and try to stay under 5 net carbs per snack.

If you’re looking for a few snacks that are simply high in protein, check out a few of the best we found over the past year.


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