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Kuju Coffee

Kuju Coffee is Delicious Pour-over Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

Kuju Coffee allows you to have the control and precision of pourover coffee anywhere from the office to the mountain top.

Tragedy into Action: Pablove Foundation Funds Pediatric Cancer Research

When Jeff Castelaz lost his son to cancer, he and his wife channeled their grief into change: funding research through the Pablove Foundation.
Renzell Frasca---Food

Renzell is the Restaurant Review System You Should Know (and Use)

Renzell combines users' reviews with its revolutionary algorithm to provide insightful, trustworthy restaurant reviews. Their rankings will be your go-to.
Good-Cigar-Co.-1, Good Cigar Co.

Good Cigar Co. Is Your New Personal Tobacconist

Whether you're new to cigars or an old pro, Good Cigar Co. will curate cigars to fit your tastes and provide everything you need, including knowledge.
Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries Helps Guys Get out of Gangs and Start Over

Los Angeles has over 400 gangs, but Homeboy Industries is helping to reduce that one person at a time thanks to education, opportunity, and hope.
Man using his phone on an airplane.

Cyber Security Expert Shaun Murphy on Keeping Devices Safe While Traveling

Cyber security expert and CEO of Shaun Murphy offers up advice on keeping your phones and computers safe, even while traveling.
Stock-Fettuccini-Alfredo, Fettuccine Alfredo

For the First Time in a Century, You Can Have Real Fettuccine Alfredo

For the first time ever, the original Alfredo sauce that made Fettuccine Alfredo famous is available in the United States, straight from its home in Rome.
Costa-Sunglasses, Costa Del Mar

How Buying a Pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Helps Save Sharks

Sharks aren't trying to kill us but we're killing them. Costa Del Mar supports OCEARCH's defense of sharks with their limited edition new line.
Ketchup Leather

Ketchup Leather is a Real Thing and It’s Weirdly Amazing

The culinary wizards at LA restaurant Plan Check have created Ketchup Leather, a marvel of the modern world. Never eat a soggy burger again.

No Kid is Hungry and No Adult Thirsty Thanks to Rogue Ales

Rogue Ales has created a new beer to help combat childhood hunger. They're also raising $55,000 to help feed kids with Chef Cycles, a 300 mile trek.
national burger day

Do You Have the Guts to Eat These Burgers on National Burger Day?

In honor of National Burger Day on May 28th, branch out from the usual fixin's and try one of these bizarre, hot, unusual, and expensive burgers.
Greenbelly feature

The Best Tasting and Easiest Foods to Sustain You While Camping

Eat like a king on your next camping trip with these nutritious and delicious foods. All of them require nothing more than water and fire.
best environmental charities stock red eyed frog

Help Protect The Planet with Some of the Best Environmental Charities

Whether you've got a pet cause, like rivers or animals, or want help the planet as a whole, all of these environmental charities do great work.
Faith & Flower

Brunch Like A God At Faith & Flower

Faith & Flower has one of the best brunches in town, with international flavors and some of the best cocktails around. It's divine.

State Optical Co. Makes Luxury Handcrafted Glasses the American Way

State Optical Co. chose to make high end eyewear in the United States, creating an amazing product all while training future craftsmen.
Alisal Ranch

Digital Detox: Leave Annoying Technology in the Dust at the Supremely Relaxing Alisal Guest Ranch

Alisal Ranch is the perfect escape to nature from stressful, often depressing technology. Reconnect to the world on the 10,000 acre ranch.
donation goodwill spring cleaning 1

Your Donation to Goodwill Literally Changes Lives So Get to Spring Cleaning

Every time you donate items to a Goodwill you're helping to fund free programs that change lives. Your old stuff creates new chances for people.
La's best happy hours, Stuffed Cremini Mushroom

LA’s Best Happy Hours for People Who Love to Eat

Booze specials are all well and good but here are some of LA's best happy hours that serve up incredible food at joyously low prices.

Le Petit Paris Classes Up Downtown LA (And There’s Flaming Cheese)

Step off the LA sidewalk into a Parisian brasserie at Le Petit Paris, enjoying the best of French cuisine, sensibilities, and flaming cognac cheese pasta.

You and Your Conscience Will Sleep Soundly in The Company Store Bedding

The Company Store is high-quality bedding made in America that works to ensure everyone, from homeless children to the sick in Haiti can rest well.
roll: bicycle company

Roll Into Summer on a Fully Customized Bike from roll:Bicycle Company

Roll: Bicycle Company makes a custom bike easy and affordable. Designed with your tastes and measurements mean you have a one of a kind.
Cape Seafood and Provisions

Reel Talk About Sustainable Seafood from Chef & Owner of Cape Seafood and Provisions

Seafood is delicious and quite healthy-- in theory. The owner and chef of Cape Seafood and Provisions talks about finding sustainable, healthy seafood.

