Harry’s Post-Shave Mist is the Refreshment Your Face Needs

harry's facial mist

We’re going to be honest with you: We’ve been sitting in the office spritzing ourselves with Harry’s Post-Shave Mist for the past week and can’t say enough good things about it.

While it is technically supposed to be used after a shave, we’ve been using it as a refreshing blast of cooling herbs and oils throughout the day. Basically, instead of using it as an aftershave, we’ve been using it as what we are now calling “life mist.”

Game of office ping pong got us sweaty? Harry’s Post-Shave Mist will cool us down. Hot after a post-lunch walk around the block? No sweat with Harry’s Post-Shave Mist. Actually shaving? Definitely Harry’s Post-Shave Mist.

Harry’s, as you definitely know by now (and if you don’t, welcome to The Manual, you’ll find out soon enough) is the direct-to-consumer men’s grooming brand that has, over the past few years, branched out to sell not only razors and razor blades, but also shave gel, shave cream, post-shave balm, face lotion, and face wash (you can also buy it all together in one of their starter kits). With the addition of the post-shave mist to their lineup, Harry’s has pretty much got men’s grooming on lock.

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So what’s so special about this magical mist? For starters, it contains aloe vera juice, which has been proven to condition, sooth, and moisturize. There’s also Thai basil leaf and Lady’s Thistle extracts, both powerful antioxidants that help restore skin back to its natural state after the damage done by shaving.

Finally, the post-shave mist contains squalane, which is not only a super fun thing to say out loud, but it is, according to Harry’s, “an ingredient derived from cane sugar that provides immediate and long lasting moisture as it absorbs into the surface of the skin.” Unlike a lot of moisturizers or aftershave balms that leave your skin feeling slightly sticky, Harry’s Post-Shave Mist seeps in deep, refreshing deep down into pores.

At only USD $12, the Post-Shave Mist is totally affordable, meaning you won’t have to feel bad after you’ve spritzed through the bottle in less than a month. But maybe that’s just us. If you can’t get behind the mist, you can always try out one of the best aftershave balms instead.


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