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wolverine 1000 mile boot

Giveaway: Your Very Own Pair of Customized 1000 Mile Boots from Wolverine

Here's your chance to win yourself a pair of one-of-a-kind customizable 1000 Mile Boot from Wolverine. Sign-up for your chance to win!
men's brands

This Year’s Need-to-Know Men’s Brands for the Everyman

For the last 2 weeks, The Manual staffers have been in New York City attending the trade shows and Fashion Week. Here are the best men's brands we saw.

Steambox Will Make You Want to Take a Long, Long Bath

Bespoke Post, one of our favorite subscription box services has the perfect compliment to a cold winter: The Steambox. Use it in the bath and enjoy.
datebox subscription service

Datebox is the Valentine’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you're relationship has gotten a little stale or boring, then maybe Datebox is just the monthly dose of excitement you've been looking for.
motiv ring

Motiv Ring Tracks Your Fitness with Subtle Style

Why waste your time and style on a bulky, wearable fitness tracker? Opt instead for the Motiv Ring, a smart fitness tracker that fits on your finger!
civic collection, the woolmark company, taylor stitch

Commute in Comfort with Woolmark and Taylor Stitch’s New Merino Wool CIVIC Collection

This month, Taylor Stitch in partnership with The Woolmark Company launched a Merino-wool based collection created for the urban commuter.
grypmat tool mat

Never Lose a Tool Again with Grypmat

Grypmat is a non-magnetic, non-slip, chemical resistant rubber tool mat that keeps your hardware and tools in place, no matter where you place it.
bears ears national monument

Celebrate the Newly Designated Bears Ears and Gold Butte National Monuments with Patagonia

Celebrate President Obama's designation of Bears Ears and Gold Butte National Monuments with outdoor outfitter, Patagonia.
shot ski looptworks upcycled shotski

Upgrade your Apres Ski with this Shot Ski from Looptworks

Looptworks' Shot Ski is made, like all Looptworks products, from old, recycled skis, and allows you and three friends to hit the whiskey in unison.
sled legs

Sled Legs: Silly or Sledding Game Changer?

Sled Legs are literally sleds for your legs. Strap them onto your shins & set off for the local hill. Are these just silly or a standout innovation? You decide.

MoGuard Shields Your ‘Stache from Beer Foam

The MoGuard saves your mustache from unsightly beer foam by providing a barrier between your upper lip and the foamy head of a good brew.
portland night market

Shopping in the Dark: Night Markets

Night Markets allow you to shop, eat, & drink well after more traditional stores have closed. Hailing from East Asia, they're now popping up all over the US
pearl harbor attack

Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor with Smithsonian Channel’s “The Lost Tapes”

Smithsonian Channel's "The Lost Tapes" commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack with never-before seen archival footage and sound.
koio sneakers

Old World Craftsmanship Meets New World Aesthetic in KOIO Leather Sneakers

KOIO's new line of hand-crafted calfskin sneakers combine old-world craftsmanship with new-world styling--the end result, a versatile shoe for any occasion.
cyber monday socks

The Manual Teams up with United by Blue for Wool Socks Gift Pack

The Manual & United by Blue teamed up for a merino wool socks gift pack that is not only good for the outdoors, but will help you get out and enjoy it.
photo editing timberlandfeatured logo

How to Edit Photos for Social Media

Internationally known photographer Hudson Henry teams up with Timberland to teach you how to edit photos for social media. Now go get your 'gram on.
monoposto chronograph automatic

Celebrate the Golden Age of Motoring with the Autodromo Monoposto Chronograph

To Celebrate its 5th anniversary, Autodromo has re-released its limited edition Monoposto Chronograph, created to recall the golden age of motor racing.
cardamon minimalist wallet

Cardamon is the Indestructible, Minimalist Wallet You’ve Been Waiting For

While not yet available for backing on Kickstarter, the Cardamon is so sleek, useful, and minimalist wallet, we had to let you know about it in advance.
stag x faherty workwear collectino

Stag Provisions Teams up with Faherty for a Workwear Inspired Collab

The new Stag X Faherty collection is a new Holiday outerwear collection inspired by vintage workwear that pairs solid construction with throwback style.
down jackets

Patagonia Recycles the Old with New re\\\collection

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia takes their eco-consciousness a step further with a nearly 100% recycled down jackets & pants in the new Re\collection
polar bear town

Smithsonian Channel Premieres New Docu-Series: Polar Bear Town

Smithsonian Channel's new docu-series Polar Bear Town documents Churchill, Manitoba's annual polar bear migration and the tourists who come to experience it
mount st helens candle

This Mount St Helens Candle Mimics the Historical Eruption as it Melts

This Mount St Helens Candle is a topographical copy of the Mountain before eruption. When lit, the wax melts, mimicking the original eruption.
wolverine boots

You Do You with Wolverine Customizable Boots

Wolverine Boots have been around for over a century, but for the first time, they are offering a platform to customize their classic 1000 Mile Boot.

