7 Bug Killers to Make Fly-Swatting and Spider-Smashing Fun

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When it comes to killing insects, bugs, flies, spiders, and every other creepy crawly that takes it upon itself to invade your home, you probably resort to the old-school method of helplessly slapping a rolled up newspaper in the direction of the insect, using an electronic bug zapper in the backyard, or attempting a Mr. Miyagi move and catching those MF’ers with a pair of chopsticks. But it’s the 21st century — you shouldn’t have to suffer through bug killing, you should enjoy it. Surprisingly, there’s a whole host of products out there on the market that can make bug killing not only easy, but fun.

We rounded up the best big-killing gadgets we could find so you don’t have to worry about overwhelming insect swarms this summer. From a salt gun to the OG fly killer, we’ve covered all your bug-killing needs below.

The Updated Classic

The Zap It! Electronic Fly Killer and Bug Racket – $24

No, that’s not a tennis racket (though come to think of it, electric tennis would be fun), it’s a fully-electric, bug zapping electronic fly swatter. Powered by a couple of batteries and your own muscular arms, the Zap It! will take out anything from a cicada to a spricket to a colony of house flies.

Swat It

The Old-School Classic

American Made Oak Fly Swatter – $48

This isn’t exactly a major technological development in the bug-killing world, but the aesthetics of the common fly swatter have definitely been improved upon. Gone is the flimsy metal handle and cheap plastic end-tab. This majestic flyswatter is a lathe-turned, hardwood oak shaft with a premium leather swatter and cast brass hardware. Yeah, it’s fancy AF and that’s the whole point. Swat in style with this beautiful bug killer. It’s a classic that you’ll use for years to come.

Swat It

The Big Guns

The Bugzooka – $25

This device might not offer the same satisfaction as electrocuting an insect, but it does offer one thing that the other devices on this list do not: easy clean-up. Using vacuum pressure (created by pulling or pushing on the accordion-like end), unsuspecting insects and flies are sucked in without any hope of escape, leaving them disoriented and dying in the Bugzooka’s catchment area. Simply toss the bastards outside or in the trash for a blood-free crime scene.

Shoot It

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 – $45

Shoot a high-powered stream of table salt and destroy flies instantly. Everyone from senior citizens to army platoons stationed in the Middle East loves the Bug-A-Salt. Practice your marksmanship while freeing yourself from a very different type of “home invasion.”

Shoot It

Buginator Fly Swatter Guns – $20 for a four-pack

If you’ve got children, enlist them for a little insecticide. These fun toy guns shoot plastic plungers at high speeds at whatever bug is bothering you. Some customers have complained that these lack a string, so you have to go find the plunger after shooting, but anyone who complains about that clearly hasn’t heard of a piece of thread.

Shoot It

The Humane Option

My Critter Catcher – $20

If you’re one of those, you know, who refuses to kill spiders, then this is the bug-grabber for you. Simply squeeze the trigger at the end of this wand and gentle brushes will clasp whatever insect you’re intent on trapping. Once caught, step outside and release the offender, allowing it to live another day.

Save It

The Original Insect Killer

Venus Flytrap  – $10-plus
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Enjoy the deaths of flies without lifting a finger with a living Venus Flytrap, the original and natural insect killer. Starting at just $10, these little carnivorous plants can keep eating insects for up to 20 years!

Plant It

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