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Upgrade your Apres Ski with this Shot Ski from Looptworks

Found everywhere from college basement parties to high-end ski lodges and bars, the shot ski is the ultimate weapon against friends who refuse to drink shots.

If you have a friend like that, or are a friend like that (like me), then the shot ski is the easiest way to get your light-weight buddies to down a vodka or two. It’s impossible to refuse a shot while shot skiing–if you do, you’ll end up with booze on your face. And liquor coated shame is never a good look

And while Jimmy Fallon may claim he and his wife invented the shot ski, the truth is, no one knows who is responsible for this delightful drinking apparatus. Which is a shame, because skiers and college kids everywhere owe him or her a debt of gratitude for creating a bar accessory with the sole purpose of making sure multiple people are forced into shooting high-proof liquor.

Looptwork’s shot ski ($150) is made, like all Looptworks products, from upcycled materials (in this case, an actual old ski) and features four rubber gaskets that hold as many stainless steel shot glasses. The ski can be folded in half for easy storage and comes with an upcycled carrying bag for quick and hassle free transportation–which is key when all you want is to get in a little drinking after a hard day on the slopes.

According to Looptworks, “The secure-shot-gasket-construction allows for easy placement and removal of stainless steel shot glasses, making it easy to wash and clean while avoiding broken glass. Upcycled in Portland, Oregon in partnership with Deviation Ski & Snowboard Works in limited edition batches, gatherings will never be the same again.”

And, you’re helping to keep materials that otherwise would have been discarded out of the landfill. Give yourself a pat on the back after you knock one back.

Get yours before the winter weather gives way spring, because it just seems totally inappropriate to do a shot ski when the outdoor temperature rises above freezing.

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