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Billed as “The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes,” Maratown’s Kicks Do Not Disappoint

maratown sneakers street most comfortable shoes
Several years ago, I spent half a year working in the food service industry–and the one lesson I learned during my short stint that has stuck with me ever since (other than don’t wash knives without mesh gloves on), is that you need some supremely comfortable shoes to allow you to be on your feet all day without feeling like a broken-down crone upon quitting time.

The only options for extremely comfortable shoes at the time were provided by service-industry magazines, often ordered through one’s employer, and with a design aesthetic that could be most closely likened to nurse shoes or those Velcro masterpieces found in Walmart.

But, oh how times are a’ changing. No longer do you have to sacrifice style for comfort because Maratown and their fully-backed Kickstarter are about to drop some classy looking shoes that also double as the most comfortable pair you will ever own.

maratown boots street

Using an extra thick, foam running sole with twice the cushioning of a regular running shoe, along with features that include a thinner point where the sole flexes allowing ease of movement, a durable 3mm Vibram outsole, and a super-soft and removable insole cushion, Maratown shoes are designed to be worn all day without a second thought.

And with classic boot styling in black and brown, along with a black boot with a gray-sole, Maratown has covered all the bases when it comes to work appropriate footwear. The styling of the shoes also lends them to after-work events or even nights on the town. If you know you’re going to be pounding a lot of pavement, either for work or play, a pair of Maratown shoes are just the ticket to a long walk in comfort.

Maratown also features a line of sneakers using the same comfort technology as their more formal boot styles. Coming in black, white, and a black/white combination (along with special edition versions with bright-blue inner-soles), the sneakers are a perfect fit for a vigorous vacation walking the streets from cities as diverse as Edinburgh, Scotland, and San Antonio, Texas.maratown sneakers in a row

Having tried out a prototype of Maratown’s sneakers, I can personally confirm that they are indeed, extremely, supremely, amazingly comfortable shoes. And while their super-thick sole doesn’t exactly make for a sneakerhead’s dream profile, the fact that it contributes to such supportive footwear makes that objection moot. For all you waiter, chefs, security guards, or any other guy who is on his feet all day, you won’t regret picking up a pair of Maratown shoes, in fact, you body might be better off for it.

To pre-order your own pair, check out Maratown’s official website or look back at their Kickstarter for more information and FAQs.

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