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Danner Teases New Lightweight Hiking Shoe Inspired by the Pacific Crest Trail

danner trail 2650 hiker

It’s not surprising that a brand known for both excellent hiking and casual boots would make the step out into the sneaker market with a new trail trainer debuting in spring 2019. The Trail 2650 is the latest transition piece from big-name, Pacific Northwest-based bootmaker Danner.

Inspired by the Pacific Crest Trail — the 2,650 mile-long route extending from Southern California all the way through Danner’s home state of Oregon then up to the Canadian border — the brand wanted to create an ultra-lightweight trail shoe that could hike the same terrain as any Danner boot, but do it with less weight and more speed.

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“The Trail 2650 is our lightest weight hiker yet, weighing in at just under 12 ounces,” said product line Manager for Danner Outdoor, Donald McLellan, in a statement. “It’s packed with technology and features our iconic red laces, a nod to the Mountain Light Cascade boot that trekked the PCT in the movie Wild.

danner trail 2650 hiker sneaker

That new technology is nothing to turn a heel at. Featuring a leather and textile upper with a mesh lining, the shoe is meant to breathe, boasting maximized air flow while remaining durable. The lightweight upper, combined with an ultra-lightweight EVA midsole and Danner’s Trailguard platform, make the Trail 2650 both extremely light and comfortable.

It’s also very stable through the use of Danner’s EXO Heel System, which is essentially a snug, supported area surrounding the base of the ankle that, once a foot is slipped in, locks the heel down, preventing rubbing at the place where blisters most often form. You also won’t experience slipping because Danner has built the Trail 2650 with the grippy-as-hell Vibram 460 outsole with Megatrup tech. You could cartwheel over slippery rocks and not loose your footing in these trail trainers.

The Trail 2650 will retail for $150 and will be available in spring 2019 for men and women, with each style featuring a variety of colorways.

Looking for something specifically built for trail running? We’ve got you covered.

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