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This hyper-lightweight truck camper canopy turns (almost) any pickup into a great overland vehicle

It's the best way to experience the great outdoors

Toyota Tacoma with a Tune Outdoor M1 truck camper canopy parked in a field at sunset.
Tune Outdoor

Vanlife gets all the social media glory regarding road tripping these days. But, if you’re looking for serious exploration—the kind that takes you places that most people only dream of—you need a legit overland rig. That almost always means a well-equipped SUV or pickup truck (or Subaru). If you fall into the latter camp, a pickup truck camper canopy is undoubtedly the best solution, and Tune Outdoor’s all-new M1 might be the best of the best.

Exterior closeup of the tempered glass window on the Tune Outdoor M1 pickup truck camper canopy.
Tune Outdoor

The aesthetics

The M1 truck bed camper combines a sleek, minimalist exterior with a modern interior that’s functional and aesthetically clean. While most truck campers tend to focus on function over flash, Tune Outdoors specifically set out to give the M1 an air of sophistication. The pop-top shell is so deceptively simple, in fact, that you might at first mistake any pickup equipped with it for a work truck. Indeed, the construction is comparable to any well-made utility truck bed insert that combines an ultra-light aluminum compound frame with injected composite corner brackets that are stronger than metal. It’s built for serious off-road abuse, yet weighs as little as 360 pounds for the midsize, short-bed pickup truck version (like a Toyota Tacoma), while the largest model fit for, say, the Ford F150 Lightning, weighs closer to 400 pounds. Still featherweight by truck camper standards.

Popping the top is effortless and reveals a surprisingly roomy living space. There’s up to 6’10” of headroom, depending on the exact pickup truck model—tall enough to accommodate even the tallest campers. It also uses a Wing-Wall design that allows the sides to open wide to the width of the truck’s mirrors. This guarantees tons more room inside the camper and even enough space for a transverse (sideways-sleeping) upper bed. Optional rear and side glass windows create a 270-degree panorama, flooding the inside with natural light and making it feel even more open.

Two campers relaxing inside the Tune Outdoor M1 truck camper canopy.
Tune Outdoor

Tune Outdoor designed the M1 to be extremely livable for weeks or months on end. The living and sleeping quarters are designed to be used simultaneously, so, for example, you can be napping while your S.O. is planning your next move in the “living room.” This truck topper is also thoroughly customizable, thanks largely to more than 440 feet of T-Track. It’s found everywhere inside, outside, and on top of the camper, allowing buyers to glue or bolt on all of their best overlanding gear, tools, and equipment. Other options include a king-size bed extender, tempered glass windows, and even a hardwired Goal Zero Yeti 1500 portable power station for all your off-grid tech needs.

Toyota Tacoma with a Tune Outdoor M1 truck camper parked by a campfire at night.
Tune Outdoor

The M1 truck bed camper is surprisingly affordable, with a base price of just under $13,000. But, it’s endlessly customizable and spec’d out to fit all of the most popular pickup trucks currently on the market, including Toyotas, Jeeps, Chevys, GMCs, and more. Plus, Tune Outdoor has streamlined its build process to provide ultra-fast lead times, so you won’t have to wait a year or more to take yours off-pavement. The only thing left to decide is who to take with you. What’s not to like?

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