Movember Brands that Give Back

If you’re looking to support men’s health this Movember while getting a head start on your holiday shopping, we advise you to check out these great brands.
brandy, clear creek distillery

Clear Creek Distillery Does Pear Brandy and More

Portland's Clear Creek Distillery has been in the brandy business for 30 years. We visited their production and tasting rooms for a behind the scenes look.
tromso jacket by aether

Win Winter with the Tromso Jacket by Aether Apparel

Aether Apparel's Tromso Jacket, named after the largest, northernmost city in the world, is as at home in the city as it is above the arctic circle.
william murray golf

Bill Murray has a Golf-Centric Lifestyle and Apparel Brand that’s as Cool as He Is

Bill Murray & his brothers bring you William Murray Golf, a line of sports apparel created with the goal of bringing a little fun & irreverence to the sport
ping pong paddles

Back Forty Woods Ping Pong Paddles for Shinola

Lifestyle brand Shinola has entered the luxury sports accessories market with their new Ping Pong Paddles built in collaboration with Back Forty Woods.
food photography tips

Make Your Dinner Instagram Famous with these Food Photography Tips

If you want your holiday food photography on point this season, heed these tips and tricks to great food photography to make your food Instagram famous.
solo stove bonfire

Solo Stove is the Only Backyard Fire Pit You’ll Ever Need

The Solo Stove Bonfire is the bigger, backyard fire pit version of Solo Stove's amazing backpacking stoves. It's the perfect compliment to your backyard.
smart health

The Best Smart Health Tech of 2016

Smart health technology is growing rapidly. From thermometers to full body fitness trackers, we selected our top picks for the best smart health of 2016.
snoqualmie ice cream

Snoqualmie Ice Cream Introduces Seasonal Flavors just in Time for Fall

Washington-based Snoqualmie Ice Cream has made three new seasonal flavors: Pumpkin Custard, Peppermint Stick Gelato, & Sun Liquor Fancy Egg Nog Custard.
chuck taylor all star II boot

Converse Launches Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherproof Boots

The Chuck Taylor All Star II boots from Converse feature classic style and are fabricated with a waterproof leather, making these shoes fully weatherproof.
libra coffee

Craft Coffee Anywhere with Libra Coffee’s Pourtables

Libra Coffee's new line of 'instant' coffee, Pourtables, is a coffee pack featuring a built-in filter, allowing you to drip brew a cup of coffee anywhere.
waterproof backpack

Stay Dry on the Trail with Mountain Hardwear’s Rainshadow Backpack

Mountain Hardwear's Rainshadow Waterproof Backpack is a light, sturdy, convenient pack that will help you and your gear stay dry in even the wettest weather
shinola leather working, made in detroit

Made in Detroit: Shinola Leather Goods

Jennifer Guarino, Shinola's Vice President of Leather Goods, tells us why Shinola chose to have as many of their goods as possible made in Detroit.
all-natural shampoo and conditioner

Dr. Squatch’s All-New All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner will Keep You Fresh

The guys who brought you pine tar and nautical sage soap have gone a step further and brought you this all-natural shampoo and conditioner for men.
audi and airbnb

Audi and Airbnb Bring You Death Valley House, an Auto-Inspired Luxury Travel Fantasy

Audi and Airbnb have teamed up to bring you the luxury travel fantasy of a lifetime complete with an Audi R8 and a deluxe, ultra-mod, desert home.
camp wandawega lodge

Take a Dip into the Past at Camp Wandawega

Camp Wandawega, a vintage lakeside resort located near Elkhorn, Wisconsin, is the perfect backdrop for all your late summer getaway fantasies.
kenyon city grill, the best tailgating grill of 2016

Gridiron Grilling: The Best Tailgating Grill

We urge you to take your bad boy barbecue out of your home and onto the field because Kenyon City Grill is our pick for the best tailgating grill of 2016.
seared tuna recipe

Flash in the Pan: Cast Iron Seared Tuna

Chef Doug Adams and Finex Cast Iron Cookware Co. bring you this healthy dinner idea: Seared Tuna with Romano beans and Padron Peppers.
beard paw wipe final

Beard Paw: The New Beard Care Product You Didn’t Know You Needed

Behold bearded brethren, Beard Paw is the beard care product that will save your whiskers from anything that might foul your facial hair.
guise etiquette organic skincare

Guise Etiquette: Organic Skincare

Guise Etiquette has created a line of three organic skincare products guaranteed to free your skin from all those other nasty, non-natural grooming lines.
breakfast hash

Recipe: Cast Iron Breakfast Hash

We teamed up with Chef Doug Adams to make this breakfast hash, perfect for home kitchen or campsite. Pro-tip: this is also one hell of a good hangover cure.
bee keeping

Keep Bees, Save the Planet, Make Mead

We talked with Portland's Bee Thinking's co-owners Matt Reed and Jill McKenna Reed about bee keeping, making mead, and saving the planet one hive at a time.
kii ring

Save Time (and your Fingers) with Kii Ring

Key rings are hard to use, requiring force and prying. Kii Ring, with backing from Kickstarter, was designed with ease of access and use in mind.
recreational dispensary, serra dispensary, serra buds, serra weed, serra product, serra marijuana

Be a Cannabis Conoisseur with Serra Dispensary

Serra recreational dispensary has hit the scene and is here to take your smoking style from slacker stoner to cannabis lifestyle connoisseur.
Rusty Chain, How to Remove Rust Stains

How to Remove Rust Stains, A Guide

Whenever there's water, metal, and oxygen there's rust. Let The Manual educate you on how to remove rust stains from cloth, metal, and more.
Daniel Alfonso, Men's Salon

Men’s Hairstylist Daniel Alfonso Talks His Favorite Hair Products

We profiled one of the hottest men’s salons in Los Angeles, Daniel Alfonso Men’s Salon and its owner and hairstylist, Daniel Alfonso.
Jeff Ross, Beef, SlimJim, settle the beef

Talking Beef with RoastMaster General Jeff Ross

We talked beef, prison, politics, and roasting tips with Comedy Central's celebrity RoastMaster and insult-comic extraordinaire, Jeff Ross.