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Olivier de Vaulx

Olivier de Vaulx

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Olivier de Vaulx is a French journalist and photographer living in California with his family. He covers every aspect of the motorcycle industry for many international publications. When he’s not shooting Supercross races or vintage bikes restorations, he overlands in the great outdoors with dual-sport bikes or four-wheelers. He also loves to fly small planes, surf cool waves, read heavy books, and talk about virtually any topic for hours.

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How To Camp for Free When You’re on the Road

There are many places all over this great country where you can experience nature for free. Here's where you can find them and explore.
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Understanding the Secret of Happiness with Wyoming Cowboys

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Tips for Cooking Healthy Meals on the Road

On a real Overland trip, you’ll find yourself miles away from the next town, with no hope to reach a restaurant for dinner. It’s not a reason for starving or counting exclusively on snacks. With a little planning, enjoying great and healthy food on the trails is fun and easy.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Planning Your First Cross-Country Overland Trip