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How To Shave Your Head: Baldness Is Next to Godliness

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If you’ve been waiting for a sign, then this is it. Shave your head. Because if you find yourself looking in the mirror wondering if it’s time, you probably aren’t the only one thinking it.

And why shouldn’t you? Consider the old adage, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” If a shaved head is going to clean up your look and make you look presentable, and cleanliness will elevate your style and self-esteem, embrace the transitive property of equality and shave your head.

Any google search will show articles highlighting the positive aspects of shaving your head: Cutting out the barbershop saves money, bald-by-choice is a current fashion trend, and — my personal favorite — there is a fan base of people who think bald heads are sexy. While those are helpful, what really matters is how you look and how that makes you feel, i.e. confidence. If shaving your head will help eliminate doubts regarding your body image, it’s time to pick up some supplies.

Oh yeah, one major bonus to shaving your head: It’s easy! At its simplest, any good head shaver, shaving cream, and a bit of time can get the job done. If you decide to shave your head regularly, though, there are a number of affordable tools designed to specifically support a quick and easy head shave. For example, check out the highly rated Headblade ATX . To pick up a one-stop-shop package, check out the entire ATX kit .

Image used with permission by copyright holder

What about technique? Sorry, but there’s no easy answer here. Every head and hair type is unique and will require different types of care. To get you started though, see this helpful list for common rules that can apply to all heads:

  • Be prepared with the right tools — a good shaver and shaving cream. Pre-shave oil is optional but recommended.
  • Start with a hot shower to open and relax pores, creating an optimal shaving state.
  • Pump your favorite tunes. Ever heard of Night Moves?
  • Shave with the grain.

For additional resources, phone an experienced friend or visit your local YouTube videos for visual instructions.

If at this point you are still unsure about shaving down to your birthday scalp, remember that it’s not the hairstyle but the presentation that makes the man. Any step toward a cleaner and more confident look will be evident in both your physical and mental stature. Cruising the farmers market or enjoying happy hour with a newly shaved head held high isn’t only a statement, but an acceptance of who you are.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

After radical bald acceptance and a fresh shave leaving your scalp squeaky clean, pick up SteelMclean’s Scalp Cleanser and Shave Lotion combo product. Not only will it keep your chrome dome moisturized and protected every day, but it also provides the perfect medium for a weekly clean-up of those stray hairs that grow faster than their neighbors. With peppermint oil and other botanicals, this shave cream and cleanser offers one of the most luxurious-feeling and best-scented scalp product out there.

Also, a little pro-tip: Pick up some sunscreen and a hat to ease your fresh look into its new surroundings. No one wants a burnt baldy.

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