You Can Save the World Just By Chewing Project 7 Gum

Project 7 makes deliciously unique flavors of gum and gummies that help fund education, sheltering the homeless, and feeding the hungry.
epic arbor day redwood feature

Arbor Day Done Right: Sequoia and Redwood National Parks

Live it up this Arbor Day with nature's most badass trees in California's most pristine wilderness: Sequoia and Redwood National Parks.
collective retreats lux camping 2

Collective Retreats is like having a High-End Hotel in some of Nature’s Wildest Spots

Collective Retreats offers a luxury hotel room in the middle of nowhere, offering you a wildly relaxing stay in the heart of nature.
Michael Markiewicz

Fitness Model and Cancer Survivor Michael Markiewicz Talks Exercise While Ill

Michael Markiewicz survived testicular cancer as a teenager and uses his fame as a fitness model to help others battling illness.
patagonia provisions

Patagonia Provisions Makes Food (and Beer) That’s Good for You and the Planet

Patagonia Provisions' food and beer are all made with health and sustainability in mind. It's the perfect food for on the trail or in the conference room.
scran and scrallie edinburgh the  scallie scotland 1

Edinburgh Has the World’s Greatest Pub: The Scran & Scallie

Scran & Scallie is a rare combination of high-end food and the warm atmosphere of a pub. Head Chef James Chapman talks about how they've achieved this.
Kite Bug Repellent

Kite Bug Repellent Keeps You Bug-Free and Others Alive

Kite bug repellent keeps you invisible to biting, stinging, annoying bugs and helps keep people around the world safe from mosquito-born illness.
la descarga

There’s a Sexy Cuban Cigar Bar Hidden in Hollywood

Deep in the heart of Hollywood you'll find a fantastic Havana hideaway with live jazz, all the rum, and a whole room dedicated to cigar at La Descarga.
Kelly Slater

Champion Surfer Kelly Slater Fixes Things That are Not OK

Kelly Slater and his company Outerknown have launched the #ITSNOTOK campaign to highlight world issues and offer solutions, starting with our oceans.

Feast on Food Fit for Royalty at Castle Terrace

Executive Chef Dominic Jack of Edinburgh's Castle Terrace talks with us about all things Scottish food, drinks, and his philosophy for Nature to Plate.
Stella Artois Buy A Lady A Drink

Stella Artois Really Wants You To Buy A Lady A Drink

Buy one of Stella Artois's limited edition chalices and provide a woman in the world with five years of clean water. Go ahead, Buy a Lady a Drink.
2017Jan-Boardroom-Escargot-and-Punch, The BoardRoom

Midnight in LA: The BoardRoom is Today’s Lost Generation’s Bar

The BoardRoom offers a boozy respite into 1940s Paris, with literary cocktails and a weekly cocktail flight of inventive drinks.
OROS SolarCore jackets

Stay as Warm as the Mars Rovers with OROS Jackets

The guys at OROS use the NASA technology that insulates the Mars Rovers to keep us Earthlings warm no matter the conditions.
norton point sunglasses

Norton Point Sunglasses Are Cleaning Up Oceans and Saving the World

Norton Point sunglasses aren't just stylishly great at protecting your eyes: they also protect our oceans, made of upcycled ocean plastic.
Sapore Luxury Travel vietnam

Foodies Rejoice! Sapore Travel Plans Incredible Vacations Focused on Eating

Sapore Luxury Travel knows the best way to explore a country is through its food. They create once in a lifetime vacations focused on eating amazing food.

Bacari GDL is the Restaurant/Wine Bar of Your Dreams

If you're looking for a cozy, elegant restaurant with incredible food and fantastic service, Bacari GDL is your place. It's a delicious respite.
LOOK OPTIC reader glasses

LOOK OPTIC: Cool Reading Glasses That Provide Clean Water

LOOK OPTIC has created amazing frames that allow you to read in style while helping provide clean water around the world.
when pigs rye sandwich

When Pigs Rye: Your New Favorite Redemption Rye Infused Sandwich

Baker Zack Hall created your favorite new sandwich: When Pigs Rye. A ham sandwich using his special rye bread infused with Redemption Rye whiskey.

The DEED App Makes Finding Volunteer Opportunities Easy and Social

The free DEED App quickly and easily connects you with volunteer projects that fit your interest and availability. So go ahead, become that do-gooder.
The Salon NoHo

Damian Windsor Serves Up Craft Cocktails at the Secret Salon

The Salon is a sexy, secret craft cocktail bar with an incredible menu created by LA legend Damian Windsor. It's destined to be your favorite haunt.
Arkwear 2017 collection

Arkwear Shirts: Save Animals Without Having to Build a Boat

Instead of wearing a company's logo, wear an endangered animal logo! You look cooler and thanks to Arkwear, part of your purchase goes to saving animals.
solar paper charger, paper charger

Solar Paper: The Epic 5-Ounce, Sun-Harnessing Gadget Charger

Solar Paper is compact, lightweight, and crazy powerful. Using solar power, it can charge your devices quickly anytime, anywhere. Well, where there's sun.
Pico Personal Craft Beer Brewery

Turn Your Kitchen Counter into a Craft Brewery with PicoBrew

PicoBrew takes the frustration out of home brewing by allowing you to successfully brew any kind of craft beer you can imagine.
50 for 50 legends NFL socks

Buy Socks, Save Lives with Legends’ 50 for 50: NFL Socks for a Cause

NFL legend Eric Barton survived liver failure thanks to Cedars-Sinai. He's using limited-edition socks to give back with Legends' 50 for 50 line.
michael w. twitty food historian

African-American Food Historian Michael Twitty Serves Up History in Colonial Williamsburg

Food historian and chef Michael Twitty talks to us about African culinary traditions in America and the recipes he made for Colonial Williamsburg.
house of future shoes spring 2017

Step Straight into the Future with House of Future Shoes

The Spring line from House of Future shoes is destined to make your feet happy: with durable fabrics, classic styles, and an amazing price.
ameena mattress

Get an Ameena Mattress and They’ll Give One to Those In Need

Ameena Mattress wants to give you the best night's sleep and for every mattress sold, they give one to charities and shelters.
lechal smart insoles

Lechal Smart Insoles Keep You on Your Toes

Lechal Smart Insoles accurately track your steps, distance, and calories, but can also help you navigate the world, no map needed.