Conzul Athletic Wear Subscription Box Takes the Hassle Out of Buying New Gym Clothes

conzul men's subscription box athletic wear, black conzul box on white background

Workout clothes. Athletic Wear. Active wear. Athleisure. All synonyms for what, if distilled down to their most basic truth, are just gym clothes.

Here’s the thing with gym clothes, though: They are, obviously, designed to be worn at the gym or while working out, and as such, this particular genre of clothing suffers more than your average everyday t-shirt. From repetitive movements that degrade fibers and fabric to the constant drip of sweat from your swole bod, most gym clothes don’t and won’t last very long. And maybe that’s a good thing–after all, who wants to wear a compression shirt that you’ve used to run four miles in every other day for the past four years? Hopefully, not you.

But buying new gym clothes can be a bit of a chore and a just a bit discombobulating. Not only is new athletic wear slightly expensive (especially for something that you’re not wearing to impress), it never seems to last long enough to have gotten your money’s worth and there are now about three hundred different types of gym clothes out there. From stretch leggings to compression shirts to gold-infused shorts, the sheer variety of athletic wear can put any man’s brain into overload. Enter Conzul.


Conzul is the direct-to-consumer gym clothes and athletic wear subscription box that will bring new, inexpensive, but high-quality workout clothes directly to your door. It’s a pretty simple system: Just pick your frequency of arrival (monthly or quarterly), the amount of items you want (currently there are three different items per box, but will expand to five in 2018), choose your style (basic or designer), then your size and body-build. And that’s it. After that Conzul will send your new gym clothes at your chosen interval until you decide to cancel.

I received my box of Conzul gym clothes and athletic wear a few weeks ago and have had a chance to try them out in my building’s gym. With a pair of white, light-weight training shorts, a stretchy, moisture-wicking training shirt, and light weight running shirt all in my box, I gave each one of the garments a try and was pleased to say that they felt, functioned, and looked just as good as any of the “big name” athletic brands. And, with each piece pricing in at almost half of what Nike or Reebok garments cost, Conzul has hit that rare sweet spot where convenience meets price meets quality.

For more information on how to subscribe or to begin your service, head on over to Conzul.