Post-it Extreme Notes Make Regular Post-it Notes Look Like Loose Leaf Paper

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When we first heard that Post-it Brand had released a new line of super durable, super sticky Post-it notes that were supposedly able to survive massive temperature fluctuations and stay stuck to almost anything, needless to say, we were understandably skeptical.

But not so skeptical that we weren’t above requesting samples so we could try it out for ourselves. And so we did. After receiving our box of goodies (complete with tool belt, tape measure, giant permanent marker, and four sets of different colored Post-it Extreme Notes), we set out to force these pitiful looking pieces of paper to run the gauntlet.

Finding ourselves in the Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland, Oregon, for an unrelated field test involving a very new and very cool Airstream, we played around with all the different ways we could test the stickiness. Advertised as being able to stick to everything from brick, tile, wood, stainless steel, PVC piping, copper, plastics, and more.

So what did we stick them to?

A Tree

post-it extreme notes

A Man

post-it extreme note sticking on man

A Moving Car

post-it extreme notes stuck on car

A Hot Grill

post-it extreme notes stuck on hot grill

We also dunked them in water and attempted to see how easily they tear (not very). Overall, we were extremely impressed with Post-it Extreme Notes. We imagine these would be great for home renovation projects; placing on a grill frame to delineate a vegetarian side and a carnivore side; using in the freezer for labeling frozen homemade soups, stews, and meal prep,; or outdoors during kids parties, garage sales, festivals, and more.

If you need to say something and make it stick, Post-it Extreme Notes are your best option short of a concrete sign.

Post-it Extreme Notes (12 pads with 45 pages each) – $18
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