A Different Kind of Bourbon Confidence for National Bourbon Day

Olivina Men, national bourbon day

Celebrated for its sweet, smooth flavor, so beloved is bourbon that in 1964 a Congressional Resolution designated it America’s “native spirit,” 2007 saw the birth of National Bourbon Heritage Month, and for decades happy summertime revelers have been celebrating National Bourbon Day every June 14th. The history of National Bourbon Day is a tangle of legend and missing pieces, but don’t worry! There’s still plenty of reason to celebrate this patriotic potable. Naturally, you’ll want to toss back a glass of your favorite bourbon, but with their line of bourbon-inspired grooming products, Olivina Men has another way to celebrate, too.

Bourbon is distinctly American not only because it was invented in the United States, but because its ingredients themselves are steeped in American tradition. Corn was originally used to distill the sweet whiskey because it was the primary native grain of Kentucky. The water was ideal for distilling whiskey because it came from the Limestone Shelf. And the tradition of burning the inside of bourbon barrels started with one man in Bourbon County, Kentucky in the late 1780s. When all of these critical ingredients came together, early settlers knew they had something good. Olivina’s products mirror this tradition, using high-quality, natural ingredients to create formulas that truly stand out, and all of the products in their Bourbon Cedar line pay homage to the popular American spirit with a fragrance that is alluringly sweet, with warm undertones and refreshing pops of cedar.

All-in-One Body Wash, $16

olivina men national bourbon day cedar all in one body wash olivia

Hair, face, body — you name it and the contents of this rich amber bottle will clean it! Olivina Men’s body wash is not only versatile – its effectively versatile. The wash removes dirt without leaving behind oily, dry skin. It also makes for a mean head of hair, as it gives it a matte, movable texture that’s ridiculously soft and much easier to style. Whether you like to keep things simple, or need something for quick weekend travels, you’ll be raising a glass to this sudsy multitasker.

Conditioning Cream, $10

olivina men national bourbon day cedar conditioning cream olivia

This conditioning cream is another multi-tasking member of the bourbon cedar set. A blend of organic olive oil, barley protein and elderberry softens, nourishes and strengthens your hair while promoting growth. Use it after you shampoo and rinse afterwards, or warm in your hands and work through dry hair for more control and a healthy shine.

Bourbon Vanilla Lip Balm, $4

olivina men national bourbon day cedar lip balm olivia

This lip balm ups the rich factor by adding vanilla to its bourbon fragrance. It contains organic olive oil and cocoa butter to nourish lips with essential nutrients and protect them from harsh winter weather. Staying hydrated is vital for keeping your lips healthy, and nothing quite gets the job done like this lip balm.

Shave Prep & Beard Oil, $20

olivina men national bourbon day cedar shave prep beard oil olivia

Whether you prefer to let your beard bang or keep it close and trimmed, taking care of your facial hair is crucial. This 2-in-1 shave prep and beard oil can be summarized with one word: fantastic. The organic concoction comes in a 2 fl. oz. container, which contains cedar wood and jojoba oils that help purify your hair for an all day fresh-smelling beard. Warm a few drops of oil on your hands and massage all the way through your facial hair. It’s that simple.

Exfoliating Bar Soap, $7


Exfoliating can be a tricky routine: you want enough coarseness to get a deep clean, but not so much that it damages your skin. With a smooth feel and a silky lather, this bar soap is infused with ground olive stone and red kaolin clay to add just the right amount of grit to clear your grime. How about a toast to a healthy glow and a deep clean?

Aluminum-Free Deodorant, $8

olivina men national bourbon day cedar deodorant olivia

All your pride-fueled bourbon celebration might have you working up a sweat. This gentle, aluminum-free formula fights odor without unhealthy ingredients, and the sweetly fresh scent keeps you smelling great.

Bourbon Cedar Soy Wax Candle, $30

olivina men national bourbon day cedar soy wax candle olivia

Olivina’s full-bodied bourbon blend isn’t just for grooming products: in their all-natural soy wax candles, it lights up a space with a cozy fusion of fragrances. Red cedar gives it a deep, rich scent while smoky wafts of vanilla add warmth and a slight sweetness. The candles are also available in travel-size, so you can take the inviting aroma with you.

Bourbon Cedar Cologne, $40


It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that this richly intricate cologne is where the bourbon cedar fragrance is at its best. It is packaged in a handily slim amber bottle, and the fragrance is invitingly warm, notably fresh, and richly layered. An undertone of hearty vanilla, mixed with sharp top notes of cedar and smoke, capture a uniquely inspired blend that is well-balanced and long-lasting.

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