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Dr. Squatch’s All-New All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner will Keep You Fresh

all-natural shampoo and conditioner
As we’ve noted before, the wrong kind of shampoo or conditioner can wreak havoc on your hair. Whether it is sulfate-based shampoo stripping your locks of their natural oils or a chemical-laden conditioner that does the opposite by contributing to build-up and causing greasiness, your everyday hair care from the supermarket or grocery store simply can’t offer you the kind of gentle cleaning and protection that a quality, all-natural product can provide.

“If you care about what you put in your body, shouldn’t you care about what you put on it?” asks Jack Haldrup, founder of Dr. Squatch Soap Company. He should know. He began Dr. Squatch Soap Company after converting to a paleo-diet that eliminated his seasonal allergies and totally changed his life. And he wants to help you change your life, too–only with grooming products, not raw beef.

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all-natural shampoo and conditioner
Dr. Squatch, known for their great-smelling all-natural soaps for men, has upped their ante and developed an all-natural shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for men and their sometimes unruly hair. The team at Dr. Squatch have, like many newer companies these days, taken to Kickstarter to raise enough capital to get the shampoo and conditioner into production and, in turn, into the hands of waiting customers. With a stated goal of only $15,000, Dr. Squatch’s benefactors blew that out of the water and have already raised nearly $50,000 in total. With well over a month left to go for the campaign, Dr. Squatch is set to gather at least four times more than the original requested amount.

all-natural shampoo and conditioner

So what’s so special about this all-natural shampoo and conditioner that hundreds, maybe even thousands of people have put money down, sight unseen, to get a piece of this pie? For one, it’s actually all-natural. Unlike many hair products that advertise their all-natural-ness, Dr. Squatch is the real deal. The shampoo and conditioner are in the process of being certified by the NPA, the Natural Products Association, which states, “Under the Natural Standard for Personal Care Products, allowed ingredients come from or are made from a renewable resource found in nature (flora, fauna, mineral), with absolutely no petroleum compounds,” and goes on to make clear that any substance within an NPA certified product must be generally recognized as safe and, “contain no residues of heavy metals or other contaminants.”

With official confirmation of Dr. Squatch’s all-natural bona fides, you know the ingredients in their shampoo and conditioner are derived from nature and lack any of the chemical preservatives other more-commercial brands find so necessary to keeping their products shelf-stable. Since Dr. Squatch is a more direct to consumer focused brand, the need for preservation is much less and thus they can pack their products full of the best all-natural ingredients they could source without worrying about degradation in quality.

And what quality! With nettle for strengthening, burdock root for thickening and growth stimulation, and tea tree oil to soothe dry scalps and damaged strands, Dr. Squatch’s Shampoo rejuvenates your hair while smelling amazing. Though the shampoo doesn’t achieve the lather you might expect from a more traditional shampoo, that’s actually a good thing. Most shampoo’s lather is derived from the nasty chemicals that Dr. Squatch has done without. So, don’t be surprised if you’re not overwhelmed with soap bubble hat, it just means you’re treating your hair right. Along those lines, Dr. Squatch’s conditioner comes complete with calendula, which hydrates and repairs dry scalps, peppermint, which stimulates the scalp and hair follicles for growth, and clary sage which restores the pH balance of your hair and skin. You scalp should leave the shower feeling quenched and balanced.

To top it all off, all Dr. Squatch products are hand-made in the USA, meaning not only are the products proudly American, but they also leave a light carbon footprint.

Check out Dr. Squatch’s Kickstarter Campaign to become a backer and receive your set of shampoo and conditioner by December–just in time for the holidays. 

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