It’s National Men’s Grooming Day: Celebrate With Some of Our Favorite Grooming Goods and Gear

Another week, another made-up holiday. But, like National Rum Day and National Bourbon Day, National Men’s Grooming day is a fake holiday we can get behind. Regular readers will know that one of The Manual’s goals is to provide everyday guys with great options to help them battle all of their skincare and grooming issues, including dull skin, razor burn, dry and chapped hands, and a dirty mouth. For this year’s National Men’s Grooming Day, The Manual rounded up our most recent array of top grooming picks to offer you a selection of what’s new, what works, and what’s still going strong. From Korean skincare to knuckle wax, there’s something for everyone to celebrate this man-centric holiday.

Ssanai Face Optimizer – $28
national mens grooming day ssanai face optimizer

Straight from Korea, where skincare is big business for boys and girls alike, Ssanai’s Face Optimizer is a three-in-one power-punch of moisturizer, serum, and aftershave. Apply this lotion after shaving — in the morning and at night — and you’ll begin to see your lusterless skin take on a new and healthy sheen.

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Jaxon Lane Bro Mask -$28
national mens grooming day bro mask jaxon lane

Many sheet masks are designed specifically for women, which can create issues for men trying to get their deep moisturization on. Like any standard sheet mask, Bro Mask by Jaxon Lane comes in a small pouch full of serums and botanicals that seep deep into the skin for long-lasting hydration and tone correction. The beauty about the Bro Mask is that it comes in two pieces: an upper portion that covers the eyes, nose, cheeks, and brow and a lower portion that covers the mouth area, jawline, and chin. Both are made from a gel-like material that keeps the mask on (even over facial hair) and the two-piece design means it will fit any guy’s face.

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Kora Turmeric Face Mask – $48
national mens grooming day kora turmeric face mask image

While the bottle may be pink, what’s inside is strong enough for any man’s skin. This turmeric-based face mask with papaya enzymes, aspen bark, peppermint, and rosehip seeds detoxes pores, refines skin texture, and leaves you glowing like a pregnant lady on a 100-degree day. That’s a good thing, by the way.

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Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Razor – $15
national mens grooming day gillette fusion5 proglide men v2

Gillette has been producing razors for well over a century and there’s no sign of the brand slowing down. Out of all of Gilette’s options, we prefer the Fusion5 Proglide Razor for it’s five-blade, silky smooth shaving ability and the pivoting ball, which lets a man get a close shave no matter how hard his jawline is.

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Baxter of California Beard Grooming Oil – $27
national mens grooming day baxter beard oil

If you’re reading this now, you probably already know how important it is to have a good beard oil on hand if you’re a hirsute fella. Baxter of California’s Beard Grooming Oil is a recent addition to the brand’s lineup and offers a rich oil that tames and conditions facial hair while toning and moisturizing the skin underneath.

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Spit and Polish Knuckle Wax – $10
national mens grooming day spit and polish knuckle wax

You work hard and because of that, your hands take a beating. But, sometimes an all-over lotion isn’t necessary. Maybe you’ve just got dry fingertips or skin peeling away from the knuckles of your hand. If either of these sound like an everyday occurrence in your life, then Spit and Polish — Duluth Trading‘s new apothecary line — and its Knuckle Wax may just be the product for you.

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Oar + Alps Cooling and Cleansing Wipes –  $16
national mens grooming day oar and alps wipes

Sometimes you just need to wash your face, but you’re not always near a sink when you’ve reached that all-important grooming conclusion. Don’t fret, pal, because Oar +Alps Cooling + Cleansing wipes do double duty as a disposable, water-less facial cleanser and personal face air conditioner.

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Prncpls Charcoal Peppermint Toothpaste – $10
national mens grooming day prncpls charcoal toothpaste

When talking about grooming, you can’t forget about your chompers. And in today’s charcoal-obsessed world, Prncpls’ Charcoal Peppermint Toothpaste comes out on top for freshening breath and getting rid of that dirty mouth feeling.

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PF Candle Co. No. 29 Piñon Cologne – $48
national mens grooming day no 29 pinon fragrance pf candle co

Spice up your scent with the fragrance of the Piñon Pine, a coniferous tree from the American Southwest. With notes of pine, balsam fir, cedarwood, vanilla, and cinnamon, this fragrance evokes a woodsy cabin smell with earthy notes, creating a downhome and comforting scent.

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GOA Anti-Vice Face Collection – $250
national mens grooming day goa anti vice collection

If you’re a drinker, smoker, or holder any other vices, this might be the perfect grooming line for you: GOA’s Anti-Vice face collection of Collagen+Control Serum, Anti-Fatigue Under-eye Boost, Regenerative Face Cream, Recovery Face Scrub, Purifying Face Cleanser, Hyper-Conditioning Shave & Beard Oil, and Microfiber Towel. Designed to battle the effects of daily life and all that comes with it, GOA’s collection is the first all-encompassing skincare regime to fight environmental damage and make you look better and fresher.

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