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Forget That Tiny House and Get a Tiny Houseboat Instead

First, we had tiny houses, then we had tiny cabins, then we had tiny travel trailers, and now we have tiny houseboats. Yes, my friends, there exists a company that creates tiny houseboats that you can add to your already large stable of tiny homes and automobiles.

Not satisfied with a floating tent or a simple pontoon, Canadian design company Daigno took it upon itself to create Le Koroc, a pontoon boat with a solid wood cabin placed right on top of it. The cabin itself is built from laminated white cedar beams and ultra-light (but strong) plywood and sits on three 50/52H32 marine grade aluminum/magnesium alloy tubes that contain four-feet of sealed chambers, meaning this baby isn’t going down unless all three pontoons are punctures.

Le Koroc comes in two designs: the Fishing Series and the Holiday Series. Both options offer kitchens with a stove, sink, fridge, table, and storage, along with a bathroom that contains both a toilet and a shower. Both also offer a rear bedroom that doubles as seating and storage when not in use for sleeping. Where the two styles differ, however, comes down to their intent. Le Koroc Fishing Series is designed for just that: fishing. With accessories and add-ons that help to hold fishnets and poles, and an included fish tank for keeping your catch alive until grill time, which leads us to the best feature of the Fishing Series: the onboard barbecue. Yes, on Le Koroc you can catch your fish and grill it too.

The Holiday Series is a little more relaxing in its accommodations. Gone is the fish tank and in its place is extra seating with plenty of cupholder for day drinking on the lake, as well as smaller barbecue and more space to move around.

Both series come with standard marine operating equipment, which you can check out here. Pricing for Le Koroc comes in at around $80,000 CAD, or USD $60, 500.

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