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9 Stove Top Grills For Superb Indoor Grilling

We all would prefer to grill on a nice big grill outside while holding a cold beer if given the option. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out that way. Perhaps the weather has put a damper on your grilling plans. Maybe a grill isn’t within your budget this year. Finally, some of us don’t have the luxury of a backyard, patio, or even balcony to house said grill.

Yet, most of us have a stove, so don’t give up on that recipe that calls for grilled meat or veggies just yet. Stovetop grills are an excellent alternative to the real thing. With enough practice, you won’t be able to tell the difference. So get your meat rubs ready, crack that cold beer and get ready for some great indoor grilling with one of these stovetop grills.

Legend Cast-Iron Grill Pan

This 20-inch-by-10-inch reversible grill pan from Legend offers versatility, durability (a lifetime warranty), and affordability. This grill pan fits comfortably over two burners for plenty of cooking space. You can get perfect grill marks on your steaks, then flip it over for diner-style eggs.

Victoria Round Cast-Iron Grill Pan

Victoria is a reliable name brand in the cast-iron cookware realm. Like the above Finex, this reversible grill pan is also pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil. The spring-loaded handles add a stylish design element to this highly functional cookware. If you prefer circles over rectangles, this stovetop grill is definitely for you.

Finex Lean Grill Pan

Coming pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, this 15-inch lean grill pan from Finex is an excellent option for health-conscious grilling enthusiasts looking to do some serious cooking. The pan features a domed drainage base that siphons off excess fat and can be utilized to contain liquid for steam-assisted or oven braising. It’s compatible with gas, induction, and electric stovetops.

Cook Code Nonstick Copper Grill Pan

cooksmark copper pan

This nonstick 10-inch-by-10-inch grill pan from Cooksmark is the perfect addition to any compact kitchen. The super nonstick copper interior surface is ultra-durable, scratch-resistant, and is crafted with a four-layer high-performance coating that cooks evenly. Plus the pan is dishwasher safe, yet we suggest hand washing.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Skinny Grill

For a stovetop grill that can double as a serving tray, look no further than this enameled cast-iron grill from Le Creuset. This stovetop grill comes in thirteen different color varieties sure to match your kitchen color scheme. Le Creuset is well known for its quality cast-iron cookware, so this cooking tool can become a family heirloom over time with the proper care. Although the manufacturer says it’s dishwasher safe, we always recommend hand-washing nonstick and cast-iron cookware. If you need the lowdown on how to clean cast-iron, check out our video for the best tips.

Kitchen + Home Stove Top Grill

This grill from Kitchen + Home is proof that cast-iron isn’t the only high-performance material for stove top grills. This stainless steel grill has two terrific features. First is the drip pan, which doubles as a grease collector for easy clean-up and a steam tray that can hold water, stock, or even beer for steam infusion. The other great feature is that with a gas stovetop, your food can be exposed directly to the flame, but it’s also compatible with old-school electric coil ranges.

Lodge 12-Inch Square Cast-Iron Grill Pan

Lodge is yet another notable name when it comes to reliable, no-frills cast-iron cookware. This stove top grill will get roaring hot to give you perfect grill marks on any food. Coming pre-seasoned, you can use this grill pan right out of the box. A nice feature about this pan is that it’s flat, so you don’t have to work around edges like other models, yet it has a slight lip to catch grease and other liquid run-offs.

Grillville USA Cast Iron Grill Pan and Press

This cast-iron stove top grill pan has the same functionality as all of the ones prior to it with one exception; a heavy AF cast-iron press. If you’re a fan of grilled, pressed hoagies or like a deep, heavy sear on your meats, this stove top grill is worth considering. All you have to do is heat the lid in the oven, then drop it on top of your food and let it work its magic.

Staub Graphite 12-Inch Square Grill Pan and Press

For a more elegant grill pan, check out the Staub Graphite 12 inch Grill Pan and Press. It can act as a serving dish like the Le Creuset, the square functionality of the Lodge, and the press feature of the Grillville. The price tag on this stove top grill is hefty, but if you think of it like you’re getting three pans in one, it’s not so bad.

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